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This past week has been an rough one for so many and if you don’t live under a rock I am pretty sure you know that California has been experiencing the worst fires in it’s history. My family lost our farm and we HAVE the resources to rebuild, but obviously many don’t.
Lots of you have asked me how to help and seeing as it is the holiday season I wanted to provide a variety of answers that will help you feel empowered and confident in your decisions should you have the inclination and available resources to give / donate.
If you are an animal lover consider the following:
Animal Hope and Wellness organization - This organization is the one worked with who arried on tirelessly around the clock to pull the animals left behind out of harms way. They are incredible! Truly. They also help to foster, shelter, and treat animals in need. Learn more here: https://animalhopeandwellness.org <https://animalhopeandwellness.org/> Humane Society Ventura Country - The humane society of Ventura county is currently offering sanctuary and care to the animals that have been evacuated and are in dire needs of funds and supplies. Learn more here: https://www.hsvc.org <https://www.hsvc.org/> For your fellow humans:
And most importantly, if you are wanting to help the people affected by this disaster this link is very helpful. It’s true that many people who have lost their homes have the resources to rebuild, but MANY DON'T. This link on gofundme will help you see all the different individuals and their personal struggles so you can help whoever pulls on your heart strings. Learn more here: https://www.gofundme.com/cause/californiafires

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if you’ve had to evacuate the fires and leave your animals behind call 1424 248 7458 @animalhopeandwellness

Let’s get to work.
Firstly, if you are looking for a place to take large animals in need of shelter:
Pierce College is apparently at capacity. The Hansen Dam Equestrian Center @hansendamhorsepark and the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds are other options. Both will need supplies. If you need a place to take horses or other large/farm animals CALL OR TEXT:
-Animal Hope and Wellness @animalhopeandwellness is past the blockade and is pulling animals out of at risk homes. Text their emergency number 424-248-7458 if your pet is still in your home.
-The Humane Society of Ventura County @hsvc_ojai is in need of supplies and donations.
-Deity Dogs + Goods @deityanimalrescue will be accepting donations and supplies to deliver to shelters at their location:
148 S Doheny Dr
Beverly Hills, CA
-Local shelters in need of donations:
Castaic Animal Shelter @castaicanimalcarecenter
East Valley Animal Shelter @eastvalleyshelter
West Valley Animal Shelter @friendsofwestvalley
I’ll continue to update with resources and places to help. #woolseyfire #california #californiawildfires #wildfire #wildfires #malibu #hillfire #campfire #losangeles #animal #animals #animalovers #malibufire #pacificcoasthighway #canyon #horse #horses #fire

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babes…quick circuit for dat 🍑 Do each move for 30 seconds on each side of the body- 3 rounds total.
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