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Jill Mahowald  🔹PE Science Athlete: Code: JILL for 30% off🔹 🍰I eat CAKE everyday 💪Fitness Addict #getoutsideyourhead ✌️Keeping it Real


My Friday happy hour is at the GYM, FLEXING. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙊💪 #TGIF

BACK DAY was lit! My gym got new attachments from MAG and it made the biggest difference in being able to activate my lats! 👌 This workout was all supersets- my fav! Switching up the grip for hitting different angles. Majority of the exercises were performed at 12-15x4 with a set of negatives to get that TUT (time under tension). 🔥#feelingtheburn @gymgirlvids

Hump Day PUMP Day. Kinda feel like a robot on auto pilot right now. Good thing I programmed her to GET ER DONE. #grinding

LEG DAY! Was unplanned yesterday after I went to work to open the pharmacy after flying in from Dallas at midnight the night before only to find out I had the closing shift. 🤦🏻‍♀️ But ya know what? It turned out to be a dang good lift! I even had to use Cathy the claw at work today-you know what I'm talking about if you have seen my IG story! 😂 Legit sore today and proud I pushed myself, been a while since I've done leg day alone! Got that #postlegdaywaddle 💪🔥
Ankle straps: @sparkleandsweatshop
Leggings: @maristellacitelli

THIS TOO SHALL PASS. This saying is something I carry with me often. I sometimes have trouble getting outside my head during tough times. Life can be really hard sometimes. During these times, no matter what it may be, I try to remind myself that there are many things that are beyond my control, so why stress about them? The only thing I can control is how I react to them.
It's easy to let something very little turn into something large that can consume you. Over analyzing everything, which in a lot of cases you can not control. I've started really taking things day by day and focusing on the things I can control. As I always say, this lifestyle is truly all about mindset- you really can take that into anything in life.
I try to take things day by day. Anything can happen in any given moment in life which is why it's important to take a step back every once in a while and just appreciate the good. Sometimes keeping it simple is better, living life for what it is/what you make it and not thinking about what it should be or has to be. .

Next time you find yourself having a bad day, workout, work day, Ect. just say to yourself "This too shall pass" and move forward. You can't live life on "what if" "I wish" "why me". You just simply have to live and do your best! Some people think the grass is greener on the other side but it's actually greener where you water it. #getoutsideyourhead #mondaymotivation

When you want ALL da protein! 😂💁🏻 Y'all know how much I love my @pescience SELECT Protein! {Code:JILL for 30% off} I be up in the kitchen making that CAKE CAKE CAKE all day! If you haven't scrolled through my page for some awesome recipes using SELECT, make sure you do! 👩🏻‍🍳 #chefJ PE Science select not only tastes amazing but also is by far the best protein for baking as it is casein+whey! Select comes in:
All flavors are available at www.pescience.com CODE:JILL gives you 30% off your entire order! #selectthebest #pescience #dallaseuropa2017 #sundayfunday

1 MACHINE: 7 EXERCISES. Hotel workout- all you need is a cable machine! Truly living this lifestyle means adapting to different environments and making it work for you! Was able to actually get a great shoulder workout in with the time and space I had!
June is a extremely busy month for me as I am traveling every single weekend in between working my full time job during the week, so finding ways to stay on track is 🔑! But here is the thing, life isn't always going to work out perfect- in fact, for myself it usually does not 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

So just go with flow, do what you can and make the best of what ya got! HAPPY SATURDAY FROM DALLAS! 💕 #makingthingshappen #dallaseuropa2017 #bouldershoulders #itsalifestyle @gymgirlvids

Some quit due to slow progress, never grasping the fact that slow progress is... PROGRESS. Progress that adds up to big changes, and I will persist until I succeed and then I'll grind some more. #hustleforthatmuscle #resultstaketime #nevergiveup

NOODLE ARMS are back! I say that because my arms feel like noodles after this one! Bis+Tris- Details below!
🔹 15s: Cable bicep curls- 15 partial at the bottom>15 partial at the top>15 full reps with the 15th rep being a 10 second negative x3
🔹Hammer curls for 12-15 with last rep being a 10 second negative x4
🔹GIANT SET: Ez-curl bar skull crushers👉close grip presses👉Dumbbell Tate press👉Neutral Grip Skull Crushers 12-15x4
🔹Bicep curls- 10 with a 2 second hold>10 regular with last rep being a 10 second negative
🔹SUPERSET tricep push downs with triceps pull downs 12-15x3
My arms are still noodles from this lift! But the pumps so good!! 💪🔥 #feeltheburn #betterbodieslifestyle
Leggings: @officialbetterbodies @gaspbbstore

REAL TALK. Majority of you probably started following my journey in the last 6 months. While I did originally loose 50ish lbs back in 2008, I have gone through mini transformations in between then and now. Including this one that happened not that long ago.
Over the 2015 holidays I was going through a really hard time in life and fell of my diet until about summer 2016. Is that an excuse? Nah. I know I wasn't mentally strong during this time and that's on me. One thing that didn't change during this time was my training intensity. When summer came I felt uncomfortable in my body, I had put on around 20lbs and felt bloated all the time. I had no energy, I wasn't overweight, my body was just fueled by crap. That's when I said to myself, "Oh sh*t Jill, it's game time!" I had finally came to terms with the stress in my life and learned how to deal with it, so grind time it was.
I didn't work so hard over the years to go backwards so I cleaned up my diet and lost 10lbs from summer into last fall 2016. Little did I know I had put on about 10lbs of muscle during that time- thank goodness I kept my training 💯, but that is something I've always loved about this lifestyle and also use to hash out life's stress it throws my way. Not going to lie, I got pretty impatient by 1 month in of consistency that I didn't feel a change, but I knew better so kept with it. Literally like a week later I started to notice changes! This last transformation was the biggest for me in terms of mental strength and growing.
My point of sharing this is that I can not stress how important it is to get your mind right before starting a lifestyle transformation! Where the mind goes the body will follow, it's not always easy, there are ups and downs but in the end it is so worth it! I'm finally at a part in my journey where I have figured out what works best for me and how to go about tackling new goals, and you will too- BUT you just can't give up before you get there! #mindsetiseverything #getoutsideyourhead #transformationtuesday #hardworkbringsresults #nevergiveup #believeinyourself

ABS. First exercise is no joke and I wanted to die.💀 This is a giant superset that I do for 4 rounds at 15-20 reps. After 4 rounds are complete I do hanging leg raises(not filmed) for 3 sets until failure! Core on fire! 🔥 It's Monday, new day, new week- let's crush it! 💪 #mondaymotivation

🎁GIVEAWAY🎁 💕WINNER: @_fitnesswithsammie 💕 Who wants to win a @pescience product of their choice?! 🙋🏻 I love @pescience alphamine{CODE:JILL for 30% off}! It's a thermogenic with caffeine that can be used as preworkout or as an energy drink! 1/2 scoop does the trick for me as I am sensitive to caffeine and I either stack it with high volume(stimulant-free pump product) for lifting or alone for a pick me up or cardio! 👌 So Sunday Funday it is- one of you guys or gals can win this or any other 1 PE Science product of your choice! Rules below:
🎉1 winner announced 6/13🎉
. .
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🔺Tag 2 friends and comment your favorite part about summertime! Living in MinneSNOWta, mine is being able to walk outside without 12 layers of clothes on! 🙌
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