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When you truly understand the fragility in the matter of life...that is when you begin to appreciate light that peaks through shattered walls, or doors cracked open, or appreciating flowers that bloom through the blemishes of sidewalks and rainbows that blanket the frigid skies. Only then do we understand adversity and the beauty that encompasses it...the product is inspiration and greatness created by two unlikely factors. Whatever the darkness may be, or when you’re feeling like a withering flower, remember that beauty is born in adversity and never in a sanctuary. Whatever light you can muster up in a place of dark hues, catch aflame and share it, we need it. #ibelieveinsilverlinings #skippinginparkinglots

The more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for. #dontneedaholidayforthat 🦃

First snow day for Portland 7 years ago ☃️❄️

Thankful for the ability to move, to feel...👩🏼‍🎤 #üshin

The best 8 years of my life hands down. So many laughs, hugs, and moments woven up of challenges and triumphs from then to now. How lucky I am to have a pal and love like you - my life would be in grayscale without you, literally cracking up thinking about our adventures, like finding the largest cotton candy puff in the world 😂. Started at Ho’okipa sharing cheez-its now we here...not much has changed you still eat all my snacks 🤺 #zing

To know him, is to love him. The only constant I have ever known in life. So thankful for you @guy.lawrence, you’ve been the wind beneath my wings since day one - and I want to do the same for you until there’s nothing left of me ❤️ proud to be your daughter #wegottravellingtodo

My most vulnerable self via @theluckyhoney blog by the word smith we all know and love, @kinimama. We all have experienced adversities and triumphs, the challenge is finding the light in the midst of darkness and acknowledging the dimmer days when all is well. Here is a snippet of my journey to find the silver lining in all seasons with a heart filled with gratitude...working on lowering my guard to live my best life - head over to theluckyhoney.com, hope you hug tighter tonight ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨pre-order goodies too now! #stillirise

TITLE STAYS ON MAUI - 2017 PEʻAHI CHALLENGE CHAMP - So proud of your dedication and heart...TONIGHT WE shimmy 💃✨ @ian.walsh so proud of everyone who went out there and performed and left it out there at Jaws...amazing, brave hearts courageous souls!!! Congrats all, and to @paigealms 2x champagne shower, Queen of Peʻahi!!!!

12 hours until heart murmurs, holding my breath for 45 minutes at a time, and whispering vulgar language to myself. Proud of this lil fireball, go big and COME HOME. Love you @shaunwalsh20 🤺 Team Walshy third year in a row....Peʻahi Challenge is a go 😩😝 #WSL #PEʻAHICHALLENGE

Some days are just downright tough. I know we don’t live in a world of glitter and rainbows, but I do spend most of my time searching for some silver shimmer in a world that’s suffocated by gray clouds. Knowing when to stand up and do what’s right against the demons of adversity is such a catch 22. I have lost so much in my life, so much so that my heart literally aches to think of holding any grudge or any lingering thought of frustration or ignorance, I try to convince myself at times that my feelings are valid, but I just cannot. I refuse to turn cold, hard, and stern - but sometimes by being gentle you protect those who initiate harm, hurt, and deceit - ultimately failing your conscious to do the right thing. Stay beautiful. Life is short. If your life up until this moment was premiering in a theatre, what would you do, what would you say...would you be proud? I am far from perfect and don’t aim to be, I want to be my best self by stepping into all perspectives to keep myself in check and remain accountable. ✂️🔍

The brain controls so many facets of our bodily functions. Did you blink, breathe, or have an unconscious thought today, then you should already understand how and why, your brain! So many suffer and can’t find the voice to speak up because of the stigma that continues to suffocate sensitive minds, you could save a life and give someone a reason to get help they need. Some people may just be down on their luck while others are in desperate need of a conversation that could be their threshold to mental freedom and peace. I’m here. #AREYOUOKAY #HeyWhatsUpHello #MentalHealthDay #Giveadamn

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