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Honest Ramblin'  me and josh against the world 💑 PCT 2017 ⛺️ barista at intelligentsia ☕️ chicago -> la 🌃 the whole world's gone country


⭐️trail magic⭐️ when a car pulls over and the driver asks if you'd like some watermelon and he slices it open right on the concrete barrier when you say YES PLEASE

Leaving Wrightwood today after an epic double zero (no miles hiked). This town knows how to take care of hikers and it's hard to leave! In the mornings here, Josh and I sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and watch the sun come over the mountains and warm the piney trees so their fragrance releases into the air. I'm nervous about hiking again...

Mountain towns have the best places to stay. When in town, Josh and I are both obsessed with finding a morning cup of coffee ✔️shampoo ✔️ and watching reality TV about homesteading Alaskans ✔️

It's been a rough 24 hours. I started feeling sick around dinnertime last night and spent most of the night barely having time to unzip the tent before being racked with sickness again- 8 miles from the nearest road, 9 from the nearest hotel.

I was able to doze off around midnight and woke at 2 to the sound of a creature yowling in pain and rattling the bushes near our tent- we think it was a bobcat. We shone our headlamps and yelled and it eventually crashed off into the bushes.

At first light, we threw everything into our packs. Josh offered to let me keep sleeping but the day was already scorching hot and I was ready to be near a toilet.

After a grueling, exposed walk we exhaustedly made it to the hiker McDonald's, talk of the trail for the last 100 miles- what we would order, the birthday McFlurry I was anticipating.

I wandered in, hot and exhausted and sicker than I've ever been in my life, and no sooner had I splashed my face with water than two hiker's moms were offering Josh and I a lift up the mountain to the next town, where we could hole up for a couple days, I could celebrate my birthday, and saving us a huge 25 mile dry ascent while I was still sick and weak.

We hopped in their SUV and booked a room at the Cedar Lodge, which my parents generously paid for as a birthday gift. The folks that run this Lodge are amazing and genuinely concerned about my health- they couldn't get us in the room right away but let us sit in the lobby, use their bathrooms and wifi, and kept us in ice (a valuable commodity out here). We will take a full "zero" here so I can make a full recovery, at which point our trail fam should've caught back up to us. We may skip the 25 miles of trail altogether that we've missed so we can stay with them and saving us a tough hitch down the mountain, although we're feeling guilty about it.

5/21 DAY TWENTY ONE: Out of camp at 6 on the dot, we tried to out run the sun and make it to a shaded picnic area 11 miles away where we promptly dove in the lake. Then we got trail magic in the form of brats and cherry coke from @snorepuncher so basically best day ever

5/20 DAY TWENTY: Every day is crazy out here and feels like 10,000 separate days. We spent yesterday winding around Deep Creek, jumping in swimming holes, and then trudging through a scorching hot, exposed burn area in 105* heat and made 24 miles, our longest day yet. When we got to camp, a SOBO hiker was waiting with trail magic chips!

DAY 19: We made 19 flat miles by 330pm, then jumped in the swimming hole at our chosen site for the night. Clean feet never felt so good.

Cinnamon raisin bagel + pb + goldfish crackers. The hunger is getting real around mile 266!

A boy and his trains at the I-10 underpass, the only windbreak and shade for miles and miles. It's getting easier, though!

Yesterday was our hardest day on trail yet. It was only 14 miles but lots of elevation gain and huffing+puffing above 9000 feet, plus some snow and a small river ford. I was lonely. We were rewarded with an extremely windy, cold campsite and neither of us slept well. The next morning, though, we got this view of the desert floor. You can see the Morongo Casino if you look closely.

Leaving town is hard to do.

Hit 150 today, ate a burger, caught a hitch, and now I'm in a cabin with a REAL FREAKIN FIREPLACE and it's like 45* out.

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