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✌️ #casualfriday 🌼
Happy Friday everyone!

For day 4 of #asanasafari we have #sphinxpose or #cobrapose (any variation)!
Please don’t feel the need to lift your back leg!, check my last post for ideas (part 1 of the video with legs against the wall)

Hope you all are having fun with this challenge so far! I’ve read that for many of you, these poses are a challenge but in a way to learn something new about yourself! That’s exactly why we host them! That and for it to be fun! Stay curious and keep practicing, you’re all awesome 💙

Be sure you’re tagging all hosts and sponsors so that we can see your posts!
@flexilexi_fitness @flexi.fash @radhabeauty @mantraband

#cobrapose #bhujangasana #dhanurasana #bowpose #yogahomework
Believe it or not, cobra pose used to be a pose I hated, it just felt all sorts of bunchy and crunchy. Now it’s my favorite pose. Full pose variation requires a lot of flexibility and strength, please listen to the body and move slow (there are stopping points for each movement - you don’t have to use straps, you don’t have to press off your elbows, etc). In each variation feel like your chest is lengthening forward and your shoulders are drawing back.

PRE-REQ: Sphinx with shins against wall
WARM-UP: extended puppy, seated heart openers, and floor cobra

- Place block underneath your rib cage, as you increase flexibility, take the block up one level or use 2 blocks.
- Use a strap around each ankle, flip your grip and lift head up and back towards feet.
- See wall behind you start to pull feet in toward you
- Start in cobra
- Look back and try to see your back toes
- Flip grip one foot, whilst hooking other foot behind, grab both feet with full grip (use straps if not accessible)
- Keep looking back behind you to take foot towards shoulder.
- Kick opposite leg back and down

[want to learn more? Flexibility workshop happening 4/22 @mybmadison ! find more info and sign up by clicking link in bio]
Practicing on: @yogahustle blocks/mat
Wearing: @flexi.fash new spring line!
#yogahowto #yogaposebreakdown #yogastudyguide #yoga102 #homepractice #learnyoga

I’m ready for spring...but clearly spring is not ready for me ☃️❄️
It’s cool, I’ll wait here until spring comes 🌱😎✌️
#snowday #vibes #whereisspring #pajamas #snowga #snowgi #waitingforspring #fashion #ootd #photography
📸taken by my love @sphogat29

How yogis grocery shop 😜🍍
Jk i only grocery shop like this when a new @wholefoods opens close to home! And @wholefoodsbridgewater is opening this Friday 3/23 at 9am! With a section for lifestyle, a juice press, and a café you can bet I’ll be hanging out there for quite a bit!
Visit them at 319 chimney rock rd., bridgewater, NJ!

📸: captured by @_schmataliee
📿: @1708mala

First time trying out my @pranamat! I’ve been seeing these mats around and have heard wondrous things but it wasn’t until i tried it myself this afternoon that i understood it really isn’t hype (let’s just say @pranamat you pleasantly surprised me)!
So here’s what i have to say: at first touch, it’s a little intimidating! The pointed lotus applicators are definitely pointed. But as your back settles in you start to feel an invigorating warming sensation all along your back. But here’s my favorite part: i have a back that can be cranky (especially on my left side), after about 15 minutes or so i started to feel a pleasantly warm and rejuvenating sensation in that side. And even 45 minutes after getting up from the mat, the feeling lingered!
I only recommend products that i truly love and believe in, so here is my official recommendation! If you’re a lover of self-care and relaxation, definitely check them out and give it a try! @pranamat #pranamat
🎥: by @hahaghost0521
#relaxation #acupressure #massagetherapy #selfcare #therapeutic

Story time! Grab a seat and hear my share 😏
It’s kindve funny and ironic, most of my closest relationships started out with the least friendly of impressions.
When I first met @sphogat29 (my boyfriend of 8 years), he stormed into a party screaming “I’m here!” disrupting everyones conversation. Later, as I was flirting with some guy, he came over, sat between us, and started talking. My mind just went: wow how rude, you totally just cockblocked me (if someone has a better word, please share!). 8 years later, he’s the love of my life and the kindest man i know. Many of my closest friends, @_schmataliee @kunla7 @lolbutsrslywut + more, we all have funny stories of how our friendships started off as..well...not friendships 😅
Ironically enough, even yoga! The very first yoga class I took I left thinking to myself - “wow that sucked, I’ll never get into yoga” - hah! Look at where the universe decided to take that attitude 😂 I call that #karma

The point of me writing all this, is to say that many of our first impressions - reactions - tend to be false. What you see, what you read, what you assume, what you feel, even what you believe is often a misleading truth (especially on social media - its not all glorious ppl! Come see my scars).
After 28 years of living on this earth, if its one lesson I try to live by, its the lesson of giving the benefit of doubt to every and anyone until personally proven otherwise. Be open to what you can’t see, be mindful, and respectful of what is to come. You never know what will take root, and what will magically grow to a magnificent thing 🌸

As we start the new week, whatever negative impressions and assumptions come your way, pause and rethink them. Give your benefit of doubt, and see what will blossom from a second chance.
#happymonday #freshweekfreshstart #positivevibes #startyourweekright #ibelieveinpossibility #dailydoseofpositivity

Photo captured by my soul sister @hahaghost0521
📿 from @1708mala
Pose inspo: @emchenyoga

Trying new things at the gym!
I don’t often go to the gym but when I do it’s like visiting a playground!
Practiced #elevatedpressups, it took a couple of tries (watch til end and apparently i have zombie legs 🧟‍♀️😂) but finally got it (so much easier in a pool, i didn’t account for how hard it’d be without a surface or momentum to drag the toes along)
#happysunday #sundayfunday #handstand #upsidedown #yogastrong #handstandplay #questforthepress #gym #gymmotivation #realtimevideo

#sundayvibes all the way 💕
I think I’ll go and twist it out today 😉 who’s got some #sundayfunday plans? Share them with me below!
[thank you @bellasdraws for creating this! I absolutely love it, had to share!]

✏️POSE BREAKDOWN (level 1/2)📚
🐦#kingpigeonpose #ekapadarajakapotasana
This pose was the very first flip grip I learned! When I teach this pose in classes, I find that the hardest part (aside from getting foot to head) is the balance. The hips tend to want to fall to one side. So here’s a little solve for that (even if you have the pose already, if you feel like your hips don’t square and you’re sitting more weight in one hip than another you might give this a try!)

WARM-UP: shoulder openers (3rd slide) and sphinx/cobra pose

- Take your back knee against a wall
- For tight hips (if your butt doesn’t sit all the way down): place one block under your butt
- To square and lift: use another block in-between the front foot and thigh (this will help you balance and stay up).
- Use a strap to pull foot towards head.
- Press your thigh firmly down into the block as you lift your chest and take head back to foot

- Same set-up as part one + ADD a block underneath your back knee. This will help bring your foot closer to your head
- Strength exercise: hands to the wall, push wall away and engage hamstrings to kick foot to head.
- Walk hands down wall to find your toes, pull toes to head as you press thigh down into block and lift chest and head back to foot.

- Requires pretty open hips to sit all the way down
- Bend back knee, and turn toes out (towards the outside edge of mat)
- Take hand back (palm facing up, thumb facing your back)
- Wrap your fingers underneath the top of the foot (around the big toe side of the foot)
- Pull toes into body and flip elbow up.
- Keep gaze forward as second hand finds the other hand and wiggle it down to the toes.
- Pull toes in, lift chest, press thigh down to floor, take head back to toes.
- If the flip grip isn’t accessible yet, use a strap.

Happy Saturday and happy bending!
Practicing always on: @yogahustle blocks/mat
Wearing: @flexi.fash new spring line!
#yogahowto #yogaposebreakdown #yogastudyguide #yoga101 #yoga102

Yoga is about connecting.
Connecting to the body
Connecting to the breath
Connecting to yourself
And connecting to others.
#happyfriday everyone! hope you connect to what matters most to you this weekend ♥️
#heartopening with these beautiful souls @satyayogawear @emchenyoga @sfreneenyc
#heartopener #yoga #yogatribe #yogacommunity #connect #yogalove #weekendvibes

✏️POSE BREAKDOWN (level 1/2)📚
Study Guide for: #pinchamayurasana #forearmstand
This pose takes quite a bit of trial and error, but once you start finding balance on your forearms, the rest comes pretty quickly. I demonstrate #staglegs variation because that’s easier! Once you find balance with your legs split, then start to play with taking the legs together slowly.

PRE-REQ: dolphin pose (with strong and flexible shoulders: avoid collapsing your head down and widening your elbows, fight to keep head lifted and elbows in)

WARM-UP: shoulder openers: extended puppy variations, hamstrings, etc (swipe to see).

If you are afraid of falling, it’s natural! You can start by facing the wall (about a leg’s distance away from it) and use furniture to climb your feet up. Press your foot into the furniture to lift up. Teeter between the wall and furniture to find some balance.
Head is lifted
Gaze: between elbows/wrists
Elbows hug inwards (don’t let them splay out)
Shoulders stay stacked over elbows

Find dolphin facing away from the wall, climb your feet up the wall and split the legs.
I find that when teaching forearm stand one main struggle is to keep the head lifted and gaze forward (due to tight shoulders). To help keep the head lifting, place a block underneath the forehead (this will also help strengthen your shoulders without causing too much fatigue)

Little flicks off your bottom foot to try and find balance without the wall or furniture. All the foundations apply! Don’t forget to breathe.

I’m so glad you guys are finding these helpful, I’m personally having a lot of fun making them! keep your questions coming, I’ll do my best to answer!
[have you signed up for the inversion lab workshop yet? Happens next Sunday 3/25 2-4pm @honoryoganorthbrunswick - all levels (for the novice inverter) - link in bio]

Video sped 2x
🎼Music by @stanleysounds (new song: Hills by Behnu on Spotify)
Practicing on: @yogahustle blocks/mat
Wearing: @aloyoga

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