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Oreste  Glory to God RN/CPT ogfitness11@gmail.com @body.workz jleo10 @efreshmeals code jleo25 = 25% off @myprotein code JLEO 👇🏼My fave CHEST workouts👇🏼


Time for some sleep after 3 night shifts, then it's leg day! Here's the line up:
✔️Leg extensions 5x15/12/10/8/6/15
✔️Close squats SS Leg press 4x10
✔️Stiff leg deads 4x12-15
✔️Lying leg curls SS Lunges 3 x 10(20 steps)
✔️Goblet squats SS feet together machine leg press 3x 10(15)
✔️Leg extensions (pause reps) 3 x 15-20
All rest periods 60-90 seconds 😱💦☔️

I'm ballin' out 💪🏼

Rise and shine! Every new day is a good day! #mondaymotivation

ARM DAY!! 💪🏼GUN RUN! BICEP BLAST, TRICEP SMASH!! BEACH WORKOUT! ☀️👊🏼 In case you were wondering, its arm day! 🔥What's everyone training today⁉️
#flexfriday #summervibes #summer

It's not about having time, it's making time. Time is the one thing that remains constant for everyone... Some people wonder how people "make time" to workout or to make food at home or to create a business, etc. At the end of the day it's choice bc the clock always ticks forward. There's no rewind. Yesterday's successes are just memories, create new memories today

#summervibes ☀️💪🏼Who else loves summer time? I think everyone does but nothing beats climbing out of bed to bright sunshine to give you a handful of energy to start your day! -
Extended Tank by @body.workz 👌🏼

Left pic was my first "progress pic" where I had put on 13lbs after two months of training. My bench press went from 170 for 1 rep to 215 for 6 in those two months, which was amazingly exciting at my beginner level. Only if progress continued at that exponential pace 🙏🏼🤣Right pic is after 12 years of training. Funny thing is my weight is about 5lbs difference in both pics but that's bc over the years I added tons of muscle and changed my overall body composition. -
For all the young or new to training individuals out there, just know building muscle takes time. Instagram has created a "must be shredded for likes" movement that, yes I've been a victim of even in my current training experience but I encourage you to focus on making progress more than having a six pack when you first start bc you'll really hinder your chances at achieving those fast muscle gainz that happen initially. Write down your workouts, look to improve each time you step in the gym, even if it's one more rep or 2.5 more lbs on the bar. It's all progress. #transformationtuesday

Happy Father's Day to all those Dad's out there doing great things! I know I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for the humble, hard working grace of my father. God bless. #happyfathersday 💪🏼👌🏼

#tbt to my best conditioning to date! Goals include improving these abs significantly over the next 6 months to a year! Hair flow was on point doe 🤣

Don't forget why you started. It's a journey but it's all worth it! Over ten years between photos here. Never missed a beat training along the way. Consistent efforts applying newly acquired knowledge year after year. Stick with it! #transformationtuesday

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