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Jiz Lee  I like mixing business with pleasure and doing things that make me sweat.💦 Triathlete, Actor, and Author. Jiz@JizLee.com [they/them]

These stills! New music video for “FRACTAL” by #NOISEWITCH @kimboekbinder premieres Oct 16 on @outmagazine! 💠‬ ‪Credits: kimboekbinder.com‬
‪Directed by Kim Boekbinder & @jimbatt
‪Styled by Shelton Lindsay and cast‬
‪Kim & Jiz: HMU by @katiewedlund
‪Produced by @ohthatnumi‬ ‪Cast:‬
@diexico‬ ‪#KimBoekbinder #Fractal #musicvideo #nonbinary #queerartists #jizlee

SNEAK PEEK! New music video for “FRACTAL” by the #NOISEWITCH herself @kimboekbinder premieres Oct 16 on @outmagazine! 💠‬ ‪Credits: kimboekbinder.com‬
‪Directed by Kim Boekbinder & Jim Batt @jimbatt
‪Styled by Shelton Lindsay and cast‬
‪Kim & Jiz: HMU by @katiewedlund
‪Produced by Numidas Prasarn @ohthatnumi‬ ‪Cast:‬
‪Kim Boekbinder @kimboekbinder
‪Jiz Lee @jizlee
‪Shelton Lindsay @sheltiep
‪Veronica Varlow @veronicavarlow
‪Josephine Stewart @josephinestewart
‪Lucy Swope @lucyswope
‪Dame Cuchifrita @damecuchipastiechef
‪Lillet St. Sunday @lilletstsunday
‪Vivien Masters @viven.masters
‪Allegra Misonznick @gutter.face
‪Blaine Petrovia @blainepetrovia
‪Katelan Foisy @katelanfoisy
‪Cat Widdifield @newyorkcat
‪Kathryn Kuhn @kathrynkuhn
‪Munroe Lilly @munroelilly
‪Trisha Bordeaux @trishadbordeaux
‪Pixel @pixelchickadventures
‪Jezebel Express @jezebelexpress
‪Diego Sanchez-Maitert @diexico‬ ‪#KimBoekbinder #jimbatt #musicvideo #nonbinary #queerartists #jizlee#FRACTAL

TONIGHT! 🍂🍂🍂 “D.T.F. (Down to Fall)” will screen at PORN, a queer dance party w/Ships in the Night. @snaxho_ 📸 @jopollux thx @princessgoldencurlz!! 🍂🍂🍂

Cropped for Instagram... Revisiting this set by @allanamato. I want to take more pictures.

Just sold another 2-book set! Have you read Coming Out Like a Porn Star or Thriving in Sex Work? If you did and appreciated them, please help push our books further! 🌟 Tell a friend, post a book selfie, write a review on Amazon. (You can buy it there, though you can also find/request it at your local bookstore or library, and of course you can buy signed copies directly from me too - see bio link!) Let’s elevate our own published words over those of anti-sex work authors who currently dominate the narrative. #sexworkerswrite #comingoutlikeapornstar #thrivinginsexwork

Success! Thanks everyone who shared and/or donated to my swim, and those who volunteered or participated in the event. The event has raised over $314,000 to benefit the Women’s Cancer Resource Center and over 5,000 Bay Area women and their families. 🐬🙏🏽🏊🏼‍♂️ #SwimAMile #JustKeepSwimming

🐬 On Sunday I'm doing Swim-a-Mile for Women's Cancer Resource Center. Please donate and help me meet my individual swimmer fundraising goal of $300 to directly support over 5,000 Bay Area women whose lives are impacted by cancer. You can also participate as a virtual swimmer from wherever you are in the world! Link in my story and bio. 🐬 #JustKeepSwimming #SwimaMile #fundraisers

Preparing for an upcoming role with some nineties flavoring. 😎 Thx @scootsmcmuffin @glama_rama_salon for the gold tips! #newhair90sflare #bleachedtips

Does anyone I know own a reddish-brown leather jacket (like this) I can borrow for Berlin in a few weeks? It should look like the one Brad Pitt wore as Tyler Durden in Fight Club. I’m around a Men’s XS or Boy’s 20. I’m thrift store hunting in the meantime. 🙂

Caught copyediting... @shinelouise Sexual Narratives #pornstudies #shinelouisehouston

Thanks Denison University for having us! @denisonu @shinelouise @drmireille @jizlee

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