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j j j a c o b j j j a m e s  Singer and multi-instrumentalist based in Seattle, WA. Listen to my LP “RETROFUTURE” on Spotify, iTunes, or at:


I haven’t been keeping a secret. I’ve been holding something dear very close, but now it’s time to share it with all of you.
I landed my dream job. This year I will join Brandi, The Twins, Josh and a cast of lovable muppets on the road in support of “By The Way I Forgive You” which came out worldwide yesterday. The thing that makes me happiest is getting to do what I love: singing harmonies, playing keys, and playing french horn. It’s going to be a great spring/summer. I’m excited to see my friends who live outside Seattle! And I’m humbled to get to be a part of a group who cares about the magic of making music, but who also cares deeply about giving back to other people. Brandi has always been a force for passionate good in the world but her recent work as an activist is so inspiring.
I couldn’t ask to join a better team.
@brandicarlile @timhanseroth @phil_hanseroth @neumanncello @samraemusic @bootjacobson @c.h.r.i.s.powell Congratulations on an amazing LP, and I’ll see you guys at band practice 🏆

God DAMN I love you @eltonjohn this Dodgers sequin situation is everything.

Pro Tip: get a droid to keep you company during your sunny Sunday practice sessions. Mellow sounds brought to you by the Yamaha YP-40.

Have been really inspired by my friends’ #bythewayiforgiveyou posts. My story of forgiveness is a longer one, here it goes:
You didn’t think about the possibilities when you began your construction project. You didn’t realize the impact you could have on a life by cutting corners. When Eric tripped he should’ve fallen into a guard rail, not down twelve feet into the hole you’d dug out for a basement. He landed flat on his back. When he hit the ground and severed his spine all of our lives changed forever.
That was a decade ago. The crazy part is, I think Eric forgave you right away. He knew you didn’t do it on purpose. But I wanted you to burn. I’ve carried it with me all these years: the anger, the hurt, the betrayal. In fact it wasn’t until I heard Tim saying “me forgiving you doesn’t make what you did right” about his former bully that I knew that I finally could forgive you and mean it.

It’s been a decade. All of our lives are different. Eric has built an amazing life. His band has a hit record and has gone multi-platinum. He takes part in inspiring others with injuries to be more visible. He shows kids with rock and roll dreams that being in a wheelchair doesn’t have to be prohibitive.

This year my friends made a beautiful record. Its title is the inspiration for this post. I can finally mean it, I can finally bear to say it out loud, through tears of sadness at how things happened and tears of joy at how things have turned out: By the way, I forgive you.

I played @kexp #audioasis and all I have are videos of @aaronmcbenson that’s it, last straw, this project is called Aaaron Bbbenson now. Featuring members of @pickwickmusic @cataldo @ruler @sundries_music @whitechinagold and others 😎

As a little kid, I dreamed about making a record where I played all the instruments and got to make all the production decisions. In 2017 I finally was brave enough to go for it. Thank you to @kexp @sh6rl6s6 @actualseannelson @aaronmcbenson @houseofbreakingglass and @yourradiofriend for believing in my bedroom record “RETROFUTURE” available on Spotify and iTunes. Got some amazing stuff coming in the new year; can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks also if you are reading or liking or watching this, knowing that you’re out there keeping up with my musical adventures has made a really rough year more livable. -jjj

I have written and erased seven different sentences about how good the show on Wednesday was and none of them do it justice. It was a perfect musical experience. @davidbazan @seantlane and @silvertorches thank you, from this jaded old hipster. 🏆🔥🏆

@thesecretsisters not surprised, just massively proud of your Grammy nomination for Best Folk Album 2017. Doubly proud to be a part of an LP that was written, produced and mixed by strong, talented women. @laurarogers @llslagle88 See you guys out on the road in 2018! I want to play “For All of The Girls Who Cry” live with y’all and @neumanncello sooner rather than later! 😎

This is what it's all about! Today the money that we helped to raise at @chautauquamusicfest was donated to the district. The young music students of Vashon Island will have some quality instruments to learn on. Thanks again to @cherrycanoe and all the organizers for having us out #vashoneagles #tilsonxoxo #giantcheck

Spotted out in the urban jungle with friends @smokeybrights Have a good tour, Smokies! Our show is Sunday night at Chop Suey!

Playing tonight on @kexp at 6:30 PM PST. Stream it live on kexp.org and help us celebrate yesterday's release of #RETROFUTURE --or join us at kexp at seattle center and party with us! Photo © Jenny Jimenez
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JJJACOBJJJAMES.COM is live and has RETROFUTURE streaming and a link to FREE downloads. Unending thanks to @aaronmcbenson @houseofbreakingglass and @yourradiofriend for helping me along and getting this record just right and out into the world. See you on @KEXP tomorrow at 6:30 PM PST .
. .
#retrofuture #jjjacobjjjames #pnw #seattle #washington #indiepop #bedroomglam #closetfolk #kexp #audioasis

It's an honor anytime my name and his are in the same frame. #kexp #tompetty #retrofuture

Rehearsing today for our live session on Audioasis on @kexp Only one week away! #audioasis #kexp #retrofuture #jjjacobjjjames

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