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moved  @leohyuk now


yo!!! im @makotohanamiya !!! idk what ur doin here this account is innactive thats my new one!!

im at @leohyuk now silly

go follow @leohyuk now!!!! its where i post everything!!!

reminder that i'm @leohyuk!!!!!!! now!!!!! go follow me at @leohyuk

reminder this account is dead and im @leohyuk now!!!

reminder!!! im @leohyuk now!!!

hello have a hella selfie!! by the way i have moved to @leohyuk so please please follow me there!!! @leohyuk @leohyuk @leohyuk

i have moved to @leohyuk !!!! go follow there !!!!

hello yes go follow me at @leohyuk

remember!! i have moved!! im @leohyuk now!!

moving to @leohyuk !!! i really want to keep my mutuals @leohyuk @leohyuk

reminder i am moving accounts!! take this cute pic of v

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