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Jon Hart  Jon. Southern Sierra fly fisherman, tenkara ninja, mountain biker, hooligan, explorer, outdoorsman, conservationist, human.

Life and death on the river.

I found this poor trout long since suffocated and sadly wasted, left behind by an unknown angler. It couldn't have been there for more than a day, and already nature had started the recycling process. If you look closely, you'll see the white joints of a large crayfish latched onto the tail of this fish, yanking bits of the tail off with each failed attempt to pull its meal from the stringer. I watched for a few minutes, then unstrung the fish and flung it's stuff corpse into the river, hoping that nature finds a way to curb our wasteful ways.


Ready for trash battle. Studded wading shoes, hefty trash bags, and a gang of trash pickers because they inevitably break. See y'all out there. #keepkernclean #keepersofthekern

Did my usual routine and danced from rock to rock along the shore, slinging flies to all the fish hotspots. Snapped my #tenkarausasato on a tank of a kern river rainbow, tossed the now useless butt ashore and jumped into to retrieve the other half of the rod and my prize, the fish!! a stunning fish, so powerful and colored up in perfect camo. Kept fishing with the ~7' of pole and 14+ feet of line and managed to get another, even bigger, with little trouble. I knew the rod was nearing a break. On a recent extending of the pole I failed to remove some inter-segment debris and heard and saw the resulting scratch.
#flyfishing #tenkara #southernsierraflyfishers

Golden hued beauty from last weekend. They would take the occasional perfect dry but preferred splashy things that they could ambush.

#flyfishing #southernsierraflyfishers #troutonthefly #trout #nature #keepemwet #barbless #catchandrelease #adventure

Tonight I walked the river, sniping flies into all of the wonderful pocket water that lay between me and a taco dinner in the park. Fish on! To the patrons of Ewings that heard my sasquatch whoops as I brought numerous big trout to net, I hope you enjoyed the show.

#tenkara #flyfishing #southernsierraflyfishers #kernville #kerncounty #catchandrelease #barbless #tacos🌮

Join @ssffclub in the California Fly Fishing Open on September 23, 2017. I've formed a team called The Pickpockets that is #tenkara only and asked @fishshootbrew to join me. We need three more to make a team. Send me a message if you are interested and spread the word! Come out, have fun, and let's catch some fish! www.californiaflyfishingopen.com

#tenkara #flyfishing #troutonthefly #filipinonymphing #carponthefly #suckersonthefly #southernsierraflyfishers #californiaflyfishingopen #kerncounty #kernriverflyshop

A wise man once said, "Only a penitent man will pass", and it was this very wisdom from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that allowed me to duck, dip, dodge, dart and dive my way throw this nasty wind blown poison oak stand that stood between me and some of my recent fish. https://youtu.be/NkGTyndJC1w

#flyfishing #indianajones #poisonoak #adventure

30+ year old trash. Pick it up now, pick it up then. Always pick it up. #buschbeer #packitinpackitout #keepkernclean #keepersofthekern

You know you are in for a buggy trip when they are tag teaming the backup camera before you've even gotten out of the truck.
#flyfishing #bugs

A teaser for later. That isn't a flying banana, that's me dancing with a beautiful, wild, native, acrobatic trout deep in the backcountry. Yeah, I landed it.
#flyfishing #trout #goldentrout #doepicshit

It was with great pleasure that @sergio.martinez.86 and I bumped into these beautifully varied golden hybrids on our recent adventure. Dries for an hour or two, then the real deal trumped our fakes and weighted flymphs became the next meal ticket.
#flyfishing #southernsierraflyfishers #kernriver #troutonthefly #trout

Caught my first crappie today, and after dozens more on the fly, I can say they are not crappy. Fun!

#flyfishing #southernsierraflyfishers #crappie #crappieonthefly #crappiefishing

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