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I am so excited to announce my new meal plan option to all my VIP members!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner plans featuring whole food recipes, offered every week to get you your healthiest body yet!

These plans are totally free and include fast prep meals for your busy nights of the week and kid approved meals for your picky eaters! There might even be some beloved crock pot meals!
I am so excited to offer this new program and to see the results from it! Just one more way to love on my people!

To become VIP click the link in profile, then the "Get Healthy" tab.

Anyone else eat ice cream with a fork? It makes it so much easier especially with chunky ice cream like @benandjerrys 😊

Pop Up class! This was so great last week, I'm doing it again!

Click the link in my profile, then "Facebook Community" and learn how you can incorporate oils into your date nights! Posts start at 8! 😘

Snowstorms make me do weird things.
I need my #plannercommunity to help me out and find some #franklinplanners to follow. There is not much out there. Don't worry I'm going to change that.
I am so excited about this SYSTEM I did a little dance when I got the shipping notification today.
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One of my favorite Winter Wellness support tips is putting a few drops of RC oil (respiratory care) into a new box of tissues.
That way each tissue you use gives you that little extra support to clear your nose.
It's also great as a chest rub and pre work out rub for easier breathing during work outs.
RC is a powerful blend that is made up of Mytle, eucalyptus, marjoram, pine, lavender and cypress, spice and peppermint.

Now just imagine a steaming hot shower with this oil steaming and creating the most soothing aroma.

Check my insta story☝ for more info on this one!
#breatheagain #winter #selfcare #postworkout #preworkout #hiit #crossfit #yoga

Since we're stuck inside and having a #snowday today is a perfect day for a pop up class!

Check my stories starting at 2 PM for a gorgeous infographic class!

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Our plans for the day.
We're in the path of #bombcyclone #grayson and enjoying the easy paced morning.
The girls got tablets for Christmas and I don't know why I fought it for so long. They are entertained, happy and naturally drawn to the puzzle and think games. They love helping each other when they get "stuck"

However! The blue light blocking glasses are a must! They both put them on and know the tablets get taken away if they're not wearing their glasses. They're cute wayfarer style and colors to match their personalities so they have no problem wearing them.
The benefits of the glasses reduce eye strain and the negative effects on the eye that Doctors are relating to over use of screen time. Those include childhood obesity, irregular sleep patterns and mood and behavioral problems along with effected social and emotional skills.

These cute glasses were $15 on @amazon
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I love @melrobbinslive and her #5secondrule book. And her posts like this crack me up. Self help with a little sass.
#GPRepost #reposter #regram_app @melrobbinslive ------------------

Are you ringing in the New Year with a ringing head? 😔

I got you!
P E P P E R M I N T applied to your head and neck give you that cooling feeling and relieves all that tightness and pressure that makes you want to stay in bed all day. It also gets rid of the gags and nausea and supports a balanced digestive system. Think of the last time you smelled peppermint and how it cleared your nose and head. But this is #yleo and is like 100x stronger.
R O S E M A R Y inhale or mix with the peppermint. It stimulates your mind and gives you clarity to clear that brain fog and awaken your senses. AKA, get you out of bed and gets rid of that zombie feeling.
G R A P E F R U I T When I think of citrus I think of warm bright summer days! Grab a huge glass of ice water and add a few drops of grapefruit vitality. The citrus flavor will help that never ending thirst, and it helps encourage feelings of joy, satisfaction playfulness and energy that will help you power through your day. Most importantly it naturally supports the detox process your liver! Don't believe me? Google it! 👩‍💻 A L K A L I M E this supplement is infused with Lemon and Lime (more of those detoxing mood boosting citrus oils!) And balanced alkaline minerals and salts to balance your pH to maintain over all health and vigor!
If you are local and want my Hangover care package, message me and I will deliver this hangover CURE to your door! 😙

Ready to burn this baby tonight!

#judgementdetox #cleanse #purify #gratitude #hope #sage #palosanto

When the kids are away... 8 degree nights call for hot drinks!

I am so excited to finally announce my new Holistic Weight loss Program! This will be my first ever group coaching program as a Certified Health Coach.

For 60 days I am coaching you and providing you with a daily workout, breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan.

I will be hosting a weekly class with topics like healthy eating choices, relationship with food, long term health with food, how your attitude affects your health and more. We’ll even be going through your pantry and finding new replacements for all the foods you love! And a healthy, whole food recipe swap with all the members of the group!

This is a whole new way to look at eating. There won’t be any restricting, there won’t be any fasting, no harsh rules. This is an eating plan that you can stick to for life! You won’t feel like you’re dieting, so you’ll be able to stick to it and see the difference. And you WILL see the difference. This is 100% a no fail program!

How to join in on this lasting weight loss program?
Grab yourself a Slique Starter Kit with Nitro and you’ll be in this group absolutely FREE!
We start January 1st, so get in now!
You’ll receive Shakes, Snack bars, gum, Supplements and Ningxia Nitro energy boosters to help you achieve your goals! If you order before Dec 31st you’ll also receive Life9 probiotic, Sacred Frankincense, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Stress Away essential oil

Slique products are all natural and backed by our no-risk guarantee, we promise that you’ll see results in 60 days or we’ll cover the cost of your Slique kits!

You literally only have weight to loose in getting started with my program! Everything is being done for you! The workouts, the meal plans, the all natural snack and meal replacements. Done! You just have to want this and show up!
Hang on! The best part! When you register with Young Living’s Slique in 60 your eligible for winning over $6,000 in prizes from Young Living including an Apple Watch and CASH!
For contest rules and registration you can click this link below! I can’t wait to meet the NEW YOU!


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