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About to hit #capitaltrail for 1st time. Just part of it. Limited time today. Thx to @mjhasley for getting me out here. #presweatyselfie #smilingnownotlater #cool94degrees☀️

Prayers go forth with our youth trip to Romania. Limo ride to enjoy last comforts of home...haha. Actually, it was simply to accommodate all the peeps and luggage to get to an airport hours away that was cheaper to fly out of. Looking forward to hearing their stories of transformation in their lives and those they get to connect with. @weagseek @weag_rva #gottoloadtheluggage #tinytrunkspace #ilovepuzzles #maybeishouldbealimodriver

May we give thanks for the discipline we receive in His love for us. It comes with the territory of being a disciple. Jesus never said we following Him would be easy. In fact, He said to take up our cross, to put on His yoke, to surrender all. Not such a great sales pitch by the world’s standards, but He offers MUCH more than the world can ever give and so it makes sense that the “price” is much higher. Fortunately, we all already have in our possession all we need to “pay”...ourselves and our obedience. And, He wants to help us every step of the way. We are not alone in living for Him, but He is always with us and blesses us with others in the journey of growing in His love and sharing it with others all day, everyday. His rebuke is simply to get us back on mission, just as we may discipline a child or work subordinate to help them succeed. #verseoftheday #bible #discipline #disciple #mission #love #thinkdifferent #DRIVEN

YAY! For 1st time... 7 days straight of hitting all 3 activity goals (cals, fitness, & standing) on my iPhone thanks to #LURVA & #cycling #shinynewvirtualmedals

So far loving iOS 11. Now got High Sierra beta installed too. 🤞🤞🙏

Breakfast of champions @synapse2016 hub for Relationship Foundation of VA @splashndashrva Thx so much for the treat Dena @lilstuffcookies #cookies #networking #breakfast

So awesome to see @skilletmusic again. Always a great show of awesomeness in music and message. #undefeated #rockandroll #concert #kingsfest @kingsdominionva

If we profess to live for Christ, then we must love as Christ. That means everyone, all the time. We are not given the option of conditional convenience to pick and choose who we love and when. No matter how much Jesus disagrees with me, does not condone my behavior, and would have a perspective that differs from mine, he still gave all the love he had to give to bring me back to him. His love broke through and still breaks through in my life. People need love, they want love. We are called to love like him in breaking through the spirits of anger, hate, contempt, envy, lying and so forth. It ain't easy and he never promised it would be, just that it works. So, let love break through at home, at work, at play, at the store, online...everywhere, all the time. #verseoftheday #lovebreaksthru #love #lifetothefullest #weallneedlove

So great seeing @officialtobymac again last night @kingsdominionva with @briwashok47 & @technogeek658. Toby even wore a @dctalkofficial shirt later. They were the 1st real concert I ever saw nearly 28 years ago. Toby & I may be getting older but the dude can still dance & pump out awesome hits of praise! #concert #pop #hiphop #rap #kingsfest Tonight: @skilletmusic ...for like the 6th time or so...can't wait!

Lucky dad #thankful for the #gifts of affection from my fam, from cupcakes and athletic shorts to these treasures from @technogeek658 @briwashok47 @kails_97 #fathersday

When your daughter's 20th #birthday also happens to be #fathersday and you have a photo that was taken years before the social media networks even existed, just gotta "repost." Happy Birthday @kails_97 with lots of love, Dad! Photo cred: @doug1132 from too many years ago that feel like the blink of an eye. #newborn #prouddad #3awesomekids

When I lifted my breakfast out of the box, I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing. Thx to my wonderful wife! And, thx to @frostingsva too! #yesisaidbreakfast #yumyum #cupcakes #fathersday #presents

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