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Here's Ollie running the slalom course on the beginner hill seven years ago at 2.5 years-old. Now he skis down stuff that scares the shit out of me and I couldn't be prouder. #tbt

Skiing through the trees (on the forest moon of Hoth)

The elusive prey is captured

This is not a topographical map of the Moon but a weathered piece of driftwood

Last night in paradise vibes

Making perfectly round balls of sand might be my favorite thing to do at the beach. Construction requires patience, and the reminder I possess it is helpful.

Tidepoolin'. Rocks like the surface of the Moon.

I call this one "I call this one 'The Surfer'"

I'm sorry, I just can't get enough of these sunsets. I hope it's not a metaphor for something.

The Sun sets so gently you don't notice it's actually the Earth spinning away from it at 1000 mph.

Sunset on the Pacific

Beautiful day of skiing up above the fog. That's Camel's Hump sticking up in the distance.