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Jim Nowhere  Full time Fuzz Maker and Paint Slinger. Part time Wood Pusher, Wordsmith, & Photo junkie. Twitter: @Jim_Nowhere


i didn't even know it was pink shirt day.. but hey, i woke up in it, so it can stay. #battleingdepressiononedayatatime

2/4 on #rolluptherim no $100 gift card yet.. but hey can't expect to get one three years in a row.

oh Ziggy, if only life was simple.

okay epl haul, what should I watch next?

Stewart, or Stew as I call him, is still just hanging out. super chill and everything.

glad to see that at least one of the feral bunnies is still around.

1/1 and i almost forgot to check the cup. #rolluptherim

getting guitar tracks done for the title track Let Them Prey (attack of the hawk) while @chudd produces the fuck out of this thing. #recording #letthempreysessions #idontknowbensinstagram

maybe painting the case for the guitar i'll be needing in a couple hours was a bad idea. maybe. but its acrylic so it'll dry quickly. #art #design #freehand #painting #sundayafternoonproject

little bit nerdier then I would usually rock in a jacket, but I really dig it & haven't had a peacoat in a while. Thanks Lou (since it was free w/ your jacket) #doctorwho #hottopic #buyonegetonefree #fiftypercentoff #stackeddiscounts