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Jindie Nails  Custom, artisan nail polish co. est. 2012. Site temporarily down w/ future plans to re-open. Contact Jen: Jindienails@gmail.com

Repost of Betty's Fetti Milkshake. Beautiful swatch by @bluevelvetlacquer . This color will definitely be returning when shop reopens.

This is #jindienails Freaks at the Fair. It will be restocked for the grand reopening, but will only be available until sold out. I have some already made, but when it's gone, it will be discontinued forevaaaa. #nailswatch by @sweettlacquer. #

@luvforsocks wearing #jindienails Candy Land Remix, paired with a neon coral pink. Such a great combo for the spring/summer. This color is definitely coming back. Candy Land & Candy Land Remix are coming back during the reopening #jindiejunkies#nails2inspire#nailart#naildit#nailitmag #candylandnails # #candylandremix #jindie #jindienailsgrandreopening

Posted this meme to Facebook two days ago...this is so funny. I'm glad we're the only group of people that can have a serious addiction without being frowned upon LOL.

I'm loving this too. This is #jindienails You Can't Turn a Ho-lo into a Housewife #nailswatch by @kellytattoo. Love!! I'm pretty sure this has to return when I reopen.

Omgosh...this beautiful! @kellytattoo has #jindienails Battle Royale, one of my very first colors created four years ago! Not sure if I'm bringing this one back or not but I do love it!! Love this with the white stamping.

@kellytattoo has #jindienails Higher Flower (the hot pink with silver flakes), coming back soon. The deep plum is called #jindienails Frank's Ole Lady. Love this!

@polishformelissa has #jindienails Honey Blue Blue. Coming back soon!

Last for tonight, but certainly not least...This is the original #jindienails Candy Land #nailswatch by @madamluck. #madamluck

The polish that started it all for Jindie Nails. This is Candy Land Remix #nailswatch by @suger23.

@lacquerloon has #jindienails Princess Bubblegum. One of my all time favs...

@bluevelvetlacquer has #jindienails Tge Blue That Holds Us Together...love!

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