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Why Train? * For physical and mental health.
* For self-improvement.
* To challenge yourself physically and mentally.
* To develop the bite that may help you through difficult times.
* To honor all the men who have fought before you; it is part of your DNA to fight.
* To show/prove to yourself that you can change through will.
* In a world of "easy", it keeps your teeth sharp.
* Because we don't have to chop wood anymore.
* Being stronger is ALWAYS better.
* To understand that there is cause and effect to action; and inaction.
* A stronger body can equal a stronger mind can equal a stronger body.
* There is zero negative consequence to being a stronger man.
* To be a great example to your children; fat, weak and ignorant is not a good role model.
* To exhaust your body and mind so as to suffer/put up with weak fools and ignorant beggars who demand what you have earned.
* To learn self-reliance.
* To understand that compassion and empathy is noble but not given lightly.
* Because a mentally and physically dangerous man will always be needed.

I’m speaking at the Elitefts conference in March (along with many others). I’ll be speaking on coaching high school teams (different than training a high school kid). I live by principles. I train by principles. I coach by principles. It’s rarely the X’s and O’s that matter; it’s always the principles that form a strong base. Anyone that comes gets a free smile.

Chin down, eyes forward. James began boxing; he’s 6 years old, figured out Santa is a ruse but pretty sure he can be a super hero in a few years. Special thanks to Pilger’s Old Skool Boxing for the help and enthusiasm.

At JimWendler.com - 15% OFF all Hoodies, Tees, Gear and Hats in addition to any current discounts.

Wolves and Sheep: A sheep can never be a wolf, no matter what costume he puts on. But the sheep can adopt the principles and strength of the wolf, thereby making him stronger and better than the other sheep. (Video is in-season training of London HS Football team; currently 8-1)

The London Red Raider football team is now 5-0. Led by strong senior leadership, a downhill running game (our RB has almost 1500 yards already) and a physical defense, these kids are learning how consistent hard, smart work pays off. We do nothing special or fancy; we just do the basics better. Congrats to all the kids who made the effort and commitment. I am proud to be part of their team.

New "Eat, Sleep, Mate, Defend" t-shirts and decals available at the JimWendler.com store. A sprinkling of machismo for both males and females. In other breaking news, consistent hard, smart work in training results in success. More on this revelation on the 10:00 news. Stay tuned!

Eat for performance. Sleep to win. Mate only when emotionally and financially prepared. Defend what is yours; even the radical notion that you should keep the money you earn. Eat/Sleep/Mate/Defend decals and shirts coming soon.

Sometimes you have to be reminded that training involves common sense and a pair of hefty plums.

James and I at Chicago's Navy Pier. Spent part of the day enamored with good food and city fashion. Best to create your own world for your family; time to start building the cabin.

I don't mean to brag but I built this by myself. I promised my wife the life of a queen and this prototype proves what a visionary I am. Notice the subtle shark hood ornament sitting on bricks. The Long Island bedazzled chain in the rear. The off-sized spare tire and the patent-pending sun visor on the driver side. Also, the oft overlooked mono-wheel on the front end; this is to ensure maximum safety during any attempt at an endo. Capped off with no seats or means of steering and what you have is simply Fucking Classic. Legos For Life.

4th of July sale at JimWendler.com. New NOV American Tribe t-shirt, other styles, NOV flask, NOV Money Clip and more on sale. Everything in Last Call is $10. No code necessary. Also, new shipping options for select locations. In other news, scientists confirm that eating meat, doing squats and dips and taking frequent naps decreases your chances of trying to police the world.

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