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Jimmy Hurford  📷 South Australian based hobbyist photographer Chasing unique images All photos belong to me



Tegan moments before walking down the aisle. Excited, relaxed and happy, it was such a pleasure taking pics of someone who was so at ease and exuding positivity all day long. Thank you to the Portlocks once again for allowing me to shoot your wedding day!

Recently I came across a post by an old friend who had expressed her anguish at the fact her daughter (pictured) for the past 4 years has been bullied and repeatedly told that she was ‘fat, ugly and stupid’ at school so much so that it has gotten to the point that she has started to really worry her parents with the possible beginnings of body dysmorphia and an eating disorder. Even though I’m not a parent and not related to this family whatsoever, they are great friends of mine, and my heart went straight into my throat when I was made aware of this. I decided to reach out to Emma and ask if we could organise a quick photo session and catch up at her daughters favourite place (the beach!) so I could make this PSA about the effects of bullying on young minds that aren’t equipped with the mental faculties to deal with harsh behaviour. Not so much to shield or protect them so they never come in contact with the negative aspects of life but to start looking for better ways to coexist right from an early age by educating our children to stay on a path of righteousness. Minds flourish in healthy environments, it’s backed by medical data, and can be seen in the difference in brain mass of a nurtured vs neglected/abused child. So, I guess this post is just my way of trying to help out by using my art for good things! We’ve all been bullied, some way more than others but we can all agree that being dehumanised absolutely sucks. Stand up for each other, be compassionate, if you bully people take a moment to reflect and think about what you’re actually doing. Anyway thanks for reading all of this, it was a long winded post. Peace! #antibullying #loveyourself

My first serious wedding on my own! Thank you so much Jordan & Tegan for hiring me for your special day and even more thanks to @tay.bassi for showing me the ropes and designing me a beautiful dual body harness which made the whole day so much easier. Also another big thank you for @elly_bs for lending me your camera body for second camera! And an extra special big thanks to @hercandidface for being my assistant all day! Here’s a sneak peek 😊

Tested my new lens out on @hannah.a.paul earlier today, love it!

When your new baby arrives! Isn’t it just beautiful? 😍

Brothers 🙈🙉🙊 Lucas & Joey mini shoot at Goolwa Beach late last year! If you’re looking for someone to do your family portraits then hit me up! @dimsims83 @chelrobbo @southaustralianbeaches @canonaustralia @canoncollectiveofficial

Kongkengguwar, Ramindjeri for ‘sunken club’. Aka Rosetta Head & The Bluff. The perspective of the Ramindjeri to view this landmass as a submerged weapon is both metaphorically & literally apt. The colours at the end of the day were beautiful. This is a 5 pano stitch on my 35mm taken at about 8.30pm from Rylee’s boat. Magical!

Controversial and cute - what a combo.

Moodier than a teenager.
West Island observatory part 2.

Tired wings need a rest, a regular occurrence in a cormorants nest. - the observatory, West Island, Encounter Bay.

Big thanks to Rylee for taking me out in his boat today, got some magic pics. This was probably the biggest pod of dolphins I’ve been this close to, incredible weather too.

DOUBLE TAP THE EYE! I don’t normally take pics of sunsets, but it was pretty bloody good at Dingy this arvo.

Double tap if you had a good NYE! Kicking off the first post of the year with my friend, Carlota! If you’re a model looking to expand your portfolio HMU for portrait sessions👌🏼

Thanks for your support in 2017! Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2018, stay tuned 🙃

#2017bestnine #bestnine2017 #southaustralianbeaches

The myth, the man,the legend -

@tanyelloo with love from 🇨🇦

I’m so bloody stoked with how my prints turned out, even at 24x36inches it’s still nice and crisp on brushed metal.
If you want to have a peek at them, they are on display in @cocklescafe
I am also taking orders at $300 per print at this dimension on metal - different sizes and materials mean different prices but this is the most expensive option. Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing one!

Waking up to this in the morning 😍 Laika

Last night I helped my mate and future luthier extraordinaire @brockybass with his fledgling handmade custom bass guitar business. I absolutely love that wood grain and contours! It’s fitted out with active jazz EMG pickups, Ernie Ball power slinkies when combined with this Tasmanian Black Wood & black heart sassafras body creates a very, very sexy tone 😍If you need someone to take photos for your small business, I am completely portable which means I can come directly to you! DM me for bookings and quotes - Jim

Happy birthday to this wonderful human being @rachelg__ @thewildhipsy

@dylan_beach inverting through a Mexico’s window.

This is Green Bay, Port Elliot.
Kinda looks like a person breathing in and out. I’ve lived here for so long and have never thought it looked like this from above, so cool! Shoutout to @cbocky for lending me his drone while mine gets fixed

Met this photogenic young doggo at the beach the other day and just managed to take a photo because like any enthusiastic dog, doesn’t ever want to stop moving 🐶

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