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Jimmy Fallon 

This was a great year for Calvin Klein. #Haaaa #ImOld

One... two... THREE @sesamestreetlive MONSTERS!! Ah ah ahhhhhh!!!! #MSG

Trend alert: EVERYBODY’S playing it. Cheese or Gum? #happyvalentinesday

Why is @kendalljenner biting a shoe? Find out tonight. 🤣#FallonTonight

Which camera do we look at? Oh, okay... perfect. Thanks @avrillavigne. #HeadAboveWater is out this Friday. #FallonTonight

Tonight Show Challenges Time! Use this dialogue from #AStarIsBorn & create your own ending. Upload and tag it with #AStarIsBornChallenge - could be on the show! Here’s mine!

Okay - my burger of the moment is...
Upland. Best eaten with tiny hands. #FallonTonight #Burger

Best Burger Buddies!! Thank you @gigihadid. #FallonTonight

Brand nEW! show tonight! I love seeing 15-year-old @priyankachopra Jonas!! Tune in tonight to see our dance challenge and Priyanka almost fall through a wall. 🤣 #FallonTonight #EW #IsntItRomantic

He was my idol before he was my friend. And he has never let me down as either. #AdamSandler

One night after a long day, some of the writers went into our director @christartaro’s office to hang out and maybe have a sing-along dance party or something - he’s got a loud sound system in his office so it was the place to be and, that night, HE COULD NOT GET THE PARTY STARTED. Song after song, he just couldn’t start the wave. We all just kind of bailed and went home. The next day he saw that the playlist was on his Spotify. He was nice enough to print it out and put it in a tiny frame for me. Now I am sharing with you... here is the PARTY LAUNCHER PLAYLIST. #party #launcher #playlist

@aliciakeys C R U S H it tonight!! #Grammys

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