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James. Verrell  Apprentice tattooist at bodycraft Belmont- 4945 0001 Facebook - James. Verrell. ❤️Juanita Señorita

💜 #Stella

Translation - Happy first mother’s day mummy, we love the shit outta you and me and Luan Bum are heaps grateful for how much you do for us everyday. We know we’re a handful but you fuckin kill it mum.... Seriously! Your like a super hero to me, daddy is always calling you super woman.
Oh yeah and Thanks for putting up with all dads shit, its like you have three kids sometimes mum I swear, haha. 💜
Luan said he loves you heaps as well and wants to know if you can take him to the skatepark later? Cause he loves when you play with the skateboards.... but he loves you more of course 💙

Thanks Heaps for everything Señorita I know people say this a lot but I honestly and sincerely couldn’t do this with anyone else. You’re not like anyone else and I love that about ya. Just keep doin you gorgeous ❤️💜💙 P.s im going to have to have a word with Stella about her language. 😂

This what Friday nights look like now. Couldn’t be more stoked on it. 💙💜 @neatie_neats #Luan #Stella #Fam

She’s fallen asleep way too early.....Couldn’t help myself. It’s not often she falls asleep without me being terrified of waking her up, hahah. Good old bob 💜 #Stella

One from the other day. Thanks heaps for coming in @monaghan1989 pretty rough sitting but not a sound, sat like a fuckin rock. Cheers man. (1st photo is the day of and 2nd is the day after). #tattoo #tattooart #apprenticetattoo #tattooapprentice #stomachtattoo #deathmoth #deathmothtattoo #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo #ronmeyersgreywash #dynamicink

Started this today. Was so much fun. I loved this show growing up so I was stoked when I got the chance do a tattoo like this. #tattoo #tattooart #tattooapprentice #apprenticetattoo #armtattoo #dragonballz #dragonballztattoo #anime #animetattoo #linework #bodycrafttattoo

Arvo beach walks - Luan 💙 #nofilter #shellybeach #Luan

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