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Jimmy Danko  Artist. Gorilla heart. Los Angeles.

It’s complete. The first in a series of commissions for @streamcreative and my biggest studio piece ever. “Clash of the Titans” | 48” x 62” | Acrylic on wood panel | Some paintings mean more than others. I’m grateful this one gets to hang in my studio for a minute before being crated and shipped off. It’s the first, of hopefully many, to come out of this space. Perhaps more importantly, it represents an adventure into the past with a group of friends who I’ve known a long time, and it was a blast to bring it to life for them. #painting #acrylic #rockemsockem #pacman #galaga #arcade #brewers #donruss #uwoshkoshtitans

Spent the day painting in the studio and the evening at Moss Theater listening to Henry Rollins interview @obeygiant about Shepard’s artistic journey dating all the way back to RISD. Solid way to end the weekend. #henryrollins #shepardfairey #obeygiant

Made it out to a sneak peak of @beyondthestreets in LA this afternoon. So effing good. #beyondthestreets #streetart #losangeles

Sunday night = painting (upside down) and listening to Henry Rollins dj his weekly set on @KCRW. #kcrw #painting #diptych

The bottom half of the @streamcreative commission is coming together. #timelapse #painting #rockemsockem

94° in LA. The paint’s drying fast as I make progress on this commission for @streamcreative. #painting #rockemsockem #8bit

Over the past year life pulled me in a multitude of directions, and at times it was hard to tell which one led forward. Like probably every artist at some point, there were moments where I walked in doubt and questioned my creative resolve. I entertained alternate paths that lead away from my brushes. Ones that held a greater assurance of comfort and certainty. Last March, as winter turned to spring, I let go of needing to know the answers. It was a weight off my shoulders. I took long breaks from the studio and structured routines, and set off exploring. I escaped into dense forests that blotted out the sun and climbed mountains till my calves burned. I took on odd jobs in other cities, and visited places that evoked feelings of home, like LA, San Diego and Black Rock City. One by one the answers began to find me, and the inspiration began to amass. As did an exorbitant amount of laughs and a new resilient smile. I was reminded that my paints and brushes are where my passion lies, and that all of this is one big adventure that will be over far too soon, so we best soak it in while we can.
And that brings me to today, here at my art studio in LA. Through a series of commissions, the paint once again begins to flow, and I couldn’t be more stoked. To those of you who helped make this all happen, you know who you are, and everyone else who stuck around for the ride, know that I can’t get the grin off of my face. Big gorilla love. Here we go. #maniacallaugh #questforfun

One of my fave parts of building my artwork is pulling my Grandpa’s old files out of the toolbox to do some of the finishing work on the cutout elements. When he was crafting the makeshift handles out of old shovels and broom sticks, back before I was even on this planet, I don’t think he would have ever fathomed that they would one day be used by his grandson to help create 8-bit wooden ghosts or 4 foot tall gorilla heads. I’m sure he would have been have been stoked though. He might not have completely understood what I make, but stoked nonetheless. I’m just stoked I get to make stuff with something he made, a connection to my old friend. #arthistory #dowhatyoulove #art #woodcraft #woodworking

The sleeping dragon (Gorilla) has been awakened. New art in the works. #maniacallaugh

One of the highlights of my night: Talking art with Robert Williams (one of my all-time fave artists), his wife Suzanne and @likebanana at the @van_arno & @mollgrun opening @thinkspace_art. #goodtimes #robertwilliams

Sent the first wave of Gorilla prints, along with a few Gorilla tees, out into the world yesterday. As I fill another set of tubes today I just wanted to say thank you for the support and Gorilla love over the years. My path as an artist, has been a meandering one. A roller coaster journey to paint. To make art. One that I am still very much figuring out. Along that path there have been two constants: your support and the Gorilla, the latter of which derived from the first painting I ever did. The different forms those two things take, often intertwined together, always put a grin on my face. So THANK YOU for being part of it all. I see you. Lots of love back your way. -Jimmy

There are still some prints left too! Those, along with t-shirts, stickers, etc can be snagged here: http://jimmydanko.bigcartel.com/ (link in IG profile) #limitededition #gorilla #thankyou

First ever Gorilla print is available now! Limited run of 50. Link in my bio. #screenprint #limitededition #gorilla

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