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Jillian Mercado  Model, Creative, Activist, Latinx, & Loving life • NYC & LA • IMG & WME Worldwide - Lorraine.Ospedales@img.com 🚀💋🇩🇴🐶 currently in: Los Angeles

current vibe: i’m working on myself, for myself and being unapologetic about it🌹
photo: @cody_spencer styled: @cocostylist00
Image description: I'm sitting on a couch in a living space sitting on a slant

never apologize for being a powerful woman. we sure don’t @khrystyana

“I have learned to love and feel that my self-confidence is the most beautiful part of myself. The fact that I can take any terrible end-of-the-world moment that personally happens to me and turn it into a silver lining is the most beautiful part of myself...” - me 🌻⁣
on the cover for @herringandherring #BEHOLD issue. get your physical copy by going to the link on their bio.⁣⁣
Stylist: @Lauraleajones
Makeup: @akikoowada
Hair: @kiriyoshiki
image description: A portrait of myself in a yellow dress behind a brown and purple back drop

When you get the opportunity to talk to the United Nations Ambassador of Bulgaria/ President of the CRPD & The Secretary General you make sure that it’s something extremely important. Personally for me talking about the issues facing women and girls with disabilities is something that is very close to my heart. Having the most amazing @nyledimarco sign the whole video made it even more special.⁣
One in five women worldwide will experience some sort of disability in their lifetime making them among the most of vulnerable and marginalized. Around the world they face significantly more difficulties on accessing education, adequate housing, health and employment. Most importantly they are at higher risk of been victims of physical and sexual violence. This is why the United Nations created the CRPD Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities the largest human rights treaty ever made having 177 states subscribed to it. Let’s all unite because we deserve to be heard worldwide! #internationaldayofpersonswithdisabilities

Nací en New York pero mi sangre gríta Dominicana. Es un gran honor tener la oportunidad de convensar sobre la moda siendo una mujer con una discapacidad. Hay 1.5 billones de gente en el mundo con una forma de discapacidad que hablan un multitud de idiomas. Soy muy afortunada de saber hablar sobre este tema tan importante en dos idiomas - en español y en inglés! Aquí estoy con @noticiastelemundo ⁣⁣
I was born in New York but family from the Dominican Republic. It’s an honor to have the conversation about fashion being a female with a disability. Did you know that there is 1.5 billion people worldwide, you must talk about it every language to spread the message. I am blessed to know two; Spanish and English! Here I am with the news outlet Telemundo #internationaldayofpersonswithdisabilities

Today December 3 is the official International Day of Person’s with Disabilities! As a person myself with a disability having the conversation about how to make fashion more accessible and adaptable to us is a topic I always talk about. ⁣
This is a @cnbcmakeit video I did this year with @christina_disarmed and @nicksantonastasso about being ignored in the fashion and design stages even tho in 2016 the disposable income of people with disabilities was $465 BILLION in the US alone!! Let that sink in... Which is why many of us won’t stop the fight to make sure we are heard.

your story matters. each and every single individual has a story to tell. it’s what makes this world and moment so beautiful ✨⁣
Photography by the wonderful duo @herringandherring, thank you for capturing my story so beautifully. ⁣
on the cover for their #BEHOLD issue. get your physical copy by going to their bio.⁣
Stylist: @Lauraleajones
Makeup: @akikoowada
Hair: @kiriyoshiki
image description: a black and white photo of myself wearing a outfit that’s off the shoulder while I’m looking at something on my right

I’ve learned not to compare myself to others. In reality there’s no comparison and no point. Because everyone grows at different rates and that’s perfectly fine. You just keep being your best boss self⚡️

it’s so important to understand that sometimes you must do things for what’s best for you, whether people approve of it or not. self love takes strength. ⁣
hair and makeup by⁣ @_ana_estela -⁣
image description: two identical film photos of myself side by side in front of a circle mirror

You know that it is common for women to not ask for a raise or a promotion compared to men? As crazy as it sounds it’s very true. ⁣
—⁣ A few years ago I found myself asking if I deserved a promotion even after three years of working at this job I had at the time. I didn’t want to intrude and I honestly didn’t feel worthy of... all these doubts came into my head and I didn’t know why. I soon came to realize that talking about money should not be this hard. It shouldn’t feel this uncomfortable to put my foot down and say not only do I deserve the best but I AM worthy of it. We should all be!⁣
This week I had the most amazing opportunity to have dinner with women who are at the top of their game. It was extremely empowering and I left knowing that all around the world they’re women who are leaders and left other women to do the same. Thank you #Endeavor, @nyfw @visa_us for such a wonderful night♥️

Styled: @britt_theodora I’m wearing suit @carolinaherrera
bodysuit @wolford shorts @majeofficiel shoes @sarahflint
earrings @alisonlou
Makeup: @cielo.ocultar
Image description: In a group photo with empowering women in front of a poem on the wall

I’ve been reflecting this year and all that I have done so far. Just to think that this is only the beginning gives me chills. So with that said, I want to introduce you to my second cover of the year!⁣
I got the opportunity to shoot with the wonderful @herringandherring on their #BEHOLD issue, about shining a light on beauty and what it truly means to me. ⁣
You can get a physical copy buy pre-ordering! And the wonderful thing about ordering this issue is that 30% will be donated to @calfund to provide relief to those that have been affected by the California wildfires. Visit @herringandherring page for the link or go to herringandherring.com #BeautyIsGiving

It was such an honor to attend the @hetrickmartin awards ceremony last night. I presented my dear friend @nicolaformichetti the #EmeryAwards. ⁣
He is someone who I look up to and a man that has such a beautiful soul, but also he was the one that in my early stages give me a platform to be my most authentic self with no apologies. Nicola, you inspire me every single day to be the best that I can be and to also kick ass at the same time. I love you so much and so blessed to know you as a firestarter in the fashion world but also a dear friend and family. Sometimes my mind wanders and thinks about my fellow LGBTQ+ youth, wondering if they are loved by the world as much as I love them. Knowing you, Nicola I know that this award was much more than just an award, it was a guiding light of inspiration for those young adults out there to know that they are loved and you’re helping that. I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserve this award more. Congratulations babe ♥️😘

image description: on a red carpet with fashion designer Nicola Formichetti

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