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Jimbr  This Living is Wonderful but Now you must Get Real then/or Die

I'm a roomful of liars I wish could tell the truth.

Iya #do #u #puff #mate ?

Young-of-sun come find on me
From cold so settled into night
Through window-panes; a warm respite.

In kitchen room, on mountain's side
In curved-back, hurdled, spindly chair
I sit cross-legged, a Saturday, here.

You turn to lay down toast to me
On table's edge close to my chest
At break-fast-time, this memory.

Then this: forever I'll hear, you say
As peanut butter melts away:
"What would you like to do, today?" #mothersday #kathryn

Excuse me? Ye. Have u bin creyeing in bed m8? Yes & with pet-dog on floor. Oh no, it's OK m8 - everybody needed a tear-cry.

#selfishness less-Self, please

#brothers &+ I miss, your Northern Šoul

Get in Bed if you can find it. The emPathetic Eye will keep an I on U.

Someone said A pic a day keeps them away. I'm not So so sure about that, but I don't know what else to do.
In Rust we put our trust and by the Atlantic we were Lost. We were searching for something new & I was staring in through shades of Blue. That's when I remembered you, by the Bow-Window; you were holding on to Letting-Go.

Pretty Black: I won't know any more.
There was a lot of self-belief, soon followed by fear & self-doubt.
I held it together, just about, and managed to defeat the monsters that I created. They rose above the hills and caravans but I got the better of them just before they could get the better of me.
I almost lost it.
A few days after the battle a friend (not one of those you count on a hand) told me: "it's the self-belief you've got to hold onto." So I did that & things were OK since.

Who's got ur Back? And who's back have u said u got that u just might actually not?
Wolf city: no pity.

You best go and do something with it because #1 thing's for sure is it's not going anywhere, whereas you are. [Is this all for self-assertion, confirmation and third-eye party clarification because life is all well & spent trying to get a second look at yourself to ensure that you should really feel as good as you do but you can never really know what you're doing as well as any other thing that caught you in the corner of their eye?... Or maybe it seems you're pretty damn uncertain that your life is the most exciting one to be living out there and so now perhaps the sense of purpose you've acquired just isn't quite the cutting-edge experience you doubted it would be in the first place?] You may say it was the pressure.

Got Love & Chill - this is The Nest.

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