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胡佳琪 Jayley Woo  Never falter, only stronger.


从拍 《潮人攻略》到今天也已經有6年的時間了,很高興我的生活圈里還有你。
謝謝你 大哥。一切盡在不言中。
祝你 22 歲生日快樂!

也祝大家 #人日快樂! 생일 축하합니다! 😄

Favourite number with my favourite dog of the year (or my entire life for that matter). 初四快樂!
#大家有贏錢嗎 #贏多少記得留言告訴我
#我好像是第一年贏耶 #贏了大概兩百塊

恭喜發財! 初一快樂!
祝: 紅包多多 幸福滿滿 身體健康 在新的一年裡超多正能量

Happy Valentine's day my fellow humans! I've learnt that everyday can be a special day with just the right mindset and positivity! HWAITING! 😙💙

Never thought I'd do this, but I did. Baby steps to being #ChloeLingGLITCH.
My very own superwoman moment.

Would you ever try it?

We be Glitch-ing. *Shink*

Haven't felt like this for awhile. This strong motivation to give my 200% and such familiarity with this bunch. 2 script reads in and I already knew them like I have for the most of my life. Weird but comforting feeling. Thankful and blessed to be part of this crazy and amazing production.
Can't wait to kick some ass. #ChloeLingGLITCH

Always thankful when people who are not obligated to help, take their precious time out to aid with your extra practice.
고맙습니다! 화이팅 💪

안녕하세요 나는뱀파이어입니다 ._.

A family who sweat together stays forever. #WooWooFamily

Always thankful to have the chance to meet each and every one of you up close and personal. Till next time. :) And to the best fans one can have, thank you for taking your time out specially for me @jayleybeans 💙

#Jayshionleystar inspired by my muse @evonchng. And big love to @vintagestudiovs for the new hairdo! Not to forget my very own mother who took this photo @tansockchen. ❤

Been thinking if I should cut my tresses off after #梁文洁 wraps up officially in a few days' time... This is literally the longest length I've kept it ever since I've joined the media industry... Any suggestions? On style and color? It's going to be one long day at @vintagestudiovs I'm sure when that day comes. 😄

雖然找不到 #梁文洁#李梓阳 aka Sorry 的劇照,不過倒是找到了 #胡佳琪#方伟杰 的照片。


也要謝謝 @ian_ianization。一切盡在不言中 ok 方少! 😉

但是從今晚開始。。。#梁文洁#李梓阳 還能像我們倆在照片裡笑得那麼燦爛嗎? 想知道就一定要看今晚的 #小人物向前冲 #lifelessordinary

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