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Final details coming together on the Grape Ape. Starting to work my way down the can. Fave part of my day other than making progress on the beast: Throwing on the Beastie Boys @pandora station and working to a much needed influx of 90's hip hop...Cypress Hill, Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, etc. #wip #oilpainting #grapesoda #realism

There are a handful of books that are out and opened up in my studio more often than they are tucked away on the shelf. Among those select few is this one. James Rosenquist’s "A Retrospective". For anyone who's done graphic art and fine art, the line is blurred as to exactly when one becomes the other. Rosenquist was one of the pioneers of Pop Art in the 1960s that purposefully jumped the line and challenged what art could be. He passed away this weekend at the age of 83, however, they say legends never die, and he no doubt left something behind. His paintings "could be viewed both as critiques of modern consumerism and as glimpses into the collective American consciousness (NY Times)." For me it's a version of the latter that his book is a window into, and a reference for what the other side of the blurred line can look like. “When things become peculiar, frustrating and strange, I think it's a good time to start painting.” -James Rosenquist

#ripJamesRosenquist #jamesrosenquist #popart

Releasing another smaller piece. Swipe for photos of the side wrap. “Cobra Loop” / 12” x 12” oil on wood panel / Update: SOLD / #frootloops #cobracommander #oilpainting #painting #popculture

Manganese Violet + Flake White Replacement. #shadesofgrape @gamblincolors

Adding the final coat of @gamblincolors varnish to Cobra/Froot Loops mashup painting. #oilpainting #wip #cobracommander #frootloops #gamvar

A peak at the @enelojial opening last night at @thinkspace_art. Super solid. #losangeles

Closeup of a new piece. Adding the details to Cobra Commander. #wip #oilpainting #gijoe

I'm excited to finally be releasing this artwork out into the world today. It marks the first in a series of collaborations with @yogariotpdx in Portland, OR. The words are an answer to the sometimes harsh and unruly world we live in. Be FIERCE. Be COURAGEOUS. Walk in LOVE. The original artwork will live in the yogaRIOT studio practice space. T-shirts, tanks and postcards can be purchased through @yogariotpdx and proceeds from the sales will go to support the ACLU. #mlk #strengthinletters

Sneak peak at special project for @yogariotpdx that releases next week. #wip #typography #strengthinletters

I have 4 unfinished paintings in the studio. Makes sense I started a new one today, right? Going with "yes". #wip #fridaynight #oilpainting

Today this is where I chose to be. I turned off the TV and turned up my music in the studio. Ludovico Einaudi on piano. I think most artists would agree, we don’t always get to choose when we feel some inner need to create. It’s just there, an unsettled voice whispering in our ear above the drone of the kitchen fan or the spin cycle of the wash machine. Today I felt drawn to the studio and so I let go of what I thought I was ‘supposed to do’ and went to the paints and brushes instead. Since leaving Wisconsin in 2003 no two Thanksgivings have been the same, usually on purpose. I’ve spent these vagabond feasts with a lot of different people, often strangers, across a handful of States and countries. This is my first in front of a easel, so I guess that streak of doing something different continues. Today I am especially grateful for the people in my life who make space for me to get lost in the creation of things, to disappear into the work and traffic jam of thoughts, regardless if it’s a national holiday or just a random Tuesday, while at the same time knowing I’ll eventually resurface and connect with them again. Extra special bonus points go out to Annie for leaving me a surprise batch of stuffing and a single homemade biscuit in the oven before she headed out to a friend’s house for dinner. Fuel for the fire.

Started my day at @portlandartmuseum to see the new Warhol exhibition. One of the best collections of his work I've seen to date. #warhol #cambellssoup

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