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Jill Christine  🔹PE Science Athlete: Code: JILL for 30% off🔹 🍰I eat CAKE everyday 💪Fitness Addict #getoutsideyourhead ✌️Keeping it Real


BACK DAY FIRE! I am so proud of myself for this lift! I didn't get to the gym till after 9pm but was determined to have a good lift, Monday's was kinda ehh. I ended up having 2 PRs by myself! 💥 Just goes to show- where the mind goes, the body will follow! Workout details below:
🔹Single/Double lat pull down 4x12-15
🔹Seated Cable Rows 4x15-20
🔹Seated Wide Grip Cable Rows 4x15-20
🔹Single Arm Machine Row 4x15-20
🔹SUPERSET: Lying Barbell Row>Dumbbell Lat Pullover 4x12-15
Hope y'all are having a fantastic hump day! Let's get it! 💪

Morning ABS. Yes I banged this out this morning along with my cardio! 💁🏻 It was brutal on top of feeling ehh from dat girl thang. 😒 Did 4 sets of each exercise at 20 reps or AMRAP(as many reps as possible) if I couldn't hit 20. The last exercise probably looks easy but keep your arms completely straight in front of you as you walk further increasing the resistance- it's a great finisher! #feeltheburn Leggings: @maristellacitelli

SWEAT GAME STRONG. 💦 This was at 4:45am this morning. 😳 I am NOT a morning person, but these early morning sessions before work have been just what I needed to get my day going and I've been feeling more energized throughout the day, also means for a shorter gym session after since I knocked out cardio already and can just lift after.
The grind isn't pretty, a lot of hard work and sweat is put into it. I am NOT naturally petite, nor have amazing genetics. This is something I work towards daily. It became a lot easier with changing my whole lifestyle and a lot of the days I LOVE it! Some days I don't, motivation comes and goes but at the end of the day, getting through the days I don't makes me an overall stronger person. #getoutsideyourhead
Along with adopting the healthy active lifestyle years ago, I also know that there is more to life than the gym- people and experiences also help you grow. I truly believe the key to happiness is learning to love all aspects of yourself and appreciate all aspects of life. That all starts in your mind. YOU are stronger than the voices inside your head. Life is too short, trust me when I say this, to stress about circumstances you can not control. Instead focus on what you can control, the good people in your life and the amazing memories you create along the way. As I always say- YOU LIVE, YOU LEARN. Enjoy it! #mindsetiseverything #findyourbalance #transformationtuesday

Protein Chocolate Crepe "Cinnamon Rolls"! These are one of my new favorites besides cake that I make using my @pescience Select protein{CODE:JILL for 30% off}! It's the same recipe as my stuffed crepes with a twist! I was able to bag them up and eat them easier on the go!🤤
🔹1 whole egg
🔹1 egg white
🔹1 scoop PE Science Select Protein
🔹1/8 tsp baking powder/soda
🔹Extra water for batter consistency to be more runny
DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients in a bowl! Then pour batter into a frying pan with cooking spray. Make sure the crepe is large and thin! Stuff with Oat Bran+ cinnamon and a dash of Select Snickerdoodle like a burrito and slice up! Save a tiny bit of batter for the "icing" and spread over the top with cinnamon! During my cut right now I am replacing the whole egg/egg white with 46g liquid egg whites to fit my plan and it works great!
As always, all PE Science products are available at www.pescience.com CODE:JILL will save you 30% off your entire order! #selectthebest #proteincrepes #cookingwithjill

Rare bikini photo because #BACHELORETTE 👰🏻☀️

⚠️REAL TALK⚠️ Hello, Hi! Happy Friday y'all! It's been a busy week! I'll always be real with ya guys, when life gets busy, social media will be the first to be put on the back burner when it comes to LIVING my life and getting sh*t done. Other than posting whatever I did, I just haven't really been on here much. I did not have social media growing up so I think that is an advantage for me to understand when it's time to ACTUALLY live life, enjoy life and grind and when I have the time to share it! Try not to get caught up in living life to document it, rather than to ACTUALLY live it as well! .

That being said, my ig story has primarily just been food this week because really this whole week was just a whole lot of work, gym and eating- A GRIND. But it was productive af and I got a lot done. I learned a long time ago that sometimes in life you have busy days, weeks or even months. It's all apart of life! Sometimes you just have to get to the nitty gritty and push through- knowing you will have less busy and more fun times ahead! It's all about balance!
Know that in order to reach your goals or achieve the things you want YOU have to put in work to get there, nobody is going to hand that straight to you. No matter what you see on any outlet of social media, life ain't always glamorous, sometimes it's hard, exhausting and annoying, but keeping that mind right and knowing that it will all balance out and be worth it is key to making the best of it!
Just some week ending thoughts as I now get to sit back and spend an amazing weekend up at the cabin with my girls for dis 👰🏻's bachelorette party! What y'all got planed?! #EarnedNotGiven #Balance #flexfriday

BACK DAY was lit!🔥Bringing it back to the basics! This was another late night lift and I actually had a legit amount of energy to put into it! It was another superset/high volume style workout adding in 2 second pauses on the lat pull down! This workout was in the 4x15-20 range with the exception of the last 2 exercises being 25 reps. Feel the fire! 💪

🎧 on, 🌎 off. Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long AFTER the mood you said it in has left you. #I'mLoyal #ThisIsForMe

Late night at the clinic tonight. I work in Pharmacy if you didn't already know. Life is going through another super busy spurt. On any given day I have food on my face, deodorant in my hair, I'm breaking plates, dropping and spilling things, or have like 7 bags in the front seat of my car! 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I'm marrying my best friend in 7 weeks👰🏻🤵🏻, I have a decent job, but most importantly I have a lot of amazing people in my life and good health. Don't sweat the small things, they come and go... because that's life! Life never slows down, so you just have to appreciate the good in everyday and just go with the flow. Because at the end of the day- the one thing you can control in life is how you look at it! 💕 #mondaythoughts #positivevibes #mindovermatter

⚠️SIDE NOTE⚠️: I obviously sped up the video a little bit so you wouldn't have to watch me stand for 45 seconds in between! 👍. SPRINTS(HIIT CARDIO)- More bang for your buck! I have posted this before but I still get asked a lot about cardio and with me going into 7 weeks out from my wedding👰🏻 I am tightening up my routine a little bit the next 7 weeks so I figured this was a good time to share again! HIIT cardio is extremely effective and I will be adding it in at least 2-3 times a week now! Benefits and my routine below👇
HIIT(High Intensity interval training)
🔹HIIT combines short periods of intense exercise with short periods of rest
🔹HIIT burns more calories during and after a workout than lengthy steady state cardio
🔹The same, if not greater, results in WAY LESS time than low-intensity longer-duration cardio sessions
🔹Helps build endurance
🔹Proven to be a highly effective way to burn fat
🔹No equipment needed
Sprint Routine:Treadmill or outside:
▪️Sprint at 100% max effort/all out(As fast as *YOU* can) for 15 seconds, rest for 45 seconds of recovery and then repeat for 15 rounds(around 15 minutes total) Simple, and you will feel like death but super effective and a time saver!▪️
#motivationmonday #sprints #hiit .

🎁 GIVEAWAY CLOSED🎁 💕WINNER: @kattiec92 💕Happy Sunday y'all! I've had a busy but productive weekend before next weekend's bachelorette party shenanigans👰🏻! I just placed a restock @pescience order with all my favorites, so now it's your turn for a chance to win a product of YOUR choice! One lucky guy or gal will get 1 PE Science product of your choice! Rules below:
🎉1 winner announced 8/9🎉
. .
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🔺Tag 2 friends and comment your favorite summer memory thus far! Mine is hands down 4th of July at our family cabin because I live in the land of 10,000 lakes and am forever a Midwestern Girl! ☀️💕
As always all PE Science products are available at www.pescience.com and CODE:JILL saves you 30% off your entire order! Good luck y'all! #selectthebest #sundayfunday

BIs+TRIs! Anytime I train arms a get a serious case of NOODLE ARMS after, because that how they feel after! This whole workout was supersets with medicine ball push-ups for the burnout finisher! 4x15-20 or AMRAP towards the end because sometimes your pretty burnt out to hit that range the last few exercises so I just go until failure! Happy #flexfriday y'all! 💪🔥
Outfit: @built_apparel Code:JILL to save 💰! 💚

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