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JIBBILITTLE.ROASTING.CO  Micro roaster based in sydney, only roast the coffee that has been trade in sustainable manner. Gold Metal (Filter) Silver Metal (Espresso)

Exclusive roast this CM Selections ‘Diamond 1318’
From @projectorigincoffee to celebrate your special X’mas time.
Carbonic Maceration
Used by Agniezska Rojewska to win 1st place in the 2018 World Barista Championship
CM Selections ‘Diamond 1318’
Flavour Profiles: White floral, Orange, peach, sweet pineapple, brown sugar.

Coffee can make you happy. 👏 The biggest attribute to any success that is hard work. keep on roasting and learning the curves #cropster

Shop A Gold Metal Roasting award @goldenbean.australia at www.jibbijug.com.au/coffee. GESHA VILLAGE LOT18/87 UNWASHED. Floral jasmine, Pineapple, Peach, tangerine,cacao nib, maple syrup. Crisp and clean Clean. Super balanced and great texture coffee! All bound up with that geisha floral nose and complexity. @green_coffee_treasures @geshavillage Credit model @djrambleon @daozlimited @jibbi.the.little

Super stoked to announce We are the winner of Pour over Filter category @goldenbean.australia . We entered 5 coffee in 4 categories for this roasting competition (2 Pour over Filter, 1 Single origin Espresso , 1 Espresso blend, and 1 milk blend), and i am more than happy to see the result of my winning.
GOLD = Ethiopia Village NAT 87 (Filter) .. roast to perfection #jibbilittlecoffee #jibblittleroastingco


FLAVOUR PROFILE: FLORAL ROSE, JUNIPER, PEACH, SUGAR CANE. In the shelf for retail at www.jibbijug.com.au #geshavillage

Just a privilege to roast on this Gesha Village coffee offer from Ethiopia 🇪🇹 .. A Labor of Love in Pursuit of the Best Coffee

shop now at www.jibbijug.com #limited #stock

Roasting this amazing “Gesha El Vergel “ @cofi_net .. just wait for a Cupping and will be ready for sale.. ☝️ #jibbilittlecoffee #jibbilittleroastingco #gesha #90

The Green bean density and water of Gesha Village lot 087 Natural @green_coffee_treasures .. #geshavillage #87 #jibbilittleroastingco

It's part of our strict quality control process where we select only the best, high quality coffee beans for you. #jibbilittlecoffee #jibbilittleroastingco

Thank you for a nice goldy shot, you now can shop the #jibbilittlecoffeeco from @simplicitydarlingharbour using @RepostRegramApp - Now serving Nicaragua Ni Microlot El Penon Natural 2018 crop by @jibbilittleroastingco
Tasting notes: sweet candy, blueberry, plum.

Take home packs Available
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