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London High School Football is raising money for the weight room. There are shirts and hoodies for sale: all profits go to supporting the kids’ physical preparation. We are currently 9-0 and average close to 500 yards rushing a game. These kids train 51 weeks year and never ask for a thing. Proud to be a small part of a great program. Link in bio.

This is my oldest son, Mason. I got a chance to see him play last night and was proud of his effort and leadership. Also, I’m pissed he’s 5’11” now. He’s a freshman in high school but I’m still the Big Walrus. (15% off all apparel, gear and accessories - use code DALECROVER. Ends tomorrow. )

Something funny happened on the way back from the squat rack.
I’m not as strong as I used to be, but I am as stupid as always. And I have yet to find two better ways to test your idiocy than pushing for squat PR’s and running steep hills. Both have made me stronger. And both have made me realize that sheer will can overcome most deficits.

This statement keeps my feet grounded and moving forward. - This was sent to me by my training mentor, Darren Llewelyn a couple months ago, almost 30 years since we first met. A parent, coach and teacher’s job is forever. And so is the student.

We were either flagged or reported for Hate Speech on Facebook for this. Apparently we are inciting violence, too. Years ago, I would have said, “We made it!” Now? It just means you are doing something correct. Don’t be silenced by weakness.

October 26-28 - I am honored to be speaking at the SWIS Symposium this year. It will be held in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Ken Kinakin for inviting me and thanks to Dave Tate for allowing me to go in 2005. Dave spoke that year and I came along; I was technically supposed to help Dave but the reality is he knew I was an awesome wingman. Tons of people will be speaking so it is definitely worth your time. I’ll be speaking on training HS athletes.

Instagram Training QA happening now. For the next two hours, I’ll be answering training questions here. Keep in mind the format; I can’t type massive responses. It’s now 5:19 EST - let the games begin. Keep questions training related!

My transformation has begun! I was asked to fill out my “2018 Life Transformation” at my doctors office a couple months ago. My response made the wall; and perhaps an audit.

SWAT team sniper, Dave Sherrard, of Richardson P.D. was killed in the line of duty on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018. At JimWendler.com, we are selling a special 5/3/1 t-shirt to help raise money to help Dave’s family. Read below for more information.

When Dave Sherrard was killed in the line of duty, my wife and I were told of his commitment to his family, his friends and his team.  We were also informed of his relentless pursuit to make everyone do the 5/3/1 program.  Dave made no secret of his passion of training and the 5/3/1 philosophies.  I wonder if his friends would wax poetic about the Conjugate Method, Starting Strength or would occasionally let him know Crossfit was superior, all while trying to keep a straight face. I know I would have.
I'm sure a SWAT team is similar to a football team - the camaraderie and ball busting is over the top.  From the outside, it may look hostile but in close quarters, this is how you know you are part of the extended family.  I will never know Dave personally but I can safely say that after hearing about him, he and I would have a great time together.  And while there is more to life than lifting weights, it is still something that bonds so many of us together.  Dave supported me and this is the only way I know how to return the favor.  Shirt 1078 and the 5/3/1 Blue Line Hoodie are available on Pre Sale with 100% of all proceeds going to his wife and two daughters.  Thank you Dave, for your support and most importantly your service to your community. -Jim Wendler

Why Train? * For physical and mental health.
* For self-improvement.
* To challenge yourself physically and mentally.
* To develop the bite that may help you through difficult times.
* To honor all the men who have fought before you; it is part of your DNA to fight.
* To show/prove to yourself that you can change through will.
* In a world of "easy", it keeps your teeth sharp.
* Because we don't have to chop wood anymore.
* Being stronger is ALWAYS better.
* To understand that there is cause and effect to action; and inaction.
* A stronger body can equal a stronger mind can equal a stronger body.
* There is zero negative consequence to being a stronger man.
* To be a great example to your children; fat, weak and ignorant is not a good role model.
* To exhaust your body and mind so as to suffer/put up with weak fools and ignorant beggars who demand what you have earned.
* To learn self-reliance.
* To understand that compassion and empathy is noble but not given lightly.
* Because a mentally and physically dangerous man will always be needed.

I’m speaking at the Elitefts conference in March (along with many others). I’ll be speaking on coaching high school teams (different than training a high school kid). I live by principles. I train by principles. I coach by principles. It’s rarely the X’s and O’s that matter; it’s always the principles that form a strong base. Anyone that comes gets a free smile.

Chin down, eyes forward. James began boxing; he’s 6 years old, figured out Santa is a ruse but pretty sure he can be a super hero in a few years. Special thanks to Pilger’s Old Skool Boxing for the help and enthusiasm.

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