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Josie Koznarek  A hurricane of passion projects and neglected chores.


Thanks for loving vintage memes as much as I do, @theklefty .
RIP Vine 1 and 2. Watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper. 18" x 24".

Cool Girl #9. Acrylic on glass. 8.5" x 11".
I'm officially halfway done with the Cool Girl series! 9 more to go.

Pick your caption;
90s Leonardo DiCaprio got nothin on me.
Because my goal in life is to make @freshlyfryed wince at least once a year.
What happens when I'm left alone with a pair of scissors at 2am.
@mackayradio was sleeping.
I couldn't really call myself an artist until I produced a terrible haircut I proudly made myself.
Because if I can't be Edna Mode, I can at least be the try-hard white girl equivalent.
71% on my way to being a persnickety, french accented, mid-level art gallery curator.

Cool Girl #8. Acrylic on glass. 22.5" x 22.5".

"An Artist's Retort". Mixed media on canvas. 28" x 28".
Made immediately after completing "A Housewife's Turmoil", it shows the tranquil rebellion that quietly replied to my angst. The two paintings are a pair.

Cool Girl #7. Acrylic on glass.
10" x 8".
Probably my least favorite of the bunch, but hey, it's completed.

"A Housewife's Turmoil". Acrylic and Sumi Ink on Canvas. 28" x 28".
I cried during most of this painting.

Cool girl #6. Acrylic on glass.
9" x 11".

I once again spent way too much time on something that was supposed to be a warm-up.

Cool Girl #5. Acrylic on glass. 18.5" x 14.5".
Took another photo. The other one wasn't good. I'll delete that one soon.

"Lily Pads". Watercolor on watercolor paper. 24" x 18".
Framed - $400
Unframed - $300
Well, this painting was a wild ride. I started it this morning thinking "Oh, I'll just paint a quick, relaxing warm-up landscape to get my day going." Ten hours later, my extremely annoying sense of artistic integrity finally stepped back and let me call this painting finished. It definitely looks awesome now that it's done, but it was a bear to see to completion. I couldn't look at it out of annoyance for the first hour it was sitting finished in my office... 😛 With that said, I am quite proud of myself and very pleased with how it turned out. Hit me up if you want to buy it off me, it's available.

Cool Girl #4. Acrylic on glass.
10" x 20".
Pay no attention to the reflection of me trying not to be reflected while taking this photo.

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