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Martin Marketplace. Oct. 20. 12-4pm.

Queen of the city. ๐Ÿ’–
Day 16: "Angular"

Show up. Show out. Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

Felt uninspired by Day 15's prompt, so I'm skipping it. ๐Ÿ’™ Here are the inktobers from over the weekend, "Guarded" and "Clock".

More cemetery symbolism for @themartinchicago marketplace this Saturday!
A veil draped urn is a Victorian nod to classical cremation. The veil is both a protective shroud and a representation of the separation between the living and the dead.
Two clasped hands are often used for couple's tombstones, placed horizontally to represent unity in death and arranged vertically to show the tie of the spouse who had passed to the one left behind.
Sheaves of wheat is a reference to the Grim Reaper. Oftentimes represents a full life that was taken at just the right time.


Finally put some blue flecks on this piece. It never felt quite finished when I first made it 2 months ago, and I really am into this solution. Swipe over to see what it looked like before.

Day 11 - "Cruel".
One of Disney's best character designs imo.

Traditional cemetery symbols. Made for @themartinchicago marketplace, happening Oct. 20 at 12pm!
An upside down torch represents a life that has been extinguished. If it is burning, it represents the belief the soul burns on in the next life.
Oak leaves are a symbol of strength, respect, and longevity. They graced the tombstones of well loved people who led a full life.
Snapped roses represent a woman's life cut short. The fullness of bloom is also an indicator of age; rosebuds for young girls, and full blooms for young women.
All drawings were made with white acrylic on black paper.

Slamming out today's drawing.
Day 10: "Flowing".

Occasionally I write things for fun. This time around, I also made a stupid drawing to go with it. If you want to read a short article about me cringing at myself for cringing at myself, I linked it in my bio. :) I'll leave it there for a day or two for your perusal.

Playing lazy Inktober catchup.
Day 6: "Drooling"
Day 7: "Exhausted"
Day 8: "Star"
Day 9: "Precious"

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