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Jillian Zamora  My lil photo diary of life as a wedding photog, Christ follower, wife to an artist, mom to #myJuniperClementine because danggit I like remembering.

Can you spot the lovebirds?

Also I blogged. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. I couldn’t let summer completely leave us without posting more of Allie + Connor’s July sunrise engagements around Fort Worth.

Hair and makeup by @meaganbechtel

We’ve been having lots of “Let’s try again” moments, you and I. Let’s try again when mom loses her temper after saying for the millionth time “Please climb into your car seat, it’s time to go.” Let’s try again when you choose to run in the opposite direction instead of listening to my voice asking you to come towards me. Let’s try again when we’re too grumpy, too frustrated to speak kindly. Let’s try again — borrowed from one of your favorite books right now (Llama Llama and the Bully Goat) — all day, every day over here.

Last night around 2 AM you woke up crying and I went to check on you. “I want to try again!!” you sobbed. “Baby, you were asleep. It’s nighttime.” “I want to try again for yelling at you!” I tried to convince you it was a dream but you felt so bad about apparently having yelled at me (in the dream) and wanted to try again not to. “Of course. We can always ALWAYS try again, my girl.”
That calmed you down and as you laid back down in bed, still sniffling, you asked if I would pray with you before I left.
Always, always, my girl.

Photo by the ever talented @andreadavidphoto

This weekend was baby brother’s baby shower — so many friends and family showing so much love and generosity. I had been looking forward to this day for quite some time. But until I opened a card from a dear friend at the very end of the day I hadn’t known how much I needed to hear what she wrote. Her words felt like such a balm to my soul, in light of all the conflicted feelings I had been experiencing - the significance of the day yes, but along with the joy and excitement there were surprising layers of grief and feeling overwhelmed mixed in — that I hadn’t stopped to process until her words basically laid it out for me: “Jillian, I was reaching for the congrats card. But it felt inadequate. Too brief, to shallow to convey the depth of what I want to express. So instead “wishing you comfort.” Like laughter and smiles, presents and sweets at your baby shower. We had wished for this kind of day twice before, but never got to this point. If longing for them could have brought them into being, we would have had them, surely. So today, on this joyous, comforting occasion, I want you to know that the babies you longed for and were forced to part with, they are not forgotten. You are loving them even now as you delight in your baby boy.
Can you believe you’ve made it this far already? What once was just normal has now become sacred. Deuteronomy 1:31 “you have seen how the Lord your God carried you...all the way that you went until you came to this place.” The Lord has carried you! Praise Him!” And that’s what this pregnancy has been. I had expected it to be pure joy, because I REALLY knew how badly and how long I had wanted this. Because I knew how much of an answer to prayer a sustained pregnancy was. But instead it has been surprisingly more complex than that, with so many more layers of pain and fear that have surfaced, stemming from my personal experiences of pregnancy having shown so much propensity to wound me, to fall out from under me, in fact twice as often as it has yielded the joy of new life in my arms. And it’s through that the Lord has indeed carried me. (Cont’d in comment below)

We’ve been talking about this very celebratory ice cream outing with Juniper for months and months. And now we can check potty training off the “before baby brother” list ✅ We’re all pretty jazzed about it (June may or may not be more excited about the gummy frog in her mouth, but jazzed all the same).

Sending off mini session galleries one by one as I finish editing them in the next few days, including this happy little engagement session that has me smiling this morning 💛


I just found out today that my website contact form has been broken for OVER A MONTH so I missed SO MANY INQUIRIES since July 19th 😩😩😩 Thankfully on the back end of my website I could gather all the ones that had come in during that time and will be reaching out to each and every one of you who have been waiting to hear back from me for weeks. I just wanted to put out this PSA 1) in case any of you who hadn’t heard back from me follow me on here and were wondering why I was THE LITERAL WORST and 2) to remind all you other photographers out there to double check your contact forms just in case because I’d hate for this to happen to any of y’all.

Now I’m off to email for 12 years straight to catch up!!

I’m quite honestly buried under so many photos I adore from Sunday’s mini sessions at @thelumenroom that I haven’t know where to even start posting-wise. But here is a momma and her three-year-old that belted every single word of The Greatest Showman’s “Rewrite the Stars” during their mini session and I loved every second of it 💛

Hold my hand forever and ever and ever, please.

Sweet photo by @andreadavidphoto

I did it. All photos delivered to all clients. This like, never happens. Zero people (well, paying people 😂) are waiting on photos from me and it feels pretty good. The feeling will only last until I shoot hundreds (okay most likely more like thousands) of photos for the next round of JZP mini sessions on Sunday but I’m gonna revel in the empty “to edit” list while it lasts!

Today I am thankful for rain and refreshing Truth and life-giving friendships and the contagious smiles on these dear ones’ faces from my mentor session with @storiesbyavanti last month 💛
***UPDATE: the slot has been booked! Thank you, all, for your interest!***
In other news I just had a cancellation for an early evening mini session on Sunday in Dallas at @thelumenroom — if anyone wants it, it’s all yours. Give me couples, individuals, families, babies, back to school photos (yeah, parents, I’m seeing all those sentimental social media posts) — all are welcome! Message or email me (photo@jillianzamora.com) if you want to snag that last spot or for more details 💛💛

I’ve waited so long, and desired so fervently, to see this girl be a big sister. I was so shaped (and still am shaped) by my siblings and I loved growing up with Jalesa, Jacob and Jayce. We’d started the journey to big-sisterdom twice before this one we’re on now so I was extremely hesitant to tell Juniper she was going to be a big sister until we were well out of the first trimester, and even then it didn’t feel safe, it just felt time. I have such a distinct memory of James and I telling her while she was in the bath the night before we were going in for the sonogram to find out if we were having a girl or a boy. She immediately shouted that she wanted a “BABY BRUDDER!” And she never wavered in that desire, which was so odd to me because I had truly only ever envisioned her with a baby sister. But that next day we found out indeed, a baby brother he was. It makes me light up — LIGHT UP — when she tells people “I have a baby brudder in my momma’s tummy and I’m a big sister.” It’s what I’ve been dreaming of. (I didn’t ask her to kiss my belly in the second photo, she did all on her own and I still can cry just about any time I look at that photo) (also yes, she’s wearing a Cinderella dress all day, everyday these days). #myjuniperclementine

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