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Turkish cavern at @fatprincesg

一个风和日丽的早晨 with @serenealexac @siying @robincjq 🍳☺️💕

meanwhile in +86 🌥

three-way in the art gallery.

Today's cheap thrill thanks to @frafrafrah 😝 I was hoping for trippy unicorn colors or a dramatically dark aura but nope, none of that sort. The camera sees only red but quite on the contrary, my aura radiates ✨GOLD✨in short, gold means I'm amazing. That's all you need to know.

Old words, new light. // Sunday nights, always. #Rilke

Now that I've finally been, what's next for the coming weekend......and all other weekends? 😂 On a side note, i am cross-eyed from all the dots and spots and colors of the rainbow.

The best night at @theelephantbean 🙌🏻 every year I am reminded of how lucky I am to be surrounded by the people I love. Thank you @ohhdivine @siying @jessieyee @serenealexac @genevis @huixinxtay @lightxfeet @kimboyyx @djohn___ @regtan ❤️

The best kinda nightcap ✨ Also, three times at atlas and all three times have been 💙 (to prove my point, I even have an atlas-inspired spotify playlist).

😂 story of our (work) lives.

Monday you were good

15mins late because I could not find a good pic of us three (we don't take enough pictures!!) so this ridiculously old shot will have to do 😝 happiest of birthdays @lightxfeet aka sister from another mister - who knew we'd turn out to be such great friends / CRUbuddies / shopping pals / acai + sushi + pasta + midweek cocktail lovers + a lot more ;) andddd...as Phil Dunphy says: "The key to a good birthday? Low expectations!" 😂😘

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