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ジミー ムーン 🇱🇦  @vj0yce 💞 | °o° @TeamBaegels (•–•)


We did it wrong but we don't care 🐳 link in bio!! More videos to come!! We made another account dedicated to @teambaegels let's get it!! Follow @teambaegels you wanna see our silly journey. 🐧

Woodstock 17.

Mos def a great experience and was the best doing it with my love @vj0yce 🎉🎆💓

Few days have been full of celebrations 🎉 but I'm happy to have spent them with my lovely girlfriend 💑 She the best. She can bowl perfectly right down the middle or right into the gutter depending on how she feels 🎳. I'm also glad she can also fall asleep anywhere depending on how she feels 😴. Regardless as long as she's by my side for the ride... we bringing on the good vibes! 💞 shout out to Cody and Ellen on their wedding and my nephew for graduating.. and a photo of my beautiful mom's and sister cause we extra that night! 👩‍👧‍👦. #national #imphat #datarmstretchtho #LilExtra #IsMyNewRapName

Running through the #6 with my 💞. She proves to me that adventure is out there and as long as I feed her she's down to do anything. I love you @vj0yce 😘 #monthiversary #thatsmygirlfriend

Swipe for the snippet or link in bio! Great weekend with my love @vj0yce !! More adventures to come 🎈🎈🎈

Blessed and thankful for my family and my dope ass girlfriend. Celtics with the W!! First NBA and Disney trip.. more to come!! #baegels #bleedgreen

First official NBA Game. Let's go Celtics. So many Celtics fan in the building. I'm in the nosebleeds but it's still lovely. Thanks to my boo @vj0yce!! #celtics #bleedgreen #celticpride

Get you a female who can do both 🤣😂 #baegels #squad #happiestplaceonearth

First stop with my #wcw #wce.. Ol' hole in the wall ass place. 😍😋👌 #bibimbap #baegels #herfavoritejacket

I got the magic in me 🚩🚩🚩 #sevenmagicmountains

Happy Holidays. She's my favorite. 😍💞👑 #vdayeveryday #vjoycebringsmejoy

I heard that.. A Sunday well spent will bring you a week of content 😊❤😂

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