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Creeped and chased trout in some tiny, beautiful water today. These hungry fish were aggressively hitting dries and lightly weighted snacks presented into their feeding zones, which were often less than a foot across, covered from above by grass and the occasional tree and inches to feet deep. The angles needed to present to but not spook the fish were tricky, but once in the groove I was getting fish on every cast and lost count of how many I caught and released. Such beautiful coloring on these fish, no two the same.

There were hundreds, likely thousands of these little toads everywhere around the creek, most were frantically scurrying to destinations unknown in hordes, but others like this larger one took a minute to chill and warm itself on a quartz outcrop along the creek. The trout seem uninterested in them. I tried my best, but I know I must have stepped on a few, 😐🦎. I left covered in mud, wet and smelling of sasquatch musk, and it was a good day.

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Tough day on the lake. Arrived later to lots of wind and a waterline that has moved nearly 1/4 mile in the last week. So cool to be able to witness the daily transformation here. Found this guy sucking mud in 3-6" of water but couldn't present in time and the wind was ripping, so I just dipped my #rhinonet into the mud and this guy was easily scooped, no fly required. He was very lethargic, likely from the very warm water and low oxygen, and was very clean underneath but you can see here he's got mud dripping down his face. Very frail for a carp, all I could feel were bones on the underside. My smallest carp ever. Released. Get better little guy!

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The lake is plummeting, pushing fish and fisherpeople to new areas. Only saw a handful of carp, but shallow, murky water and a white haze overhead from the Schaeffer fire made things tough. Caught my second accidental bass today while dragging a big squiggly crayfish pattern behind me, this guy with a near miss on its left eyeball after challenging a fly about half it's size with ~#6 hook. Ended up catching a dozen or so of fish in the 3-9" range, all hanging around especially algae colored water.

Where are your parents?

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It all started with a text. @ffrhino and @adventurephilm were coming up to carp fish the lake with @fishshootbrew and i. We found lots of clooping carp but couldn't get any to play. So, we split up but I remained in this area and went from targeting the cloopers in the muck swirl line to aiming blind at carp i assumed were also cruising around and possibly feeding deeper or or perhaps outside the line.

And sure enough, one minute I'm trying to con my crayfish nymph into several dozen clooping carp, the next I'm getting aggressive takes on the medium strip of the same fly but maybe a foot or two down. Turns out, rainbow trout were in and feeding right with the carp, and I was catching big rainbows on almost every cast. Acrobatic jumping from all of them, putting a considerable bend into my 7-weight rod. Took a break and gave @fishshootbrew a turn on the rod, and she quickly caught fish too.

I call this lesson "follow the predators". For the past several outings to the ever changing area of the lake, there has been one area that I had been wanting to fish that only just recently became reachable by waders. This area is where two very different bodies of water collide. I had seen hawks, osprey and more recently, a pair of bald eagles perched in the closest tree line, all fairly obviously scoping out some fish snacks below.
The night before I put on a display of my map making skills to point out the water we were going to fish and it's varied traits. It was clearly the reason we got skunked on our carp fishing but all caught several trout, including my estimated personal best, a ~22" rainbow.

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This little hooligan caught me today. While sweating in the 110 degree heat stalking carp, I was lazily dragging my crayfish nymph in the water behind me and a little largemouth bass nailed it. I'll take it.

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Caught rowdy rudder clooper here and his big friend literally gorging themselves in the scum line and muck whirlpool today.

Easily several dozen big, soda can sized mouths slurping, bubbling, and sucking everything remotely food like in a 20'x20' area. The water was almost sickly warm and green like you see here, but within 30' of here the river water mashes up against the hot lake slurry and it is chilly and clear.

This fish was ultra sluggish, much like I'd be if you yanked me snout first after I'd been face deep in a Vegas buffet for the last few hours. When netted, I was showered with the hot green slime, almost like that old Nickelodeon show.
It was awesome.

Thanks @fishshootbrew for the 📸. #flyfishing #carp #carponthefly #southernsierraflyfishers #rhinonet #thetrashhatch

Nearly stepped on this one that was sleeping in the bushes. Reversed quietly, dropped a black and red hybrid with a touch of yellow right in front of its sucker and BAM, wake up time!

And yes, I always wear the same shirt while carping.
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My biggest to net so far, by a hair, and the second from today.

With the flows from the Kern River falling, every day the water in the lake drops an inch or more, making every outing a new water expedition and learning opportunity.

Found this big shouldered oinker snout down and tail up in ectoplasm green algae, feasting on who knows what, right where cold water from the river smacks up against the almost hot, stagnant soup that builds up in the lakes receding fingers. High winds made casts embarssing, but I spied this one directly down wind from me at about 20' in 2-3' of water.

A gentle wind-assist roll cast past my target, followed by a slow, gentle strip onto the proverbial plate. I saw the fish angle up briefly, flutter it's tail and BAM, set!
After a good 10+ minute fight that never got more than ~50' from me, snaking back and forth in the warm water and seemingly avoiding the cold water like a force field, I swooped with the scoop of my trusty #rhinonet and it was game over.

Topped it off by yanking out yet another stranded vehicle that wandered too close to the lake's edge.

Today was a good day.
Thanks @fishshootbrew for the 📸. #flyfishing #carponthefly #carp #flytying #thetrashhatch #redingtongear #kernrivervalley #carpthrowdown #toyotatacoma

One of two from today.

Attacked this finger from a different angle and with smaller flies today. Rather than casting from or near shore, presenting a slightly elevated profile directly from where the carp tend to face, I waded in to the middle of the muck and crouched. It wasn't perfect, but what is.

Got a lot of interest, blew a few hooksets, spooked several that would loop back rather quickly, and convinced this one that my #10 green and brown hybrid was good enough to sample, and zzzzip, hookset!

If you look very closely in the top right of the frame, that splotchy black thing is a sheriff's helicopter I've seen a lot of lately given all the fires and rescues in the Kern River valley recently. I hope they liked my fish.

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I've had eyes on the largest carp (plural) I've ever seen for a few days now.

Friday I battled one in a strenuous, 10 minute, near-nipple deep tug-o-war in thick weeds, using two nets and @fishshootbrew in an attempt to extricate the beast from the depths, only to have it come unbuttoned. Was easily double my biggest fish to net.

Yesterday, I observed some even bigger ones sliding into weedy beds, likely combo sun-bathing and waiting for a free meal to pass by, but was unsuccessful in figuring out what they were eating and how they wanted it plated.

Both nights i dreamt of carp. Woke up this morning and tied up some smaller treats.

Game on.

Carp fishing will make you a better fisherperson, or it will drive you mad.

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One of two to net in a brief outing before dinner. Found a big, warm finger in the lake loaded with clooping carp, and anything moderately tasty looking and light enough to float or sink slowly in the scum did the trick. Both were on the small side, pale and not smelly, but fought like mad and did not appreciate being in the net.

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Carp outing, this Saturday June 24th, 2017, meet 8:30am at @kernriverflyshop. Join @randyskidgel and the #southernsierraflyfishers and let's get on some fish! New members welcome! See ssffclub.org.
Poster image 📸 @fishshootbrew.

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