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Not training related, but here's my youngest son (5 years old) playing some beats. He loves Ghost, Stevie Wonder, the amazing Aaron Spears and of course his favorite drummer Joey Waters. We play everyday; sometimes for an hour, sometimes for 10 minutes. He's come along way.

Do you need to do conditioning? The short answer is yes.

The “why” isn’t as simple.

It is my belief that everyone needs three things in their training program regardless of who they are: strength training, flexibility/mobility and some kind of conditioning. These three things are needed regardless of your level, goal or sport. Many people will need more than these three things but these things are the minimum. Of course, the goals you have will determine which area will receive a great emphasis. But everyone from a competitive athlete to the sedentary commuter programmer needs to lift something relatively heavy, loosen their bodies and get out of breath.

Full article at JimWendler.com. Eat more tacos.

My son is a Ghost fanatic. He even notices when there is a change in the Nameless Ghouls. Here he is paying it forward to his two cousins; showing the way of His Infernal Majesty. Perfect vacation with my family.

Did you hear the news? Chicago-bred merchants of disease, Indian, are teasing us with a possible new album. Also, on April 11 @ 6:00pm EST, I will be doing a Q/A on a website called Reddit. I am not familiar with this website but my wife tells me it's in the "weight room" part of the website. I don't know much past that but I'm better at typing on a computer than I am on my phone. So if you have a training question or just want to engage in virtual-masturbation about the possibility of new Indian, stop by Reddit. Note: Indian is better than whatever band you like.

New book: 5/3/1 Forever available now. 20% discount with code "SQUAREHAMMER". This is the last day of the 20% discount. Take a max today in honor of the great Ivan Abadjiev. Still use his process and will always.

5/3/1 Forever: available for pre-sale Friday, March 24 @ 7:00am (EST). This took three years to experiment, document, tweak and finally write. The book is all about programming your training, regardless of goal. It allows you to seamlessly transition from program to program. It includes programming your main movement, supplemental, assistance, jumping/throwing and conditioning. This is the most complete book on the subject: and the book I am most proud of. It will initially only be available in hard copy. A Kindle option will be available in several months. There will be no e-book option. First two days of pre-sale will be 20% discount. Thank you to everyone for their support and patience! -Jim Wendler

Two friends - Marc Bell and Jesse Burdick. Both of these guys came along at different points of my life but have supplied me with endless education and entertainment. Both are doing amazing and I can't be happier for them. Plus, they love training and actually spent decades learning and applying that trade: something any lifer expects.

A message from the Jim's (Bower and Wendler) - I've noticed a trend on my Facialbook page and in the emails I get regarding training equipment, including shoes and belts, racks and bar; it's that nothing is in anyone's budget. Luckily I've found a great way around such things: saving your money. Its different, I know but bear with me. Sometimes things are too expensive for us to afford RIGHT now. So while they may not be in your budget NOW, they can be in your budget later. This is what is known as saving your money. This is when you set aside "X" amount of dollars every month/week and DON'T spend it. This is also known as discipline. For example,
We did a major home renovation that required 7 years of saving to get the money. Same thing with the home weight room. If I've lived my whole life without something, I can surely live a couple more years without it while I save. So please stop the excuses and the martyrdom about your financial woes and do what is required to do to save your money. You might want to start by seeing what you really need versus what you want; there is a big difference. And what is really cool is when you really begin distinguishing between the two, you end up having more money and more freedom.  If you want something bad enough, you can usually earn it.

"One goal. One year." That's the new focus this year and forever forward. I think too many of us try to multi-task our goals. And multi-tasking is doing a lot of tasks wrong. So figure ONE THING that you want to accomplish and go after it with blinders on. And miraculously that leads to more and more things accomplished. No one becomes a doctor, lawyer and virtuoso musician at the same time. Make a plan. Follow that plan. And you too can look great in the 5/3/1 Patch Hoodie. "Forever Defiant - Wear the Mark."

December 26th in Ohio and I'm pushing the Prowler. Fair winter weather is a hell of a Xmas gift. And got to wear the new FIVE31 shirt. Any day that you can put two feet down on terra firma and enjoy what you love is a great day. Have goals (the future), remember the past but never forget to enjoy the present. Also, listen to Black Sabbath.

Now that the NOV Meet is over, time to focus on the next goal. Today was some strength work followed by prep work for the Titanium Knick Knack Challenge. All training should have purpose. All programming should reflect that purpose. Don't be snowballed by random training disguised as balance. Purpose and principles!

N.O.V Meet today: Rhodes, Vincent and myself offered a blood and fire sacrifice to honor our ancestors and great men of action. Everyone set personal records on a variety of different lifts. We imbibed in illicit chemicals and shut out the rest of the world. It's a perfect day.

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