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Jenna Schwarz  20 ~ California/Idaho ~ BYU-Idaho '19 Getting an education so I can provide for my future dogs @jennaschwarz_art

Camp 2k18 was a success

626 Squad

Somehow made it through the semester as Photo Editor for @byuiscroll but I could not have done it without my lovely assistants @samv97 and @rachelmarielawrence and their passive aggressive memes and treats. I'm gonna miss my photo section so much but I'm so excited to come back in the fall as Assistant Managing Editor!

A series of us not knowing how to be photographed (sidenote look at the bison in the back)

Most important part of the day was finding this dog statue. Second most important part was being so close to fireworks I felt like I was gonna die #fourthofjuly

Spent the past 2 days staying up til 2am talking about dogs and boys and making a last minute trip to Yellowstone yesterday with my fave, who I haven't seen in 18 months

When you don't have a tape measure so you use yourself

girl gang #90sday

Casually trying to stay calm in a field of flowers despite being surrounded by a million mosquitos 📷: @brookstmcfadden (aka The #1 Photographer in Rexburg)

Living the dream 📷: @rachelmarielawrence

celebrating my son's first birthday (a month late) with a new lens #50mm

Netflix laptop + design laptop = my life finally being in order

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