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Joey  Glory to God 🎗Registered Nurse / CPT ✖️@rosenoirofficial joey10 ✖️@jed_north jleo15 👇🏼Workout programs and meal plans!👇🏼 #fitnurse

There’s something about a Saturday morning workout that just lights it up for the day! I hope everyone has a great Saturday. Stay swole and have fun! 😎💪🏼🍻

Weekend is here. Shades on, let’s go! 😎😎 #tgif #weekendvibes

With summer here and being steadily into my cut I keep looking back to my physique from a year ago to see where i stand. I can definitely say I am well on my way to topping this level of conditioning and I am super excited about it! #tbt
My focus has been through the roof lately and as each day passes and results sneak their way into the mirror it only drives me further and further! I encourage everyone to fight the temptation to break from your plan after a few short weeks. The change takes time and I can say that even from someone experienced like myself, It can take weeks to truly get that shift you want to happen. The body is resilient and adaptive so expecting massive fat loss or muscle gain quickly is simply not smart. Stay the course, keep focused and you’ll reap the benefits of STICKING TO IT! And that’ll definitely put a big smile on your face 😁😁💪🏼 // #motivation #goals #summershredding

I am tagging @erenlegendifbbpro for always grinding and staying on track 👌🏼👌🏼💪🏼

I had some (4 pieces) cake yesterday as part of Father’s Day cellys and today.... the chest pump was just nasty! 🍰🍰🍰🍰
Every Sunday I have a refeed as part of my cut. I am in a caloric deficit all week long until this time and usually I just bump up my carbs on this day and stay within 500 cals of my daily norm. After a while, fat loss gets to a point where you really notice effects of food (glycogen depleted from muscles regularly) and after introducing carbs in moderation for a day or for a meal you truly can notice the great benefits of food. //#intermittentfasting #carbs #mondaymotivation

Comfy and ready for a gym session if I was tossed into the fire 🔥 #lifestyle @jed_north 💪🏼👕

Saturday is arms, abs and HIIT. In other words “party time workout!” 💪🏼😉
Tried out the #grimeycurls from the local homie @regangbodybuilding // I did DB curls on preacher and supersetted these hammer style plate curls for an epic pump. -
Key points: get the arm pits tucked right into the pad so there’s no cheating. Use the flat side of the preacher (if possible). Keep it strict. Make your biceps do all the work so “make the weight hard!”; and squeeze each rep at peak contraction and also make a few mean faces along the way // #everydayisarmday

Friday!! Gave me a little extra boost smashing my workout today! Have a fun and gainz-worthy weekend everyone 💪🏼😎 #tgif #friday #vibes

🎥WHO THINKS I SHOULD START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL⁉️ Comment below 👇🏼 #tbt #youtube #fitnurse

If it was all sunshine then your life would be a desert ☀️
Let that sink in //#failuresmakeusgrow

Years of practice and application of acquired knowledge .... and lots of protein for the muscle and hair gainz 😁
Nothing beats having an open mind to continue learning from resources and those around you. There will always be someone out there who can give you something new to add to your memory bank so take it, apply it and do it many times because practice makes perfect and consistency yields results // #transformationtuesday #knowledgeispower #consistency
Ps I’m 165lbs in the first pic and 190lbs in the second pic and it took 6 years to get there. Be patient.

Which way to Venice beach❓🏄🏼‍♂️
Chest day going hard today. No ego lifting; slowed things down and focused on strict controlled reps and squeezing today. Chest felt three times the size! Try it out instead of always trying to “lift the most weight” all the time 👌🏼💪🏼 #goslowtogrow #mondaymotivation #venicebeach

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