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Jill Christine  🔹@pescience Athlete: Code:JILL to save $🔹 🍰I eat CAKE everyday 💪Fitness Addict ✌️Keeping it Real 🌯Burrito Queen #GetOutsideYourHead

CHESTICLES! Between this workout and Leg Day I did the day before this, I honestly thought my body was broke for about 3 days! 🤷🏻‍♀️💀 Totally not exaggerating either- I legit told Jose that this was the sorest my entire body has felt at once that I can remember. I haven’t shared that leg day yet, but will soon so y’all can suffer with me! 😂 #SoThoughtful 😘 Workout Details 👇
1️⃣SUPERSET(with #2)Incline Smith machine bench press 5x8-10
2️⃣SUPERSET(with #1)Incline bench overhand dumbbell chest flys 5x10-13
3️⃣SUPERSET(with #4)Flat Smith Machine bench press 5x8-10
4️⃣SUPERSET(with #3)Flat bench dumbbell chest flys 5x10-12
5️⃣SUPERSET(with #6) Kneeling Landmine Press 5x10-12
6️⃣SUPERSET(with #5) Push-ups 5xAMRAP

BACK DAY!! I’m slowly but surly getting settled back to life after a crazy couple weeks. Had to take a step back last night and just breathe because I was starting to let the chaos get to me- reality is, there was no deadline for me to get everything done I am trying to get done right now, it was me putting pressure on myself, and I’m glad I was able to see that! Sometimes when life gets crazy, you have to take a minute to get outside your head, practice gratitude and reset. Feeling better and was productive AF this morning before work!💪 Been feeling really good in majority of my lifts lately though, and this one was bomb.com! Details 👇
1️⃣SUPERSET(with #2) T-Bar row (using the v-bar- we don’t have a t-bar) 4x8-10
2️⃣SUPERSET(with #1) Single Arm Barbell Row
3️⃣SUPERSET(with #4) Lat Pull down 4x10-12
4️⃣SUPERSET(with #3) Cable Rope Lat Pull Down4x10-12
5️⃣SUPERSET(with #6) Lying Dumbbell Rows 4x8-10
6️⃣SUPERSET(with #5) Single arm dumbbell row 4x8-10

FOREVER A TOMBOY🖤 Fun Fact: If you wear a 8.5 in women’s shoes or smaller you can fit into @nike youth/boys and save some cash money! 💁🏻‍♀️💯 #deals Off to do some furniture hunting! Happy Sunday Fam!

💕GIVEAWAY💕 Such a beautiful day In Minnesota today, I think spring is finally here! 🙏 Y'all know how much I love baking with my @pescience protein!{Code:JILL for a discount} WHO WANTS A TUB? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️Okkkk, calm down Oprah(See the swipe video😂) I also included in the swipe a breakdown of all PE Science products I use, along with a description and favorite flavors! Now it’s time for one of you lovely people to win a PRODUCT OF YOUR CHOICE! 💕 Giveaway details below 👇
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BOULDER SHOULDERS! This was a couple weeks ago, I have quite a few workouts in the buffer since it’s been so busy right now for me! 🤷🏻‍♀️ I went to check out another location of my gym that is semi close to my new house. Sometimes going in to a new gym can be awkward because you don’t know where equipment is or don’t know anyone but just remember that everyone’s there for the same reason so don’t let that stop you from getting your workout in! This was a solid lift with a lot of different variations and finishing it off with a Triset for da burn out! 🔥❗️THE LAST VIDEO IS MY FAVORITE EXERCISE BECAUSE Y’ALL KNOW MY GYM HAS DA BEST TUNES!💃🏻❗️ Details 👇
1️⃣Dumbbell Overhead Press 4x10-12
2️⃣ALTERNATING: Dumbbell Front Raises>Dumbbell Lateral Raises4x10-12 each
3️⃣SUPERSET(with #4): Face Pulls 4x10-12
4️⃣SUPERSET(with #3): Lying Cable Side Raises4x10-12
5️⃣TRISET(with #6 and #7): Cable Rope Front Raises4x10-12
6️⃣TRISET(with #5 and #7): Standing Cable Lateral Raises4x10-12
7️⃣TRISET(with #5 and #6): TRX Y-Pulls4x10-12

❗️READ UNTIL END❗️I have more than one set of STRIPES! Whether it be my veins or my stretch marks, I proudly rock them both because they are both equally apart of me! Society may make you think that you need to try to get rid of them or cover it up, but in reality they are just trying to tell you to change who you are. Why? 99% of the worlds population has them or cellulite(I have both) and honestly a lot of the time it has zero correlation with how “healthy” you are and 100% has zero correlation with how beautiful you are. .
. .
I’ve had these stretch marks for years, I have them on my inner thighs too. They do not define who I am, or how healthy I am. They do not take away from my beauty, because true beauty comes from the inside. I honestly have never really been ashamed of them, and I hope by sharing this picture it can help encourage you to #RockYourStripes 🐯
Life isn’t perfect, people are not perfect, so why do we feel like we have to be? I think a lot of that lies within ourselves. I decided a long time ago(after battling self image issues badly and hitting a all time low) That I was not going to put my energy into changing who I am because of what society thinks I should be, and a lot more energy into being myself and becoming who I want to be(which is someone who is happy based upon positive experiences and relationships)! Honestly, if someone judges you based upon that, that isn’t the type of people you want to surround yourself with anyways. . .
. . .
I still have days I struggle and feel uncomfortable(we all do) but at the end of the day I take a step back and just remember how much bigger life is than the feeling I’m having! We are all human and beautiful- birthmarks, scars, moles, stretch marks, cellulite, skin discoloration, ect. in ALL! In case no one told you today- You are MORE than enough the way you are!💕 #LoveYourself #TigerStripes #EmbraceYourSelf #HappinessComesFromWithin

ARM WORKOUT! Home from Germany safe!🙏 I’m just trying to adjust right now, already back working at the Pharmacy today! It was so strange coming home to our new house since I’ve only lived in it for a couple days before I left and we are not really unpacked yet, so I feel a little all over the place right now🤷🏻‍♀️ but time will sort it out!This was a great workout @bdccarpenter and I smashed out while we were in Germany! It was kind of confusing at first since the weight is in KG, but I got it figured out! 💁🏻‍♀️ We pretty much kept our workouts moving and effective so that we could spend the most time we could outside of working enjoying Germany!
We added in a triset to keep things moving along but still be able to get more exercises in! ‘‘Twas a good lift! 💪 Details 👇
1️⃣Preacher Curls 4x12-15
2️⃣TRISET(with 3 & 4) EZ Curl Bar Skull Crushers 4x12-15
3️⃣TRISET(with 2 & 4) EZ Curl Bar Narrow Grip Bench Press 4x12-15
4️⃣TRISET(with 2 & 3) EZ Curl Bar Bicep Curls 4x12-15
5️⃣Reverse Grip Tricep Pull Downs 4x12-15

LAST DAY in Germany! Getting ready to head home tomorrow morning! We got a little back workout in after the expo before heading to an amazing Mongolian BBQ restaurant to close the trip out. I am super proud of myself pushing through this back workout after a long day working at the expo! I was fine with training or not, but my pals wanted to get a sesh in and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible(that’s what it’s truly about). Even though I felt I wouldn’t have a great workout because of just being tired, I still went in knowing I would give it my best, and I actually still pulled pretty decent weight, and was able to do 4 sets of close grip pull-ups(4 unassisted, and a couple more assisted) 💁🏻‍♀️Yay! It’s all in your mind, so I got OUTSIDE MY HEAD and did it. It’s often these times I prevail the most!
Huge shout out to @bdccarpenter for being the greatest training partner during this trip! We didn’t have full planned out workouts or anything, but we both truly train because we love it and it makes us feel good so we were able to make the most of our sessions and still balance exploring the city with my babe @vval_e and working 4 days of the Expo! It’s been a amazing trip, and most definitely the people I spent it with made it! 🙏
I put a couple clips from today’s session in the swipe, I’ll list them all below as well! I actually have quite a lot of footage of workouts from the last 2 weeks for y’all, just been busy doing life ya know. Once I get home tomorrow and back in routine, I’ll make sure to share! Hope y’all are having an amazing and blessed Sunday! 💕
1️⃣Lat Pull Down Machine
2️⃣Lying T-Bar Rows
3️⃣Close Grip Pull-Ups

We out hereeee in GERMANY! I’ve always known that the way of life we have in America isn’t the only way of life. It’s amazing to be able to have my first international experience to see life from another perspective across the world, while we are all human beings and have similarities, we also have so many differences! I feel being able to see and understand there is so many different ways of life is so important for me to become a more well rounded person. The world is a big place and we all have a spot in it!
I’ve really just been enjoying seeing how people go about life here and what is their norm. Everyone has been very kind and helpful as I have also been adapting to their culture over here. I think that’s most definitely because I’m a big believer of different being beautiful.
I want to say a big thank you to @pescience for giving me this amazing opportunity! I am very thankful to be apart of an amazing company and even more so, a team of individuals who share the same values as me! 🙏💕If your out here stop by and say hi, I’ll be working the full day tomorrow again! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, and can’t wait to catch up more with y’all after I’m done adventuring in this beautiful place!
💙All @pescience products are available at www.pescience.com and CODE:JILL saves you cash money!💙

Happy Friday from Germany! It’s been a great experience so far! I have been doing some exploring, working, and making new friends and a lot of LEARNING! I haven’t really been able to be on social media much other than documenting what I’m up to, so I just wanted to wish you all a happy weekend before I pass out for bed! 💕 Thank you @pescience for this opportunity! 🙏 Love You!

BICEP FINISHER! Made it to Cologne! Still adjusting a bit from travel, but really enjoying meeting new people and exploring the culture a bit in between work! This was a bicep finisher I did on Arm Day the day before I left. Legit Noodle arms after this one!🍜 It’s 21’s or Crazy 8’s with my own spin! Wasn’t able to film my whole workout as there is so much going on right now but this finisher is too good not to share! 🔥 Details 👇
Crazy 8’s/21’s
🔹I’ve done both but only difference is one rep(I did crazy 8’s in this video) 1 set is the following 3 variations for 8 reps each straight through for 4 sets- Adding a spin for the 4th variation added at the end of each set (listed below)
1️⃣Cable bicep curls half rep (starting at bottom bringing up to middle)
2️⃣Cable bicep curls half rep (starting at the middle bringing up to the top)
3️⃣Cable bicep curls full rep (starting at bottom bringing up to the top)
4️⃣Cable Bicep Curls 8 second negatives x5 reps 🔹I’ve also done this with free weights using a EZ curl bar

TEAM FANNY PACK! 😎 Germany bound! My first international trip, and I’m traveling in style! 💁🏻‍♀️✌️ #LookinFly #EatingLikeASavageInTheAirportRightNow #fibo2018 #CologneGermany #PEScience

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