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JILLIAN BENNETT  A v e r a g e _ c a l i f o r n i a _mutt• •🚀🌎☀️🌊💀🐠 . . ART/ BRAND DIRECTOR for @jillandbird . .

When I start a project for a client who wants a particular location in their piece, it helps to sketch out different parts of what I want in it, maybe sketch out the outline of a mountain range or types of trees that are present. Then I pin them up next to the drawing to use as reference throughout the process. That way I can stay close to the end resulting image I need, but keep myself from getting too wrapped up in tying to replicate the image too closely 😉 more updates on the current commission soon! And more in the story 😜🤙

Full time audience 🐶 Vinci likes to sit and watch sometimes... or he’s just waiting for me to pet him

9 years ago today I ate it skateboarding downhill. No helmet and no cares, listening to Electric Ladyland. I got the speed wabbles and ended up in the ICU for almost a week with a compound fracture on my ankle, some bad road burns, a severely sprained left wrist and a wrangled right wrist (pictured here with all the hardware). And then I was bed ridden for what seemed like forever. Luckily I suffered just a small concussion and didn’t hit my lights out. The 1st doc told me I should fuse my wrist because it was too damaged and I wouldn’t have full movement with it ever again. My drawing wrist. Long story short, we found another doc who would try to repair my wrist without fusing it and here I am still painting and drawing my life out. Every day, even though I still have pain in my ankle and wrist, I am thankful I still can do all these amazing things our body allows us to do. Don’t take for granted any functionality in your body, it’s all an incredible blessing. Ps to those who have asked, this is why I sometimes switch hands when I’m painting long hours ☺️😉 anyway, saw the date today and wanted to share the gratitude 💕🌺💕 oh yeah, and don’t be an idiot, always wear a helmet

Taking the tape off a finished piece can be risky and you have to be delicate, but it’s so damn satisfying 😜😂

Progress on the current piece! Low Tides & Distance Storms ⚡️😜 more in story 🤙🤙

Flower crown making and wine tasting in Temecula this weekend with the beautiful bride to be 🌺🍷🌺My cousin @jacquipaq is going to be a gorgeous bride and I can’t wait for the wedding!! It’s going to be #jacquelit 🙌☺️

Disrupt what is expected by just doing you 😜 @adidasOriginals @teenvogue #ad

Update on the recent piece 🎨 first I thought it was a mountain range and then the marks took me somewhere where night has fallen, it’s low tide, there is no wind, and there is the performance of a lightning storm off in the distance 🌩✨ does this sound like a memory you have too? More in story 😉

A couple of people have recently asked me about the intimidation of a blank page and how I deal with it, so I thought I would share in case others were curious🤓Whenever I am having a hard time thinking of what to draw next, I find it helps to put a layer or a mark down with no specific expectation in it..then I can begin discovering the puzzle from there. Trusting the process allows me to be more fluid with creating the pieces 🧐

First parts of the process. More updates soon 😜✨

My beautiful cousin @jacquipaq is getting married soon and today she was showered with love, good books, good wishes, flowers and of course champagne 🥂She is a good example of an amazing human being, and she only deserves the best ✨ I am sure you will never forget it @kyleschoell 😉💙💙

My nephew Nolan 💙💙💙 He’s a believer 👽 #ancientalienancestors

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