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Jim "Grizzly" Kent  Instinctive Archer and Bearded Lumbersexual Host of "Archery Adventures" and traditional archery columnist for bow magazine. Not a Hipster!


The only thing to rival a new bow day is a new arrows day!!! My buddy @lalekrivacevic from Silver Archery just sent me these new @victory_archery Carbon-Trads to try, I can’t wait to fletch them up and get down the range tomorrow! In fact I just uploaded the unboxing video to YouTube as it happens... (if you fancy a look, just search for Archery Adventures if you’re not already subscribed 😉) .
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It’s a common misconception that people like myself (that is to say, people that make a fool of themselves on the Internet on a semi regular basis) are in fact rolling knee deep in those big internet bucks. Although I wish this was true, it’s not. If I wanted fame and fortune I wouldn’t be making videos about traditional archery (let’s face it, it’s kind of niche within niche).
But I’ve never done any of this for riches or recognition, I do it because I love Traditional Archery, and I love sharing my passion of it with you guys.

I only mention this because one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me, happened at the start of this year! For years now it’s been my dream to attend ETAR (the Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous) in the US. It’s kind of like The Gathering I’ve attended in the past, only on a much larger scale.

But financially with three young children I’ve never really been in a position to make it a reality... Until now anyways!

After what I thought was a throw away conversation with Gregory Richards from @3darchery sometime last year, where he said that he was going to Crowd Fund, to get me over there, I actually thought nothing of it, and wrote it off as a well-meaning but fruitless chat with a traditional archery buddy.

Until he went and actually bloody did it! I was totally blown away. I’m not going to lie the whole thing did kind of make me feel uneasy. I was neither worthy or deserving of such a gesture. Also I’ve never been one for this kind of thing. I guess I’m just too bull headed to ask sometimes.

So I find myself racked with anxiety, looking at Gregory’s crowdfunding campaign website... Thinking no one in their right mind is ever going to donate to get me to America. But you know what!? They did! The Goal was reached in just a couple of weeks!

I was genuinely lost for words! If I wasn’t such a rugged manly outdoorsman I may have even shed a tear... This was so incredibly humbling!
I’m currently working on a video explaining a little more about ETAR and publicly thanking everyone who helped make my dream a reality.

But I just wanted to say a special thank you to a few people here now! Especially Gregory!

Just had word that my @victory_archery Carbon Trad arrows are on their way from @lalekrivacevic at Silver Archey. But I’ve had people ask just lately, what arrows am I currently using? These are my .166 micro diameter VAP TKO’s. They are made from woven carbon, and are completely Grizzly Jim proof, so freeking tough! .
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So I’ve been out today filming the first bow review I’ve done in ages!
This little beauty, The Striker Sport TDR
I still need to go through all the footage, so I have no idea how it’ll turn out, as I’m still trying to find a format that feels right... But it was amazing getting out on the first shoot of the new year, still a bit stiff but it was great getting out there and blowing the cobwebs off, even though it was still a bit chilly ;) I also wanted to take a second to Publicly thank the guys from @strikerbows and @lalekrivacevic from Silver Archery for their support!
There will also be a very long and rambling thank you to a whole bunch of people coming up, for something amazingly exciting, but more on that later!!! .
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“Something, Something... Inspirational New Years Traditional Archery quote”
-Grizzly Jim

Big Love! Keep it classy Internet
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Well the year is drawing to a close, and with going in for some minor surgery tomorrow, I’ll probably not get to shoot much over Christmas. So it’s giving me some time to reflect on what an incredible and uncertain year it has been! Thank you all for sticking with me while I found my place in the world again! I have a feeling that 2018 is going to have some very exciting things ahead! Also wanted to say a huge thank you to @strikerbows, @lalekrivacevic (from Silver Archery) and my brothers from @thepusharchery for all the support!
So shoot straight and have a fantastic Christmas!
-Grizzly Jim
#traditionalarchery #instinctivearchery #archery #archeryseason #archeryseason #forest #lumbersexual #beard #grizzlyjim #grizzlystrings #getprimal #recurvebow #strikerbows @selway_archery #3darchery 🎵:: @inkedarcher

It feels great getting out there shooting again, blowing the rust off. Still struggling with various injuries and target panic, but sometimes it all comes together and I’m out there enjoying myself again, which is kind of the point right?!
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It actually felt great being out in the woods filming yesterday, it’s been far to long, and Its taken the whole of this year to get my head back together.
So hopefully there will be more YouTube content making a less sporadic appearance! First film is in the bag and should go up very soon!
Along with, some classic Archery Adventures films and bow reviews from the likes of @strikerbows and @fairbow_nederland to name but a few! Thanks for your patience and sticking with me!
- Grizzly Jim

#archeyadventures #traditionalarchery #InstinctiveArchery #archery #archeryseason #getprimal #grizzlyjim #filming #longbow #forest #lumbersexual #beard #backinthegame

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