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Jimmy Fallon 

Get a Hands High sweatshirt for the sports fan in your life this Christmas. HandsHigh.com #HandsHigh

Holy @jessseinfeld and @jerryseinfeld - you were right. “Mama’s Too!” pizza is a GAME CHANGER!!! 🍕 www.mamastoo.com

People’s Choice!!! We won!!!!! So happy! Our fans are the best. Taking the redeye back to NYC for a brand new show tomorrow night. Love you guys!! Thank you. #PCAs

Duck Fat Vacation (see you guys on Monday with more tricks up our sleeve) #FallonTonight

Register to VOTE right now!!! Before it’s too late. It’s fun to vote! Go to Vote.gov to register and find out where to go and who is running in your area. You are the future but right now you are the PRESENT. Go!#VOTE

These are my goat friends at Josh Pond in Maine. They make the best cheese and are very proud of their work. https://joshpond.com/shop/down-east-tomme #JoshPond

Get your HANDS HIGH hoodie today!! www.handshigh.com All colleges all NFL all sizes. #HandsHigh

One of these was taken by @BadBunnyPR at @nycwax in 2016. One was taken tonight. Which is which? #BadBunnyonFallon

Are you watching NBC right now???!?! #btsonfallon

@bts.bighitofficial is here TONIGHT!! We have an awesome #dancechallenge planned that I can’t wait for you to see!! They are so talented! Tune in tonight and subscribe to YouTube.com/FallonTonight for first access online #BTSonFallon

Cool shoes @justintimberlake. I went with the pumpkin spice laces. See you... soon? 🎃 #MOTWTOUR