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Jill Bliss  Pretty (& pretty interesting) details of my daily life as an artist-naturalist-oddjobber-kayaker-boater living in the islands of the Salish Sea.


Activate. Participate. Rest. Replenish. Refuel. Repeat.
Dang. I was really on a roll in my studio, keeping up with all my other tasks, the media, politics, plans to build my dream studio, etc., All derailed by another all-night SIBO incident. The past 15 months of health issues have been... well, I can't think of just one word that could sum it all up!

This afternoon I visited an islanders antique taxidermied spirit bear as inspiration for my current grizzly bear project.

"And then all the colors together make black in the middle!" - the favorite part for the kindergartener & the first grader.

In the one-room island school house today: mixing primary colors to create secondary colors, then painting driftwood & rocks to decorate the forest fort outside.

It's gonna be a beautiful day!

Today's beach finds - although I was really out looking for wood & rocks for the school kids to paint in art class tomorrow.

My version of a drive-by: iPhone capture whilst biking past one of the free range island neighbors.

Inching closer to a finish on these guys!

Working on a private commission tonight: grizzly bears of the North Cascades. I'm having so much fun researching them, their habitat & their ongoing restoration.

New collaborative work in progress. Actual seaweed gathered along the Salish Sea, pressed by @phycophilia & then I am painting something to accompany it.

Seaweeds, anemones, wolf eel, bull kelp holdfasts... work in progress.

Freshly collected research - see that beach walk was "work!"