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Jeanine Zalduendo  Lawyer dreaming of helping others live healthier, happier, more balanced lives. Step 1 get safer beauty products into the hands of friends and family

How is #plasticfreejuly going for you? I bought this handy set of bamboo silverware (and straw!) from #brolutions for my purse and this @abeego beeswax food wrap to cut back on plastic use in our kitchen. I am also trying to be less lazy and use our #glasslock containers instead of plastic storage bags. These shifts have been pretty easy but the greater awareness of the plastic use in our house has been eye opening! We still have a long way to go, but happy to be trying! #goplasticfree #greenerliving #tryingourbest

To those who don’t think plastic straws are a problem, please open your eyes. These pictures are all from the hour walk I took this morning. I walked through a very nice area with fancy homes, and this is what littered the streets. I decided to start taking photos only halfway through, so this is only a portion of the straws I encountered. And YES, I picked every single one up (along with the other garbage pictured) and threw them away. It was super gross, I can’t lie, but I couldn’t just leave it there either. Straws are only part of the problem, as you can see by these pictures, but every little bit counts and we have to start somewhere! #PlasticFreeJuly #nomorestraws #saynotosingleuseplastic

This year marks the 8th #plasticfreejuly campaign. Although plastic can be recycled, it often isn’t. And even when it is, it results in harmful chemicals released into the air and water (not to mention the environmental impact when the plastic is made in the first place). But it is possible to live without. Join me in the Plastic Free July Challenge to think about ways you can cut down on plastic usage. Head to the Plastic Free July website to find tips and tools to live plastic free!! 🌎 photo credit: @plasticfreejuly #plasticfree #zerowaste #changemakers #reuse #challenge

Stunning Fourth of July eve here in Playa! So grateful for this beautiful beach! Enjoy the holiday! #fourthofjuly #playa #sunset

Protect yourself! This is a photo of me from the Grand Canyon a few years back. As you can see, I missed a few spots with my sunscreen. And I am not going to lie, there have been times I haven't worn sunscreen at all, on purpose, because I was more afraid about the effects of the chemicals in the cream, than the sun. But thankfully, BeautyCounter doesn't use chemical SPF filters due to their high potential to irritate the skin. Rather they use physical (mineral) elements to protect from the sun's rays. For those who want to know more, BC uses a non-nano zinc oxide and NEVER uses Octinoxate or Oxybenzone, ingredients known to contribute to the collapse of coral reefs around the world. If you want to switch to safer, now's the perfect time. BeautyCounter is running a summer promotion - get a free CounterMatch body lotion with a purchase of $150. Message me if you want to learn more!! #switchtosafer #mineralsunscreen #beautycounter #summertime

No matter which political party you support, I think now more than ever it is important to meditate on, pray for, or send good wishes to our leadership, that they are called to act as their best selves for the true wellbeing of all. This loving kindness meditation is a source of peace even when you may not feel peaceful otherwise. #loveyourneighbor #eventrump #buildbridgesnotwalls

Awesome lunch with a view at @suryaspaayurveda this afternoon. Had an Ayurvedic health consultation and it was awesome. It’s was amazing to hear all of the things going on in my body just by listening to my pulse (and they were all accurate!!). Excited to make some needed diet and exercise changes! #ayurveda #healthyliving #surya

As some of you know, I have decided to become a consultant for Beauty Counter as a side gig. It was a really challenging decision to make because my mind was so excited to point out all of the reasons I would fail, that I would be judged, that I don't know enough, that I would need to put my introvert self out there, etc. I decided to do it in spite of these "warnings" because I really do care about what people put on (and in) their bodies, and I believe in Beauty Counter. I am not an Instagram expert, I don't know how to sell things, and this is super awkward for me. But that really doesn't matter. I hope that at least one person sees me trying and perhaps is motivated to put themselves out there too. Or perhaps even takes the time to read the labels and learn more about the ingredients in their personal care products. So here is my first #BCfunfact - The US government has not passed a law regulating beauty products in over 80 years, and presently only restricts 30 harmful ingredients from use in products. The EU, on the other hand, restricts 1400 harmful ingredients. Beauty Counter goes a step further, with a list of over 1500 harmful ingredients it refuses to use in its products. DM me if you want to learn more, or want to try any samples! #beautycounter #demandmore #betterbeauty

Why do I care about immigrants' rights so much? For two reasons. First, many of my family members fled to the US after Castro took power in Cuba. They left everything behind, not because they dreamed of stealing jobs from Americans, but because their safety, freedom and livelihoods were challenged, threatened, destroyed. My great aunt spent years in a Cuban prison after her fiancé turned her in for providing medical supplies to anti-Castro dissidents. Yet, America welcomed her. I wonder what her journey to the US would have been like today. How I can forget the stories about my family's journey as new waves of people come seeking the safety and freedoms of America. Why was it ok for my relatives to come here and not for other people?
Second, my husband is an immigrant to the US. He came here from Spain, he is a professional with multiple advanced degrees and no criminal record, and yet our path through the immigration process has been nightmarish. We have been treated rudely, laughed at and misunderstood on multiple occasions. The process is expensive, confusing and appears to be getting worse. Going through this process has allowed me to understand all the more why some people believe they have no choice but to come here illegally. I empathize with them. I pray for them. This is not a political issue, it's a human one. #whyicare #ireallycare #immigrantsrights

So very sad to hear of the death of Koko the gorilla. The wisdom of this beautiful creature was greater than many humans I know. She reminds us all that we share the Earth, we do not own it. You will be missed, Koko! #koko #rip #wisdom #savetheplanet

Easy action steps. There is probably no best or fastest option to making things change, but let’s try every channel possible! And this one is like 30 seconds of your time. #endthisnightmare #reunitefamilies

Had a super fun weekend wandering the festivals around town. It’s been way too long since I explored LA! #concoursdelegance #ktownnightmarket #smorgasburg

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