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Johnny  ➸ Melbourne, Australia ✈︎ Next - LA, Cali ⇟ Think Big ✈︎ Never Stop Exploring

The way the sun reflects off all the buildings during sunset 👌🌆

All it takes is a step away from the city, and sometimes you may need to get a little higher, but eventually you’ll realise that Melbourne is such an incredible and beautiful city! Hopefully at some point in the near future I’ll be able to call this place home 🌇

No matter where I am in the world, whenever I see a palm tree I’m always going to think about Australia 🌴

Yesterday was a rainy day but here’s one I captured a while ago ☔️ So many things I love about Melbourne, but if I had to choose one thing, it’d be the high rise buildings around the city 🌇

Sunsets in Melbourne 🌇Will I ever get sick of this view from work?..

The weather changes so much here in Melbourne, one day it’s 30 degrees, next day it’s 15 degrees and raining! In a matter of weeks the weather should be mega! 🔥 it’s pretty strange having summer so close to Christmas, but I’m not complaining!

#ad - in collaboration with @footway!

So I’m finally in Melbourne again and it feels great! Haven’t posted much recently because I’ve been getting back on my feet and settling in! Managed to secure an apartment in the city and a job by the river with friends! Over the next week I’ll be heading out pretty much everyday/evening to explore and catch up on my posts! But for now, here’s a sunset I captured in Vietnam! 🌅

Final stop in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh🇻🇳 We spent almost a week here and probably would’ve stayed longer if we had time! My favourite thing about visiting here was I got to see one of my best friends @jamesgreen_
If you visit Ho Chi Minh, check out the apartment cafes! Its a 9 story apartment block home to nearly 30 cafes/shops, it’s easy to spend hours here ☕️ Check out @pokesaigon and @dosh_doughnuts 🍩 🍣

Whilst being in Hoi An, we took a day trip to Da Nang to check out the Golden Bridge! It was pretty cool, a lot smaller than I expected and it got insanely busy around mid day, if you’re planning on visiting here make sure you go as soon as it opens! The cable car on the way up was ridiculous! It’s has 201 carriages and has a capacity of 3,000 people per hour! 🇻🇳

Stop three in Vietnam - Hoi An! 🇻🇳
Now Hoi An is probably my favourite place so far whilst travelling South East Asia, it’s so chilled out! Lots of amazing food and lots of great coffee! What else do you really need? If you visit here, DEFINITELY do a cooking class! Drop me a message and I’ll tell you which one we did, the food was insane! For coffee, check out @the_espresso_station, they all look and sound incredible but the two that caught my eye were the Ice cubed coffee and the Dark Soul latte ☕️ Now for another sleeper bus 🤙🏻

So yesterday we arrived in Hoi An after a 19 hour bus journey from Hanoi. Was it bad? Not really, it was actually alright despite having people sleeping on the floor right next to me. However, I do miss relaxing by the pool in Thailand with city views like this! @amara_bangkok can we just come back now?

Stop two in Vietnam - Halong Bay 🇻🇳 With all the bad luck we have had along our trip so far, I fully expected it to rain when we did this and thank god it didn’t, the weather was incredible and the views were insane! HOWEVER, this was a sad sad day for me, my @djiglobal Mavic Air went under water and sank. Did I retrieve it? No I didn’t 😐

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