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Jill Marie  The Lord is my Strength North Americans '16 Bikini Runner Up Fit Mom | Foodie MuscleSport Athlete: 'Jill30' #RELENTLESSFitness Owner

#throwback to some shredded little boulders. I love looking back at past preps for motivation, it reminds me exactly what I'm capable of. I remember all the hard work it took, all the discipline, all the highs and lows. The one thing that carries me through each time is pure PASSION. It flows through every inch of my being, and it is something you cannot fake or teach.
6 weeks out, Team U! let's go 😈

Trying to remain patient and positive is probably the hardest part of prep for me. From the moment I wake up to the minute my eyes close, I'm in constant "GO" mode. With everything going on in my life, I have zero room for time mismanagement or slacking off. When I'm thrown a curveball of any sort, all I can CONTROL is how I RESPOND. And I have two options.... Allow the situation to control me, or see this as an opportunity to take control over a situation. MINDSET is everything.
With that being said, I've reached the point in prep where I am in complete FOCUS. If you see me and I don't make eye contact, know I am not being rude. I am IN MY ZONE and FOCUSED, or I'm enjoying the silence, being one with the moment and gaining clarity. While it's true we make time for what we want to, this is a selfish sport, and with it comes 110% dedication to the process. So right now, all I have time for is this process, my family and my business/clients. For those who understand and respect this, know I am also soooo appreciative of all the support and love I have from everyone around me. ❀️

Here it is. Box jumps. Probably my FAVORITE exercise that I do as part of my #plyos circuit. They used to be my least favorite, as I SUCKED at them and was terrified of busting my face. 😭 But now that I'm over that fear, I use them to activate my abductors/glutes (during the squat portion) and during the step-down portion, I alternate legs and use that as an exercise to correct some muscle imbalances I have. You can of course use higher platforms, but I prefer one this height as anything higher causes me to use my hip flexors too much, and not enough of my legs or abs.
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Mother's Day to me, a day of focusing on my goals and relaxing 😎 did my fasted cardio, took my son for bagels (and coffee for me), and spending the rest of the day decompressing from the week. πŸ˜‰

Looking to kick things up a notch without swallowing another pill? CARDIOBurn is a NEW topical thermogenic gel by @teammusclesport that instantly gets to work as soon as it's applied to your skin! The roller ball is so convenient too and easy to use. I've been using it on my midsection and it definitely has me sweating here more than ever! I also like to use it in combination with the CARDIOBURN pre-training formula. When combined you're gonna be drenched from bouncing around like the energizer bunny 🐰πŸ’₯πŸ’¦.
Remember, summer is just around the corner! Let's get to work!
Don't forget, using CODE: 'JILL30' will save you 30% off this and all your favorites on www.musclesport.com !

Sitting a little under 8 weeks out from Team Universe nationals and this is today's wake up shape of the day. Been a little quiet this prep with everything I have going on, but know your girl is WORKING over here ! If your plan is to bring a different physique to the stage each time, prepare for a different method for prep each time. But no matter what route you choose, always remember 100% execution is KEY to achieve the desired outcome.

If you're not doing what you love, you're wasting your time.

Much like running a race, never focus on what's behind you. Keep your sights ahead, focus on your own strides, and slow down for nothing.

Great day today at the Grand Opening of @fitrition_nyc ! Just a few photos from earlier. Held it down for @teammusclesport With my teammate @luckylibra213 ! Truly one thing I love about this industry is getting to meet so many likeminded individuals and competitors at events like this. Wish the best to all my friends in their upcoming competitions, and to @fitrition_nyc on a successful business year! 🦏πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’₯

🚨 GRAND OPENING OF @fitrition_nyc TOMORROW ! 🚨
I will be there representing @teammusclesport along with my teammate @luckylibra213. Come check out this amazing new supplement store and join the party this Saturday from 11-3pm for some fun, free samples, live Dj and of course lots of GIVEAWAYS!
32-55 Francis Lewis Blvd, Bayside, NY 11358
@fitrition_nyc @teammusclesport

Death By Plyos.
Fueled by RhinoBLACK @teammusclesport. 🦏😈
Code "JILL30" for 30% off EVERYTHING on www.musclesport.com

#TransformationTuesday - proof that you can build your dream physique if you just put in the work! This didn't happen overnight. About 4 years between these photos (including a pregnancy!).. but if you want it bad enough you'll sacrifice for it! πŸ’ƒπŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ˜‰

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