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“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.” Please excuse the language, it’s Maya Angelou’s work so just deal. ⚡️ Roll with the punches, LAUGH, breathe, chill out, find purpose, and go after you biggest, heart jumping desires as sleek as possible with a smile on and a escape route in your back pocket...here I go after mine. #NoRandall

A low quality photo of @mothertheresa and I...and a rather large vase (?)

rainbow connection...life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it ✨ light uses rain and vice versa to create...what do you do when your plans get dampened...do you engulf in the darkened clouds or dazzle as a multi colored bow in the sky....there is something admirable about those who shine amidst the grey - find beauty through it all 🍭🌈🌸

Lucky me to have a friend like you. You’ve stuck around for everything, the ugly truths, the triumphs, essentially all things real in life. You are a tender soul, with a heart set on fire with love and for all things wild and free. My weaknesses are your strong suits - you inspire me to go fiercely through life, with pure heart and no regrets...and to laugh through as many opportunities as possible no matter the circumstance. I wouldn’t have made it through these past few years without you, you have been a constant source of love and friendship for me. You give a damn. You selflessly cater to everyone around you, your friends, family, and even those you don’t know and yet, never ask for anything in return - the only queen to ever do so. Cruz, Hunter, and Blaise have the best Mommy around...and for Nalu he’s the luckiest man to walk the planet. And for me, I’m beyond blessed to have you at my side on this journey, Love you Chas ❤️

When you thought he came to hang out with you, but he was just on the quest for your family whiskey...you’ve been missed pal. #AlohaFridayHoa #MagicMaui

Happy Mother’s Day 🌸


just cause....🏓🍤 #noogies #indianburns photo taken by Maui’s drunkest: @mauimarcc

Today on le open ocean via @aliinuimaui // thank you @cinlyn808, it was a great celebration - best host ever !

You know you’re from Hawaiʻi when...

hauʻoli lā mei kākou ! May day vibes via our dads...✨


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