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A precious moment. ❤️️

When you're two years old and get blessed with your first car! Thank you Jesus! The children of the righteous will ALWAYS be blessed and blessed and blessed.

I love this man of mine! (Thanks for the bunny ears Caleb.) 😂

Today he wanted to jump in the puddles, so I let him.
There will always be somewhere to go, something to do, even someone who needs help but he's only two once. He only gets one childhood and I only get to enjoy these moments with him for a short season.
Children are versatile, by all means teach them that the world doesn't revolve around them and that structure and discipline are important but don't allow personal comfort, selfishness or forced perfectionism rob them of the experience of being children.

Please, for the love of God and all that is holy get some perspective on what is truly of value in life.
Let the world keep spinning, let the laundry and the traffic and the constant stream of social responsibilities wait, clear the schedule if you have too. Trust me, your kids and society will thank you later!

Let the children be children. The mud will wash out of their clothes and a band aid with a cartoon character will more than adequately take care of the unavoidable bumps and scrapes.

Let them jump in puddles!

He's ready for church today! ❤️

Such a privilege to sing at Holland Ablaze 2017 in Amsterdam this week. What an amazing week!


Hi loves his Daddy! ❤️

My Fuzzy Wuzzy saying good morning to Amsterdam. ❤️

So proud of my little world traveler. Today Holland is his sixth country. He's a joy to be around and I love him very much.

When you need to hold your best friends hand during the movie. ❤️

He got a couple of things from me. 😁

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