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Jillian Goulding  Heart & soul photographer | Mama to 4 littles Sacramento, California


This summer we are checking projects off our list one at a time & trying to make our house our own. We have a couple more little things to do in the living room, but I am loving what we have done so far. Next up, is Claire's room & the bathrooms 🙌🏻. Why does it seem like the list is never ending?!?

My beautiful girl is 8 today. It seems just like yesterday that she made me a mama for the first time, & changed my life forever. She's my only girl & we have such a special bond because of that. I admire her in so many ways, but my favorite things about her are her heart of gold & her willingness to always be herself- even if it's different than the crowd. I hope these qualities always stay with her through out life, because they help make her the amazing person she is.
Happy birthday Claire. I'm so happy we could spend the day doing all your favorite things. Love you so much!

I was arranging our new gallery wall of photos for our living room update (I'll post photos when it's done) & I couldn't help but laugh when I looked down at Ford being all up in the mix. He is such a good baby, & I'm trying to soak up every minute with him. I can't believe he's almost 3 months old already! Time goes waaaaay too fast!

Those in between moments of genuine emotion & interaction-- that's what I always strive to capture during my photo sessions. This image was taken while playing ring around the rosy up in the mountains. It's so simple, yet it creates the candid moments that we all want in our images, & it's fun for everyone!
Oh, & I've been meaning to announce that the mini sessions are full! I even added a third day & you guys swooped them right up. Thank you so much, you all really know how to make my heart happy! I'm so excited to photograph so many amazing families this summer!

Summertime lovers, & they are as gorgeous as ever. I'm so excited for all of my summer weddings this year. Lots of backyard, diy & intimate weddings full of love & emotion-- just how I like it ❤️

Happy Father's Day to the man who makes our world go round. He loves us unconditionally, teaches us so much, is so patient & works incredibly hard to provide for our little family. He is one of the most hands on dad's I know -- diapers, laundry, dishes, field trips, you name it, he does it all. I really lucked out when when he chose me, we all did! We love you @jagouldi!

I feel ya Henry, the 100+ temperatures for this weekend have me like 🤣🤣. Makes me want to jump into that photo & be in Big Sur like now!
Oh & how cute is this dresser that my hubby re-did for Oliver's room!!? Gotta love a good IKEA hack. I'm kind of obsessed with dark green at the moment. 🙌🏻

Summer vibes, in the form of Henry. The cutest two year old around--I am kinda biased though.
Our first day of summer has been a dream. We slept in, started our daily reading, went swimming at my sister's house & now we are home working on our summer bucket list! What are all of you doing this summer, we need some ideas?!? Let's share!

Happy Saturday, friends! I'm just over here dreaming about photographing a couple families at a gorgeous ocean location in San Francisco this summer, who's up for an adventure with me?!?

Because I can't remember the last time I introduced myself & told you all a little more about me, here is part of my "about me" from my website...it will give you a glimpse into who I am & why I love photographing families so much. It's kinda personal, so be kind:)
Hi, I'm Jillian and it's true--I'll hug you when we meet, I believe the most connected relationships make for better photos than Pinterest perfection, and I'm a lifestyle family + wedding photographer based in Sacramento, CA.
Whether your kids are showing me their room or exploring with you outside, I bring the warmth + care of 10 years teaching kindergarten + first grade to every shoot. But mostly, I bring my way of seeing the world--a way that's full of those moments in between, when the real love shows up in glances and her hair falling down around her shoulders cause she's growing up so unbelievably fast. I believe love surfaces best in simplicity--give me a blank wall and yummy window light over a pottery barn catalog room any day. Let's photograph your sense of adventure and fun over meticulously chosen brands, the comfort of snuggling on your couch over the pose-and-pretend-like-I'm happy, the uncontrollable giggles at your oldest's quirks over coercing camera smiles.
Because the darker truth behind this idea of love-as-you-are is that my parents split up when I was seven years old. That vulnerability and lack of control is one of my earliest, strongest memories, and it forever shaped my life and my view of family. It’s the reason I work hard on my marriage--genuinely trying to put my hubby’s happiness before my own and making sure our littles see us kiss, lots. ;) It’s why I make sure I’m present with my kids and home after school, why I still do homework with them and why we prioritize simple things like eating dinner together. So seeing families--whole, “ugly” moments full of joy, connection and happiness--fills me up far more than just pretty pictures because it’s my chance to rewrite the stories of brokenness in my own past and tell the new story: an imperfect but complete, secure, never-breaking-up family. ❤️

When you've out grown your outfit, but your mom still puts you in it because she loves to see your chubby belly.
I can't believe Ford is 9 weeks old already!! Sometimes I just stare at him while he sleeps, because I'm trying to soak up every minute of him being so tiny. He will likely be our last baby & although I'm okay with it at times, secretly it's kinda killing me. 😭

Just Henry cooking up something yummy for his baby brother on this cloudy Tuesday.
We've really been working on the kids not really watching tv during the week, & it has encouraged them to be more creative when they play. At first the older two complained that they were bored, but we seem to have turned a corner & I think they are actually enjoying it now. We've had lots of doll playing, LEGO building, mad lips writing & everything in between & we are all a little happier because of it. #butsummeriscoming #hopeicansticktoit

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