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JJ Ghatt  Not your avg SuperGirl! Blogger & Digital Media Publisher, Owns BellyitchBlog.com, TechYaya.com, JJBraids.com & Jenebaspeaks.com also I am @wahmstyle


#ThisTooShallPass. The stress and trauma will end. #lifeisbeautiful

The kind folks at @CreationCrate sent me one of its subscription boxes that teaches kids how to Code & actually build electronic devices, robots and more from scratch and naturally, I had to let eldest (15yo) who wants to build his own computer someday give it a try. In less than 5 minutes, he opened the box, assembled the pieces & headed online to the website to finish the build out of his lamp, this month's box. Very neat! Can't wait to see the final product. *Product supplied complimentary for review.

Middle kid is at it again. This little toad though his sister discovered and he did the honors of capturing it temporarily before setting it free. Hopefully, he doesn't get eaten by one of the many critters that live near our home. We have a hedge hog, chipmunks, a wood pecker, a cardinal, a blue jay, a family of rabbits, deer, and more that live in our front and back yard.

Another Day Another Washington DC Policy event. This time, Day 1 of @MMTCONline's Annual Access to Capital Conference means great panels, informative speakers, & catching up with old pals like my old law firm partners!! Woot! #swipeleft

This evening, met up with my girl @firstlady_1908 at the inaugural #WomenWhoClick event @Google's DC office

😍😍😍😍😍😍 #DemBabies

#HappyBirthday and happy #mancrushmonday to this guy! He is my chief motivator, my rock and biggest supporter.
He has a brilliant mind but is still considerate, thoughtful, and poetic (an aspiring author and published poet)
He is nurturing and is an amazingly wonderful dad to our kids! He makes them laugh, keeps them in shape (physically and mentally) and goes above and beyond to make sure they have what they need to become good world citizens.
He is a provider and a wonderful friend, the one who sets up the birthday happy hour for his boys, who visits and/or calls every sick, injured or recovering friend or relative in the hospital even when no one else does, and who likes all their photos even the lonely odd ones that got no "like" love!

He is unselfish and is hanging in there through some pretty big challenges from external forces we are enduring right now yet he remains upbeat and optimistic and keeps on motivating and cheering us on to the finish.
I wish nothing but the best for you @theghattster1! I love you to the moon and back and thank you soooop much for being such a great human being and best friend and great husband. #HappyBirthday!!!

Saturday Stories:
In 2013, Baker and French native @dominiqueansel invented the #Cronut- a US Patented croissant and Donut hybrid that he invented after 100 recipes and tries! It became a viral hit!. My friend @lisafrance told our Mutual friend @murray_sd about it & one day, while we were vacationing in NYC, she and I set off to try to purchase one.
It was only sold at Ansel's bakery in SOHO and he charged $5.00 for each. He limited customers to 6 each day bc they used to sell out fast as crowds lined up at 7am each morning before the bakery in opened. Despite the copyright, soon copy cats cropped up around the world. A mere 2 months after Ansel's Donut became a viral hit, even Dunkin Donuts in Asia started selling its version, a croissant Donut for $2.79. Today, I am in my local Shoppers Food Warehouse grocery store and I pass the donut container and look what I find there: a cronut!! They sell it for just $.69 and you can get as much as you like! #LessonsInCapitalism & #FreeMarket #Competition

The @tzrbeauty Summer #BoxOfStyle is NOW Available! I got mine and loved every item inside w/a retail value of over $400!! I rocked that @helena_quinn kimono for my entire mini beach vacay & turned heads. The @raen cat eye shades have been a staple for me this summer & im keeping cool in my @solesociety Panama sun hat slays all day. Checkout the other items in the collection (link in bio) & subscribe if you'd like to get a quarterly box of top quality style items hand picked by @RachelZoe and her team at @TheZoeReport. #swipeleft to see more of my styling and profiling In this box's items.

Hope everyone had a great 4th! βœŒπŸ½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ we did.

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