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Jillian Zamora  My lil photo diary of life as a wedding photog, Christ follower, wife to an artist, mom to #myJuniperClementine because danggit I like remembering.

Oh my daughter, you make me laugh — you’re seriously so funny right now. You also sometimes make me crazy if we’re being honest and shouldn’t we be honest? You always, always make my heart burst and sometimes I’m still surprised by the force of it. You made me a mother and I’ll always be forever changed by, thankful for and proud to hold the title of “Juniper’s momma.” I’m also so thankful for the momma who raised me (practically wrote her a book of a mother’s day card this year 😂) and the momma who raised her and the momma who raised my dad and the mother friends I have around me who I learn so much from each and every day and therefore the mothers that raised THEM and the list could go on and on and on and on. What a crazy important and weighty job it is, that touches so many people down so many different paths reaching farther than we can imagine.

I’m thankful for the two lives that made me a mother again last February and then again last September, but lives that I never got to see or hold or carry past 11 weeks. Those lives changed me too, more than I ever imagined possible. I’ve read it a lot today — people acknowledging those women who desperately long to be moms or have lost children and so badly want to hold them in their arms today. I acknowledge you too. I acknowledge your pain (not just today but perhaps especially today, and also the days that you weren’t prepared for but the pain came at you out of nowhere), and how both the life and the grief have changed you and shaped you in more ways than you knew was possible.

May we all know and celebrate a mother around us, whether it be someone related by blood or by choice or simply by admiration for how they’ve molded someone else you adore ❤️ #myjuniperclementine

Wouldn’t be mad if I photographed a million more daytime receptions in a room full of windows. Not mad at all.

Surely the person who came up with the idea for sour patch kids was a parent of a toddler, right? I can just hear the pitch meeting now “And the mascot could be this kid right? And she’d give the sweetest, most heart-melting hug and then, I dunno, immediately try to gouge your eyes out. I’m just spitballing here.”

It was a romper party at lunch today so of course I needed a photo to document it. My brother, June and I road tripped out to OKC to surprise our sister for her birthday week and it was such a fun day. I LOVE surprising people I love!! Also just got finished watching last night’s American Idol (*spoilers below*) and, I must tell you, I am INVESTED in this season. I JUST LOVE ALL THE CONTESTANTS SO MUCH AND @hashtagcatie I REALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA WIN THIS WHOLE DANG THING and the second the results were announced I was all “I GOTTA GO CHECK ON CATIE!” on instagram to make sure you are okay because I adore you. If you’re watching this season (this is my first season to ever watch!!) who is your favorite??? I think mine might be @michaeljwoodard right now buttttttt then I feel like I’m cheating on my love for @maddiepoppe AND @cadefoehner SO I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I FEEL ANYMORE AND I WANNA TALK IT OUT WITH SOMEONE. And duh obviously @gabbybarrett_ is like a crazy amazing star too, THERE’S NO WRONG CHOICE!! (But really, everyone, I really want to talk about this right now I have so many feelings)

Post nap curl game strong II, 2.5 years (And by post “nap” I definitely mean post “the 1.5 hours she laid singing in her crib not sleeping” 🤷🏼‍♀️) #myjuniperclementine #juniperspostnapcurlgame

Pro tip: marry someone you have a really, ridiculously good time being around

Picnic weather is my favorite weather and June is my favorite picnic buddy and no, I did not tell her to make that face. That’s all her ... and her father 😂


Watching past brides and grooms of mine grow their families will always always have a special soft spot in my heart 💛

In other news, we’re hosting dinner for friends tonight for what was supposed to be the first meal on our new dining table which was supposed to be delivered yesterday but since it’s been stuck in Little Rock for the past FIVE days it looks like we’ll be having a picnic on the porch instead - can’t win ‘em all. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #givememytablearkansas #jillianzamoraphotography

You call “oven mitts” “heaven mitts” (*calling to me in the other room from your play kitchen* “WHERE’S MY HEAVEN MITTS?!?!”) Our friend Yandi’s dog “Tuxedo” you call “Mosquito” and our friend Mandy’s dog “Otis” today you deemed “SCOTUS”

While trying to stall your nap the other day you looked earnestly into my eyes and said: “You have brown eyes and white and black. And pink wips (lips). CUTE! I love your pink wips.” Your current favorite topics of conversation with strangers (and friends alike): asking what their WHOLE name is and telling people what gender they are. (“You are a girl. I am a girl. We are both girls. He is a boy.”) And tonight for 45 minutes after bedtime you laid in your crib singing Old MacDonald (E-I-E-I-O and at one point I also heard you shout “AMERICA” 😂) waiting for your dad to get home from work because you don’t really settle until you get to tell him about your day. “Momma told me my belly button is her favorite belly button. Is my belly button YOUR favorite belly button?” I just don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking you’re the bees knees, my girl.

If no one has written a song about Adi’s eyes yet then someone should get going on that. (Lookin at you, Julian!)

More state park weddings, please and thanky.

Artist daughter perks include playing with the still life set up in dad’s studio after he finishes his painting of it.

#myjuniperclementine #jameszamorapainting

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