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Jim Tarran  Yoga teacher of 25 years, founder of the Vajrasati yoga school and teacher trainer. Classes, workshops and retreats.


The Ring of Fire: From #vedic times, fire has been an essential ritual element. The outer circle of the mandala is often explained as a ring of fire, depicted by stylized scrollwork meant to represent flames. It has also been explained as the periphery of the universe, or the outer wall of the profane world, beyond which lies chaos. To begin the mystical journey, one must leave #samsara, the world of phenomena, and pass through this flaming barrier to enter the sacred enclosure of the mandala. According to some interpretations, its purpose is not to terrify the aspirant from entering, but rather to show that the flame of the wisdom contained within the #mandala can burn away ignorance and error. By means of the symbolic fire, understanding of supreme reality may be attained. #yogaeverydamnday #yogateachertraining #yogiccleansing #nadishodana #yoga #vajrasatiyogateachertraining #yogalove #yogalifestyle

Yes this is a picture of me in the bath. Yes it's next to a waterfall. Yes it's in deep loch-side, countryside of Argyle. Yes the whole Milky Way is visible there on a clear night. Yes I am teaching there again this year. Yes you can come👏😊. Om is the only word in Sanskrit for yes. www.yogaexplorers.com

Very cool projections onto water spray on the river at Latitude festival #yogaeverywhere #festivalbeauty #yoga

Festival sky - last weekend I spent at three different #yogafestivals this weekend at a #musicfestival - yoga and music are my two greatest passions both hold the mystery and the answer as to how they are done.
Both music and yoga (along with everything else you truly love to do; cuddling, siping wine, disappearing into dance, absorbing into a long run, letting nature #reabsorb you) require disappearing and reappearing as your (essence) form (svarupe) #Power, #Bliss, #Knowing and #Freedom. ❤️🌈🙏❤️🤚😘❤️🌈🙏

With stillness, simplicity and contentment. - "With stillness, simplicity, and contentment, I purify my body "
#vajrasatiyoga #yogaforall #yogateachertraining #yoga #buddha

Sometimes even savasana can go too far! Hey y'all somethings you just don't have to work at for it to work 😂😆🤚#iccashalti #jnanashakti #kriyashakti #nowistheknowing

Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training 500 YAUK - testimonials - Zoe Gallegher (Enrolled on the course March 2012) "I cannot begin to do it justice, but I know that people have no idea how wonderful it all is and we can't reach all of them without the interweb. So I have done my best with words.
I undertook the course to deepen my practise, without intending to teach; there wasn't an advanced class on offer at the time. I now have a dozen or so loyal students who come to my classes once or twice a week.
The course comprises experiential learning supported by judiciously chosen anatomy and foundational texts. Homework cover everything you need to know for your finals and to teach confidently.
The school is a democratic community. There is a feeling that we're all learning together and we all have plenty to offer. Jim is always open to learning from students, emphasising that yoga is wisdom in each moment and we can arrive here alone or with friends. He exemplifies the Buddhist conviction that our true selves go beyond identification with knowledge just as with anything else.
Jim shares a deep working knowledge of yoga anatomy and physiology that he persistently draws on to enable students to learn through practise. He is able to answer endless questions kindly, whilst implicitly helping us to see that sometimes questions only beget more questions. He is able to explain difficult concepts whilst helping us to see their inherent limitations. Jim brings masses of empirical knowledge to the course and introduces students to many important Buddhist texts.
For me, the course felt like learning whilst having fun. I have made friends that I hope to keep. It's been the most enjoyable studying I've ever done." #yogaeverydamnday #yogadaily #yoginilife #yogainspiration #yogainstructor #yoga #yogalove #yogalifestyle #yogaaddict #yogastudent

A little meditation on hay bayles looking out at Glastonbury Tor before my class at 5PM today @yogaconnectsuk - Another class on this beautifully Glastonbury location tomorrow at 9:30AM then off to Reading for @worldyogafest teaching at 5 PM and then again on Sunday morning at 7 AM. Then back to my home town Brighton to teach two classes at the Brighton yoga festival 1:45 PM and 3:45 PM - see you somewhere in the tour that started with The Tor🙏❤️ #brightonyogafestival #yogalife #yoga #yogalove #yogafestivsls #yogachallenges #yogaoutside #yogainnature

Off to Glastonbury to teach at Yoga Connects today see you at class at 5pm today and 9.30am tomorrow. Then catch me at World Yoga Festival in Reading at 5pm tomorrow and 7am Sunday. Finally see me at The Brighton Yoga Festival Sunday 1.45 for a talk and 3.45pm for a class. #yogafestival #yogafest #yogaeverydarnday #yogateachertraininguk #yoga #yogainspiration #yogalove #yogaeverywhere #yogachallenges #yogadaily #yogafit #yogalife

Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training today in Yoga Arch Camberwell. 500 hours Yoga Alliance certified since 2000 taught by me @jimtarranyoga and @khadinemorcomyoga with nearly 50 years of practice between us both Senior Teachers. See Khadine's article in this months @yogamagazine

Meditation practice
Movement through stillness
Yoga, as many of you know, is a term that means union or integration and not posture, (which is known as ‘asana’ in Sanskrit). So, it follows that not all yoga must be asana and that not all asana is yoga. The term ‘yoga’ refers to how you practice at least as much as what you practice. The yogis’ system is basically scientific, in spirit,and certainly pragmatic in its approach and incorporates aspects of our ordinary life, elevated onto a higher plane or refined into a purer form, so that the form can be used as a mirror instead of as something to suck us in and overwhelm us.

For example Mantra is the refined counterpart of ordinary speech, asana comprises informed and absorbed bodily actions and meditation is thought at its most subtle. The practices themselves are informed by other branches on the tree of yoga, so that contentment (santosa) allows self study (svadyaya) in a way that is as reflective as possible. When the mind is agitated by expectation from goals or targets, impatience, disappointment, embarrassment, shame and so on, then the surface of the mind mirror, like the surface of a lake, becomes rippled and distorted. As this mirror clears, it reflects to us the movement that exists in stillness, and moves all experience onwards. It shows its inevitability, its inherence, and so the yogin finds deeper contentment and rest, and learns to trust a deeper rhythm that can be tuned into and moved on without the need for aggression or violence (himsa). #yoganow #om #meditation #yogalove #yogalife #freedomthinkers #moksha

Vajrasati Yoga Teacher Training - it all began 17 years ago and this TT has stayed true to its message of; fellowship, integrity, shared learning and open,investigative, curiosity into the wonderful tradition of yoga. #Honestopenkind #yogaallianceuk #yoga #yogateachertraininguk #yogalove #yogapose #yogateachertraining #yogalife

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