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"Enviroman looks for more nature to save!" My brother drew this pen and ink clowning me almost twenty years ago. He's still making art (about to premiere a new show on NBC) and I'm still worm composting, farming sustainable fish, building sustainable tourist huts, trying to stop monocrops and looking for nature to save.... #tbt #enviroman #themorethingschangethemoretheystaythesame

Hot fun in the city, I love this town in the summer and even got a first look at #thevessel.

Check out the new article on Mongabay (link in bio) about the co-management agreement for the Southeast Marine Reef Sanctuary, a unique public-private partnership.
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Now would be a good time to have that garbage conversation we've been avoiding.

#PlanetorPlastic #PlanetaoPlastico

Dining room birdwatching. Once one of the most endangered birds in the world, the Ridgway's Hawk has become one of the more frequently spotted celebrities around Puntacana Resort and Club.

#puntacanaresort #sustainabletourism #gavilandelahispaniola #dontcallitacomeback #sundayvibes

That time a few months ago when my girl and I invited a bunch of awesome people to the best place in the world, threw a huge party with great music and danced all night long.
#tbt #loskheels #🔥🔥🔥

Honored to talk trash with the documentary film "Plastic Island" today. Solid waste is a critical subject, good thing it's being investigated by some of the DR's best filmmakers. Sorry we missed @nashlabogaert @josemariacabral and @davidmalerbaq, I even rocked my Parley for the Ocean recycled ocean plastic kicks for the occasion!

#isladeplastico #zerowaste #puntacanaresort @puntacanaresort @parley.tv

Visitors have called the freshwater lagoons of the Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve a "Fountain of Youth." But if you are over 40, you know youth is overrated, experience is king. However, the reserve's freshwater pools do cure many societal ills: hot weather, work stress, too much screen time, hangovers, and mean people, to name a few. It is also one of the largest and best preserved private protected areas in the Dominican Republic and home to innumerable local species. Find out how to visit by swiping right.

Photos @humanpicturesfilms and @puntacanaresort
#ecologicalreserve #puntacana #puntacanaresort #sustainabledevelopment #sustainabletourism #iworkwhereyouvacation

The Pro Index (PI) is a scientific calculation that quantifies an athlete's appearance on a scale ranging from 1 (embarrassing) to 10 (Lance Armstrong before he got caught doping). La Esquina del Sofa has rightfully pointed out that my early triathlon career PI was in the 0-1 range. But LEDS failed to mention the exponential growth in my PI over the years. Swipe right to see Jake’s PI evolution revolution from 2009 to 2011 to 2016. Pro Index ©️@andresvanderhorst

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Don Tilo, un tremendo privilegio y honor haberle conocido. Un padre ejemplar, hombre trabajador y ser humano muy querido. Ojalá le devolvieron su bicicleta amarilla ("La Vaca") para montar hacia su parcela en el cielo. En paz descansa.

Don Tilo, it was an honor and a privilege to know you. An exemplary father, a hardworker and a lovely human being. I hope they gave you back your yellow bicycle to ride to your farm in the sky. RIP.

Early summer and feeling that mountain hiking itch. Get those hiking boots ready @kryserret..... #loskheels #runforthehills #escapethesargassum

Check out my new blog post (link in bio), "The Awareness Paradox," where I explore the challenge of converting "awareness" of a problem into tangible action to solve it. "When we made Death by a Thousand Cuts, our team struggled with how to end the film. We grappled with whether we should present solutions to the challenge of deforestation, but ultimately decided that the audience should decide for themselves…Rather than a recipe, we hoped the audience would be compelled to figure out what to do on their own. This was probably wishful thinking.” #environment #deforestation #chasingcoral #inconvenienttruth #jakekheel #dbatcfilm #sustainabledevelopment

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