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Jaclyn Fu  Small boobs, big dreams 🦄✨ Co-founder @wearpepper 📍Denver, CO

Remember when my boobs were in the Huffington Post? 😮
Exactly 1 year ago @liawinecity and I launched @wearpepper Kickstarter campaign — time sure flies!! We had NO idea what was to come. The goal was $10k because it was the min manufacturing requirement, but turns out we were selling ourselves short. We reached that in just 10 hrs, and at the end of a 13 day campaign reached almost $48k! Fun fact: our campaign was supposed to last a month and we probably would’ve broke the 6 figure mark, but I launched the campaign at 5am and accidentally set it to 13 days 😅
Were you a part of this day? I remember refreshing the page every minute and watching the numbers spike. Friends and family sharing and posting on our behalf, and getting texts from everyone who was watching. Blake comes home and we go to Guard & Grace for dinner and champagne where he tells every waiter I just made it big 😂
It’s been tough, and it’s only going to get tougher, and I’m loving every second of it! Besides learning about starting up, I’m learning a lot about myself and how I react and think, and what I need to do to be at my best version. I’m so excited about what’s to come!!!!!!

In bed at 8pm because I am POOPED. Since receiving our first manufacturing order 6 weeks ago it’s been nonstop mayhem fulfilling all our pre orders. As of today, all 1800 bras are out the door!! What a milestone. 🏆 What does it take to set up in-house fulfillment?
✅ Finding warehouse space
✅ Shipping platforms
✅ Ordering custom packaging
✅ Coordinating international freight delivery
✅ Papercuts!! (and more)
Happy to share more about this experience if you’re trying to figure it out for the first time too.
It was a special experience to read each name on the label and personally pack the order. It was like a mini connection to that person! With that said, think I’m ready for a little break 😂
@liawinecity and I spent the weekend planning for the future of Pepper. I am so excited for all the fun and growth to come. Are you interested in getting on this 🚀? We’re looking for someone in Denver who can roll up their sleeves and handle fulfillment & customer care. If being able to solve problems, make customers happy and have a HUGE impact on a business is interesting to you, hit me up. 📩

😍 ok how dashing are we when we’re not wearing Patagonia!!

Apres hike, LA style.

A tribe called sweat 💦

I don’t get on skis for just anyone. Only when @tiffanly128 is in town!

And I think to myself: what a wonderful life 🎵🍷☀️

✅ Desert ✅ Volcanoes ✅ Oasis

All in one magical place 🙌

Worth the 4:30am wake up call.

🍑 still sore.

One step and then the next. Breathe. Next step.
Feeling so accomplished after completing my first trek! 50 miles through crazy weather like torrential rain, gusty winds and winter mix snow. There were MANY moments when I thought it would be impossible to take the next step. Developed a renewed sense of appreciation for my body and the mountains it can climb 💪🗻

Dat camp lyfe doesn’t get better than this. The apres hike drink after 17 miles definitely helps. 🍷🍺

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