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jaclyn theoharis  I like my coffee like I like my clothes. black.

A little Monday Blues, but mostly Monday Whites ⚪️

Σαράντα βαθμοί, πάμε παραλία 💙🇬🇷🌊🐚☀️💙🇬🇷🌊🐚☀️💙🇬🇷🌊🐚☀️💙🇬🇷🌊🐚

Gathering some home decor inspo 🇬🇷 #SkyrosIsland

The last time I will board Skyros Shipping with the last name Θεοχάρης #ferryboat

Wedding venue hunting in Greece is rough #LefkadaIsland 💙🌊

Doing nada in Lefkada 🇬🇷

Adventures with this one are my fave - only 4 more days till our next one! #ελλαδαμου με #barbudomou
📸: @laureledited

Highlighter on point 💋 #SIL

Today I learned that doing a workout class in the North End cancels out the workout class #freshbread

Our new skyline

Exploring the nation’s oldest university #wickedsmaht

New York, my city, my love. I will never forget my first time coming out of the subway and feasting my eyes on the Empire State Building, my first dollar slice with the grease dripping down my shirt, my first extremely expensive rent check, my first stroll through Washington Square Park during a snowstorm, my first time having rooftop drinks when summer finally came, and the feeling I got everytime my yellow cab pulled back into the city and I looked at your skyline after a trip away. Baby, you are pure magic. For now I must bid adieu, but this is not goodbye forever. #BostonBound #Followyourheart

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