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Siau Jiahui 萧嘉蕙  🎤 Radio DJ. Events Host. TV Host. VO Artiste. 💄 Beauty Enthusiast. Host of #就是爱美丽 👶🏻 Proud Mama of 宝贝Little T 💃🏻 jiahuisiau933@gmail.com

When the little one follows Mama’s cue on facial expression~ ❤️

钱难赚,so it’s important that we spend our money wisely! Do you and your family members make it a common goal to save on the electricity bill every month? 💰 Who has come up with the most efficient and creative way to do that? 🙋🏻‍♀️
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I’m never a fan of filters, but whatever to make the kiddo happy lah! Thanks for the play date and meal @joycetyj ❤️ May the little girls grow up happily and become chummy playmates! Swipe to see the last photo - my daughter was so happily taking pictures of me in burst mode, that I, of course, did whatever to make her laugh!

I absolutely love this digital portrait that was illustrated during an event that I hosted sometime back! Swipe to see what I wore that day, and I’m sure you’ll be full of praise for the French artist as well - Mr Bertrand!

Throwback to March when I hosted the launch of Bvlgari Parfum’s first-in-Asia-Pacific pop-up store in Changi Airport. It was a delightful experience, and I especially enjoyed the banter with the ever charismatic and talented @nathanhartono! Thanks for having me, @bulgariparfums @theprpeople!


I’ve fallen in love with his music since his second album《爱爱爱》... And imagine my delight when I was tasked to host his press conference, autograph session and music showcase of《15》back in 2011. 《15》was the album that I listened to almost everyday in 2011, and it gave me positive energy and helped me survive the difficult times... Other than《橙月》,《15》is probably my favourite album of @soulboykhalilfong.

So before the meet-and-greet last night, I was still thinking how I should introduce myself... maybe along the lines of “我是那位很爱你的YES933 DJ”? To my pleasant surprise, he recognised me the moment I shook his hand and he went “Ey?!” with a smile on his face~
I nodded in delight and said... Me: 是我。我主持过你的“15”活动。
K: *pause to recall* 我们应该也见过好几次面。
Me: 因为我真的很爱你。
K: 谢谢。

We proceeded with the photo-taking and before we parted ways, I told him “I’m very happy to see you today.” @soulboykhalilfong you made my day. Come back soon ya?

P.S. Thanks to the photographer who captured every moment of the lovely conversation.

快乐,能失而复得吗?I was captivated by this story the first time I read the book. 我制作的广播剧《失乐人》改编自方慧同名作品, 收录在《和喜欢的一切在一起》散文集。

A big thank you to the friends who made this radio drama production possible! Thank you @thedesmondtan who is my #1 choice to play the devoted male lead 凯杰!你为我的广播剧画龙点睛了!@kunhua_c who gladly accepted the challenging role of a narcissistic人夫! @meigui.k who suggested the apt choice of 蔡依林 《我》as the theme song. And also @jerronekan from @milletmusicsg who came up with the instrumental version of the theme song within a short timeframe! I hope all of you would like this story as much as I do!

#YES933广播故事 播出时间:6.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm & 9.30pm.

Just hanging around while Mama works~ ya know? 👶🏻
👚: #kakaoxuniqlo #uniqlosg

#TheAdventuresOfLittleT #LittleTLittleTomato

A simple celebration still requires effort! Check out my preparation for Little T’s birthday party earlier this month on the “I Love Children” platform. Link in bio. And do swipe left to see how happy the kiddo was singing a birthday song for herself even after the party! 😍

Also, I’ll be appearing at Hillion Mall this Saturday 2-5pm for a roadshow organised by “I Love Children”. Please do drop by if you would like to know more about fertility wellness! See you! ❤️

纪念一下… 因不同原因而同期瘦下来的两个女人!

Also, a special shoutout to #午刻乐乐 的好朋友 - @derrickhoh! It’s your birthday tomorrow! Thank you for always拔刀相助, helping us to revamp the 12pm theme song time after time. Really appreciate it! #午刻乐乐 祝你生日快乐、心想事成!😘😘

Fans of both @derrickhoh and #YES933 #午刻乐乐,spam your well wishes to the handsome birthday boy soon!

Yesterday, I bade farewell to the very first car of my life. The trusty machine that went through thick and thin with me since March 2015. It stood by me and was there every stage of my life - from a single lady, to a married woman, to an expectant mother, to a tired mother ferrying the child every day. It had served me well and protected me. Honestly, I was heartbroken to have to say goodbye to this friend... I’ll miss you.

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