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Our first feature of the year. Check it out at www.thelevel.my

A Bigger Splash, David Hockney (1967). This painting depicts a splash in a Californian swimming pool. Hockney first visited Los Angeles in 1963, a year after graduating from the Royal College of Art, London. He returned there in 1964 and remained, with only intermittent trips to Europe, until 1968 when he came back to London. In 1976 he made a final trip back to Los Angeles and set up permanent home there. He was drawn to California by the relaxed and sensual way of life. He commented: ‘the climate is sunny, the people are less tense than in New York ... When I arrived I had no idea if there was any kind of artistic life there and that was the least of my worries.’ (Quoted in Kinley, [p.4].) In California, Hockney discovered, everybody had a swimming pool. Because of the climate, they could be used all year round and were not considered a luxury, unlike in Britain where it is too cold for most of the year. (Source : Tate)

The Kuching crew support has always been really strong. Thank you @abghoudini and @jaquita_ for visiting us yesterday

Yesterday I met Bang Leman, a tribal dancer and ring leader from the Mah Meri tribe of Pulau Carey in Selangor. He was in KL with his team of other dancers made up of young Orang Asli girls to perform at Riuh, at APW Bangsar. Their "tarian puja busut" directly translated into the dance of anthill worshipping really caught my attention with its animistic traits. After their performance, I approached Bang Leman to ask him more about his tribe. Here's a snippet of how it went. Me : Is the dance only performed by girls? / Bang Leman : Our boys do not like to perform in public. And they would usually prefer to move to the city once they are capable to do so...it's up to these young girls to keep this tradition alive / Me : So you're the one who teaches them? Don't they have the same kind of ambition as the boys to move to the big city? / Bang Leman : Yes, I am the one who taught them. At our village, we prefer to keep our girls where they belong and we do not encourage them to move to the city. These kids, they're brought up different from you. They don't have proper education. Some do not know how to read. They are without any religion and were brought up to believe in the energy of our natural habitat - the jungle. They are immensely shy. If they move to the big city, these girls would more often than not came back home pregnant. Tinggal di kampung lebih bagus...tak ada yang kacau... Bang Leman then proceeded to invite us (the Tarik team) to his village for the Puja Pantai and Puja Moyang celebration next month. / Bang Leman : Kalau datang, bawak baju lebih sebab pagi pagi lagi dah kena masuk laut.. Kita kena habis sebelum tengahari (If you are coming, please bring with you an extra change of clothes. This ceremony would require you to go into the sea and we will have to finish everything by noon)... / Me : And why is that Bang? / Bang Leman : Because our tribe believe that there's only 12 hours in a day and not 24... So with everything that we do, we have to finish by 12 noon. // These are our neighbours. Yet there's so much that we do not know about them. So fascinating.

Partied last night. Zonked out at Riuh.

It was a good day at the office #riuhinthecity

Used to be the tallest amongst the neighbourhood kids #rumahbiru

That one time Joe Strummer ran a marathon

The back of our ANJING T-shirt - a special release to commemorate CNY's year of the dog. Of a hand patting a dog to break the stigma of most people about dog touching which is actually not haram. For more info go refer Quora or if u want full length version, the Quran. This is Tarik keeping to our tradition of producing the thinking man T-shirts.

Hujan rintik. Malam dingin.

What I miss the most when I'm away these days. Mornings like this.

Do you concur?

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