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‪EPISODE 3 of @ChipChipperson podacast up NOW with @AnthonyCumia, @notsam and @robertkelly at riotcast.com/chip or iTunes. ‬

‪Larry Storch and his date at the ‬
@RealGilbert documentary. ‬

Chip's Podacast - EPISODE 2 of this idiocy is NOW available on RiotCast.com. Please rate and review on iTunes it helps a lot.

‪With Richard Gere (blue shirt) at @BUILDseriesNYC

‪I will be featured on @BUILDseriesNYC TOMORROW, Thursday, at 2pm‬

For any Chip Chipperson fans, episode 1 is up, Chip interviews President Trump. RiotCast.com/Chip or iTunes.

‪One of the funniest, ballsiest comics of all time. RIP Don Rickles. ‬

Atlantic City - SEXY MOTHERFUCKER ALERT. Aug 5th


So much fun on @ufcunfiltered with @mattserrabjj and the great @djflash4eva

‪Dear People Who Think You Look Interesting Wearing A Wool Hat Indoors, ‬
‪ You don't. ‬

One of the better moments in my life. Mouthful of Shame now streaming on @Netflix everywhere in the world.

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