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JiniatheRoot  I love cheese, pushed in faces, wine, & all the nature. Stylist to the stars. (The word Stars used loosely) 💏 @Marcusrootus


Tater and tot. ❤😍❤ babies!

Sven is a new project for Willow. He belongs to a friend and he needs extra love due to abuse in the past. With every day he has been here he has improved we are now able to pet him and he eats out of our hands. Time and love heals.

Falafel is done being pregnant. Get them twins out! Hurry tater and tot!

Mini Magic gets a spa day. They discussed Breyer horses not breyer ice cream and troll dolls. #horsenation #horsesofinstagram #horse #horseinthehouse #minihorse

Doesn't everyone watch Bob's Burgers with their pig? Normal things that happen at the ranch. #kevinbaconbits #bobsburgers #minipig

What was once our way home is now a death river.

What a job. My first job was nothing like this! Swimming horses at BR Diamond Oasis.

And this is why we only have one child. @marcusrootus she is special. #roosterchild #dearlord #mykidisawesome

Juan Johnson loves his ladies. #backyardchickens