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Jimmy Danko  Artist. Gorilla heart. Portland/Los Angeles.


Messing around with the camera in the studio today. First self-portrait post mohawk. Snagged the Daniel Johnston tee when he played at the Warsaw in Brooklyn circa 2008...when I still had long hair. It seems time and change march on, yet a handful of tees live on like Highlander in my drawer, unscathed by time. #dankotheunfinishedalbum #hihowareyou #danieljohnston #selfportrait

At some point I lost my hand-painted ‘bad-muthaf**ker’ wallet in downtown LA last night. There’s never a good time to lose a wallet, but it especially sucks when you know you have to fly out the next day. Flying domestically sans ID is doable but not exactly fun. TSA anal probe anyone? Fast-forward to this morning. I hear Pepper yelling “Jimmy!” into the warehouse. I’ve known Pepper for going on 6 years now. He’s the local, and tremendously vocal (rhyme intended), homeless guy that frequents 6th Street. It’s rare that I’ve ever given him money, but I try to hook him up in other ways when I can. Like tons of bananas. He normally calls me Big Guy, so I thought it was odd when I heard his gravely voice echoing my name. When I went outside he was holding most of the contents of my wallet in one hand and a bunch of bananas in the other. He had found my plastic world strewn across the sidewalk a block away. He said he wasn’t sure who James Danko was but when he saw the mohawk on my drivers license he immediately knew who it belonged too and gathered up everything he could find. Not surprisingly the money and my bus card had disappeared but with that stuff I could really care less. And I guess my wallet was cool enough to keep too so that’s kind of a win. I like knowing that there’s someone out there rocking an original limited edition Jimmy Danko wallet. (Might have to make some more of those?) After numerous hugs and high fives he insisted I take some of his bananas too. I broke from the norm and slipped a twenty his way as an extra thank you. There are multiple aspects about the whole thing that put a grin on my face. I said goodbye to the mohawk months ago, but it’s ghost lives on. More importantly, share your bananas. Most importantly, I think about one of the things that living in a huge, diverse city like LA reiterates to me on an almost daily basis. We are all in this together. #share #losangeles Photo: Snapped this shot of Pepper last summer while hanging out on 6th Street.

Sent the first wave of Gorilla prints, along with a few Gorilla tees, out into the world yesterday. As I fill another set of tubes today I just wanted to say thank you for the support and Gorilla love over the years. My path as an artist, has been a meandering one. A roller coaster journey to paint. To make art. One that I am still very much figuring out. Along that path there have been two constants: your support and the Gorilla, the latter of which derived from the first painting I ever did. The different forms those two things take, often intertwined together, always put a grin on my face. So THANK YOU for being part of it all. I see you. Lots of love back your way. -Jimmy

There are still some prints left too! Those, along with t-shirts, stickers, etc can be snagged here: http://jimmydanko.bigcartel.com/ (link in IG profile) #limitededition #gorilla #thankyou

First ever Gorilla print is available now! Limited run of 50. Link in my bio. #screenprint #limitededition #gorilla

Numbering and signing the new Gorilla prints! Stoked for these guys to go out into the world. They release Sunday on my website at 10am PST. Specs: Limited edition run of 50 // 18” x 24” (46 x 61cm) // 3 color silkscreen printed on Domtar Cougar 100 lb cover // $75 (plus shipping). #screenprint #limitededition #gorilla

One of my all-time fave screen print shops is @seizurepalace in Portland, so I was extra stoked to get a tour of their place today and see all of the dope work on the walls. Even more stoked though that in between some big runs of Ames Bros Metallica posters they worked in a first ever limited edition Gorilla print for me. Can’t wait to get this beast signed and released! Details coming soon. ⚡️🦍⚡️#wander #screenprinting #seizurepalace

'Naturally flavored with purple roller coasters and homemade bike jumps.' // Detail of "Grape Ape". #oilpainting #ingredients

Finished the purple guy: “Grape Ape” / 15” x 32” / oil on wood panel. Swipe for detail pics. #oilpainting #grapesoda #grapeape #realism // Update: SOLD

1 a.m. Monday morning. On autopilot cleaning brushes while weird instrumental music plays on KEXP in the background. I'm torn between wanting to go to bed and wanting to go get pancakes at an all-night diner.

Final details coming together on the Grape Ape. Starting to work my way down the can. Fave part of my day other than making progress on the beast: Throwing on the Beastie Boys @pandora station and working to a much needed influx of 90's hip hop...Cypress Hill, Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, etc. #wip #oilpainting #grapesoda #realism

There are a handful of books that are out and opened up in my studio more often than they are tucked away on the shelf. Among those select few is this one. James Rosenquist’s "A Retrospective". For anyone who's done graphic art and fine art, the line is blurred as to exactly when one becomes the other. Rosenquist was one of the pioneers of Pop Art in the 1960s that purposefully jumped the line and challenged what art could be. He passed away this weekend at the age of 83, however, they say legends never die, and he no doubt left something behind. His paintings "could be viewed both as critiques of modern consumerism and as glimpses into the collective American consciousness (NY Times)." For me it's a version of the latter that his book is a window into, and a reference for what the other side of the blurred line can look like. “When things become peculiar, frustrating and strange, I think it's a good time to start painting.” -James Rosenquist

#ripJamesRosenquist #jamesrosenquist #popart

Releasing another smaller piece. Swipe for photos of the side wrap. “Cobra Loop” / 12” x 12” oil on wood panel / Update: SOLD / #frootloops #cobracommander #oilpainting #painting #popculture

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