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Mission training with @c3university is always lit! Ready to spend a week with them in Uganda and learn how to step!!

Ministry meeting with our Amazing team in Cuba. #nextTTWstaffretreat

So often our political stances and polarizing discussions are void of personal story...

My oldest daughter is an immigrant who was granted American citizenship in 2015. Our process took over 2 years of extreme vetting, court dates and security checks...and we were lucky. For many (including refugees) it takes years to get through this process and all while displaced, hungry and often hopeless.
I am heartbroken at the widespread response that so quickly abandons our Christian principles to care for and love the widow, orphan and alien in exchange for a position of fear, entitlement and security... and abandonment of the American principle "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." •
Which immigrant or refugee story has impacted your thoughts?
#emmalazarus #refugeeswelcome

Bryan Stevenson and a glass of red. Learning so much from the perspective of those that don't look like me...thankful for diversity!!#book7of2017 #bryanstevenson #justmercybook

In honor of MLK, I desire to read more books that will help me understand the plight of those who don't look like me. Tonight, I start #betweentheworldandme #book5oftheyear "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." MLK

Incredible night at Carnegie Hall with the love of my life @mamakroeze for A Celebration if Carols with @gettymusic and @alistair_begg_truthforlife

Hanging out at @cccinfoorg @c3university celebrating 10 years of youth ministry!! Love these guys!!!

Amazing family day in NYC. Highlight? Kayleigh got a pine cone from the Rockefeller tree fresh in from upstate. #familyfunday #rockafellercenter #topoftherock

Amazing performance @ghettofalsetto So proud of you and the story God is writing in you!! #dixonplace #angstinacappella

Fall leaf piles, laughter and angels #fall #leaf🍃 #lovethesekids

Cuba Film Premiere night. Deb and @lukeberowland sharing stories of youth coming to Christ in Cuba.

Andrea speaking on living an EPIC story @cccinfoorg #c3epic #c3epicsummer @mamakroeze

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