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Jim Tarran  Yoga teacher of 25 years, founder of the Vajrasati yoga school and teacher trainer. Classes, workshops and retreats.


Trikonasana/Triangle pose
trikona = three angle or triangle
This asana strengthens the body, opens the hips, shoulders and chest, and stretches the legs.

Step your feet into a wide stride, about four to four and a half foot (depending on height).
Turn your left toes in and your right foot and leg out.
Ensure your right heel lines up with your left instep and that your right instep is turned out 90 degrees from your pelvis (if you are using a yoga mat, line the instep of the foot parallel with the front edge of your mat).
Anchor yourself into the centre of the heel bones.
Revolve your right thigh bone 90 degrees from your pelvis so that your knee faces the same direction as your foot.
Lift the left arch whilst staying anchored onto the centre heel.
Keep both legs straight.
Inhale, lift up your torso, keeping the hips and chest facing forwards so that the left hip and chest stay back.
Exhale, extend your right ribs over your right leg from the crease at the top of your thigh, keeping the legs straight, your chest open and remaining centred on the left heel and lifted on the left arch.
Raise your left arm to form a straight line with your right and extend your arms outwards to expand your heart.
Turn your head to face in the same direction as your chest or look up to encourage your upper spine to deepen and your breast bone to lift towards your head.
Breathe freely through your nose relaxing at the end of your out breath and expanding as a whole on the in breath.
Stay for ten breaths or up to 30 seconds then come up and repeat on the other side.

Extra focus

Keep your right groin lifted by keeping the back of the leg firm and the front of the leg lifted from the knee.
Increase your focus on the centre back heel whilst lifting the back arch, allowing the opposing movements to create an upward spiral of the leg outwards.
Follow all the instructions in a non-mechanical way.
If the front leg knee joint experiences any sharp pain during or after practice, you may have over bending knees (very common, don’t panic). Practice with the knee a little bent and consult a teacher for further advice.

Yoga festival season is upon us - find me a @worldyogafest @yogaconnectsuk #brightonyogafestival #intothewild and @exhale_festival Festivals are such a lovely loose way to engage with the heart of practice - see you there! 🙏🌞🌞🌞🌞

A wonderful week in Morrocco - yoga holidays give time to let the illusion of division between apparent 'strangers' melt. The delusion of being a separate, autonomous particle is replaced by the the truth of This interdependent whole.#family #yogalife #yogalove #yogainspiration #yoganow #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday

Dad, Mum and eldest son Elijah.
Kindness and reflection with each other. Happy Father's Day Dads.
#yogalove #yogalife #family

Yves Saint Laurent gardens in Marrakesh - watching these fish is a meditation - stillness containing flow #mesmorising #relaxed #centred #shanti #yogavacation #zen #yoganow #shanti

Spacious relaxation untethers the sense of identity from the habit lines that radiate out in three dimensions like the rays of the sun. The habit lines pull our identity away from the centre of the centre. Both habit lines and identity can win resulting in Freedom for both. Identity (no longer compelled to follow causal habituated tendencies of body, brain breath and universal view) and the habit lines (that are nothing more than natural processes of cause and effect and that only become powerful when ones sense of 'I' is bound by them).
#yoganow #shanti #yogavacation #centred #yogalife #yoganow #yoga #yogin

Beautiful Morrocco. Loosing the sense of separation is as easy as being eaten by a moment. Tada draśtu svarupe avaśthanam 'then the seer abides in Their Form (essential self)'

Arrival - excitement - eating - relaxing. #yoganow #yoginilife #welllucky #yogalove #yogamorocco #africayoga #yoga

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