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Jim Tarran  Yoga teacher of 25 years, founder of the Vajrasati yoga school and teacher trainer. Classes, workshops and retreats.


Sometimes a guy just looks around him and cant help but to count his blessings #love #yogaeverywhere #yogajourney @khadinemorcomyoga I love you

I Love teaching yoga - thank you to all who come to share this energy because it gives me the motive I need to go to the Heart centre where; knowledge, action and will are not a product of my limited conditioning and my programmed desires but of the emptiness before age, gender, life-story, future projection - "Relaxed and at ease I sore past the eagle 🦅 to be free" (Carlos Castaneda) #gratitude #yogajourney

Equilibrium - Synonyms
1. equipoise, steadiness, stability. Equal balance between any powers, influences, etc.; equality of effect. Between space and action, listening and responding, holding and giving, poise and surrender. #yogajourney #yogaeverywhere #yoga

We're on our way again to see our london friends #yogaclass @stretch_london 12.30 -1.30, then Vajrasati Teacher Training 1.45 -5.30 then #dropinyogaclass @stretch_london at 6.30pm - see you soon! Xx

More quotes from lady Niguma - 🙏🕉 #awesomeyogini #yogini #shakti #girlpower

Yoga for all - it's easy to get worried about new social dos and don'ts #culturalappropriation worries do not need to worry us around yoga #yogajourney #yoga #yogaforall #yogalife

Yoga teacher training CPD - vajrasati yoga teacher training intakes this October 17 north east London October 18 south east London #yogateacher #yogateachertraining #vajrasatiyoga #yogalondon

Yoga teachers and trainees studying anatomy on the vajrasati yoga teacher training course - next intake October 17/18 in london. #intercostals #yogajourney #yogaananatomy

There is no acceptance or rejection,
No states of meditation or post meditation 🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉Words of Dakini Niguma
What throws you down into samsara's deep ocean
Are these thoughts of attachment and anger.
But realize they don't truly exist,
And all is an island of gold!

Nature of mind,
Wish-fulfilling jewel, to you I bow.
Wishing to attain perfect enlightenment,
Visualize your body clearly as the deity
To purify ordinary thoughts.
Develop a noble intention to help others
And pure devotion to your spiritual master.
Don’t dwell on your spiritual master or the deity.
Don’t bring anything to mind,
Be it real or imagined.
Rest uncontrived in the innate state.
Your own mind, uncontrived, is the body of ultimate enlightenment.
To remain undistracted within this is meditation’s essential point.
Realize the great, boundless, expansive state.
Myriad thoughts of anger and desire
Propel you within the seas of existence.
Take the sharp sword of the unborn state
And cut through them to their lack of intrinsic nature.
When you cut a tree’s root,
Its branches won’t grow
On a bright ocean,
Bubbles emerge then dissolve back into the water.
Likewise, thoughts are nothing but the nature of reality:
Don’t regard them as faults. Relax.
When you have no clinging to what appears, what arises,
It frees itself within its own ground.
Appearances, sound, and phenomena are your own mind.
There are no phenomena apart from mind.
Mind is free from birth, cessation,
And formulation.
Those who know mind’s nature
Enjoy the five senses’ pleasures
But do not stray from the nature of reality.
On an island of gold,
You search in vain for earth and stones.
In the equanimity of the great absolute expanse,
There is no acceptance or rejection,
No states of meditation or post meditation.#yogajourney #yoga #yogini #originalyogini #yogawoman #yogaeverydamnday #yoganow #yogagram #yogagrams #yogaig

Niguma is considered one of the most important and influential yoginis and Vajrayana teachers of the 10th or 11th century in India. Her birth name was Shrijnana (or Palgyi Yéshé in Tibetan).She was mahasiddha and Tantric practitioner. "The name Nigu accords with the Indian language, which is Nigupta, and is said to mean 'truly secret' or 'truly hidden.' In fact, it is the code-language of the dakinis of timeless awareness

Sometimes you just have to swim in a cold lake in rural France - yoga is merging to oneness.🎉🇫🇷🙏 #yogajourney #yogaeverywhere #yogainwater #yoga #yogagram

This weekends Vajrasati Yoga CPD in France was a wonderful meeting of likeminded souls #blessed #joyful #yoga #yogaretreat #yogaeverydamnday

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