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'da one w da red hair'  T T TRRRAAASSSH H H 17 // london

an iconic summer look 📷 = @eden_laudat

'ghost who haven't slept in a thousand years and is going through a bowie phase' lewks

ya boi danced at fashion week and looked like a bloody confused plonker in nothing but pants and a bit o pink fabric the entire time. thnx @_charlesjeffrey and the entire team for being so lovely, kinda crazy to work with someone u've admired for the longest time
what a WILD time *spanish guitar noises*

📘bored in blue📘

80s blush moment feat my scar from when my brother savaged me with a batman toy in my youth (oh and ma new hair ♥️)

fuck me I just have so many looks i never get round to posting

about as close as i'm gonna get to a 'spring' look. cos nothing says spring like blue moss eyebrows


so basically I went on @atlantip 's page for two seconds and did this in the following five seconds 🤗

experimentation in chaos + texture

inspired by @wintervea + @greta_ag

the old art finds the light // initial decay (liked the light in this one better)

when ur brain turns black and oozes from your skull // black putrefaction

sink into oneself // dry decay

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