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Oreste  Glory to God RN/CPT ✖️@jed_north jleo15 ✖️@efreshmeals jleo25 = 25% off ✖️@myprotein code JLEO 👇🏼Get fit with a plan today!👇🏼


#tbt to when I was so lean even my face was getting shredded 😂🤣 // Looking forward to getting back to the ultra ripped physique again! 💪🏼

Seize the day! It's yours! 💪🏼

Your dreams won't achieve themselves... // #takeaction #selfmotivation

It doesn't matter what he did or she said or they are doing over there! That's them! It's not you! Focus on the things you can control and your outcomes will be much greater! I've never worried about what I couldn't control, I've always focused on what I can do right here and right now! That's what it's all about! #getmotivated

Keep flexin' and keep the good vibes going all week long! #mondaymotivation

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you! -
My ab tips: focus on quality over quantity. Contract and squeeze. Hold your midsection in as tight as possible, imagine your belly button being pulled to your back, work the core with stabilizing exercises utilizing the tips already listed, use variety and train them often!! You'll have a way tighter waist if you are using these tips multiple times a week, as always practice makes perfect! Don't skip practice!

Who's making gainz this weekend⁉️

You may see the habits of becoming in shape as a chore but once the results come pouring in the chore becomes a desire to achieve more... it fuels the dedication. My advice is stick to it, as hard as it may seem get dedicated for 3-4 weeks and then it'll be like butter after that! The results will fuel themselves! 🦁#dedication #consistency #effort

All I see are things that I can improve upon #hungry #neversatisfied

Every time I clean shave people ask me when I'm going to be finished school #bishibeendoneschoolforeva 😂 What do y'all think? Haha

There's no secret sauce, no short cut or back road, no special pills... it's all a result of putting in the work to better yourself and trusting that it doesn't happen over night but it will happen! 🦁

Every time I train I'm thinking of a new way to kick my own ass! To leave myself short of breath, to fatigue my muscles, to get a crazy pump, to become sore!!! That's when the growth happens, when you force your body to adapt to a new stressor; a new demand!
Today was no different as I trained chest I picked 4 exercises as a giant set and did 4 rounds of that giant set. Then I repeated this with 4 new exercises and once more with 4 new exercises again! Needless to say my chest was sore before I even walked out of the gym! // don't be afraid to mix things up! 💪🏼 #droptheego #lift

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