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A few wonderful Kern River rainbow trout from today. Like river sharks, the takes were hard but difficult to detect in the deep runs. Check out those white tips! The takes were hard but difficult to detect and set effectively in the deep runs. Great day, lots of fish, peace. #tenkara #southernsierraflyfishers #flyfishing #wildkrv #flytying #trout #troutonthefly

Pikeminnow are a blast on #tenkara. Plentiful, voracious and good fighters, I'm thinking I might start more actively fishing for them. This guy was caught on a large stonefly dredged on a very long furled line and tippet, like most of my trout today. Unfortunately, the minute these fish are out of the water you can smell them, almost as bad as my waders after a week of hard fishing. #nature #southernsierraflyfishers #pikeminnow #wildkrv

My second and biggest pikeminnow ever. Fun fish, laser fast, very hard to hook and some get huge. Caught this one after it smashed my perfectly drifted dry during the twilight power hour. #pikeminnow #tenkara #flyfishing #catchandrelease #barbless #southernsierraflyfishers

Meat eaters. A quick early evening session and a number of great fish, including this one which is probably my second best on the river. A blast on the soft @tenkarausa sato. #tenkara #southernsierraflyfishers #catchandrelease #barbless #trout #wildkrv #flyfishing #noreelnoproblem #wetwading

Thus ends the great #carpthrowdown 2018. I've fished here several times in the past but never caught anything or came close. A morning scouting session on Friday confirmed for me that this lake is quite tough and driven entirely by the scum line, which is in turn driven by the wind. Find the scum, find the fish, advice the likes of which you've heard before. In the wade division, I don't know of any carp caught after noon, where prior to that the wind started to move the scum and carp mostly out of wading reach. I got lucky in terms of location. I'd fished the same spot unsuccessfully many times in past, but approached it much differently come game day after an encounter with ants the nite before, putting on a much longer leader than I'm generally comfortable with for carp, but needed the reach to be able to intercept the rodeo of carp that were swooping in from the depths to the shallow coves and shorelines where the scum was now settled near. I took fish after fish, all clooping, once I figured out a workable technique and caught nothing after 11. Congrats to @fishshootbrew on the close second and @Kernriverflyshop on third with mad props for the binoculars and serious carp hustle! Thanks to @alquattrocchi @conwaybowman and others for putting on this event! Had a blast competing and hanging with equally carpy folks. Looking forward to the next event. πŸ€™πŸŸπŸ€™πŸ» #tenkara #southernsierraflyfishers #carponthefly #flyfishing #noreelnoproblem #tenkarpa #tencarpa #carp

An afternoon trip to the higher country after some lowlands carping and I ran into some fish friends I haven't seen for 9 months. Such intense fighters for their size, blasting dries on the surface and intercepting midcolumn kebari from out of nowhere, these kern river rainbow hybrids are stunning. Happy to have shared the afternoon with them. #tenkara #barbless #catchandrelease #southernsierraflyfishers #troutonthefly #wildkrv #flytying #trout #noreelnoproblem

A quick carping session to kick off the final day of this long weekend. Started slow with a fair number of carp who spooked at the slightest stray bubble. An hour later and things had warmed enough and the carp were on πŸ”₯. Lost several but managed to catch more carp than I care to count. All good size, a few chunks that felt like turbocharged barges. Wet wading made it all the more magical. πŸ€™πŸ‘ŒπŸŸπŸ‘ŒπŸ€™#carponthefly #carp #southernsierraflyfishers #tenkara #tencarpa #tenkarpa #flyfishing #noreelnoproblem #flytying #catchandrelease #barbless

An epic day chasing native trout. After a brisk hike deep into a canyon that I've never been to, I saw crashing pocket water i was sure would hold fish. The fish that inhabit this area thrash and thrive in some cold, crashing, aerated mountain water that leaves few opportunities for presentation. A well practiced bow and arrow cast or other tight quarters tactics yielded countless fish, the biggest approaching a foot. Shadows at best, these creek sharks are masters of their domain and are a treat on tenkara. Thanks to the epic @buhlerbrosflies (And @robbuhlerflyfish4fun!) for the flies. #tenkara #barbless #catchandrelease #southernsierraflyfishers #trout #troutonthefly #wildkrv #flytying #flyfishing

This chunky little trout nailed my streamer twice but we didn't connect. I nymphed back up through that water a few minutes later and we said hello for a minute. Unsure if a stocker or native. Had great fins, lots of fight and was naturally plump. Made my morning. πŸ€™πŸŸπŸ€™#tenkara #troutonthefly #wildkrv #flytying #flyfishing #barbless #catchandrelease #southernsierraflyfishers #trout

To #carpfest 2018! Had a great time before, during and after the event with all folks involved. Fishing was tough at times but was pretty amazing at others. Went through a fair number of flies but caught all my fish on the same fly. Classic flats fishing for carpy targets with the added twist of doing it on a tenkara rod. Good competition, all for a good cause. Thanks to everyone who participated, donated or otherwise associated.πŸ‘Š to @1riverhunter. See y'all next year. πŸ€™

Yes, I swear at my fish sometimes. Check out the video and listen to that @tenkararodco sing, wrangling in my biggest carp today.
#carpfest #carponthefly #tenkara #flyfishing #noreelnoproblem #tenkarpa #tencarpa #carp #southernsierraflyfishers

Buggers and bows. Had a blast on some of my favorite water this past weekend, flipping buggers of various colors into pockets behind rocks, ambush points under banks and overhanging bushes, and pretty much everywhere a trout would lie in wait for a meal. Even caught one on a slow, water-loaded back cast. While they could be had on nymphs dredged along the bottom, I find a stout tenkara rod ("cane pole" to @bugslinger) with a long furled leader throwing a bugger a very effective way to cover a lot of water quickly to locate and perhaps catch fish. Hunting and searching. Cast upstream and let it sink, then control the depth as it approaches you, fishing it like a nymph. As it passes you, raise or move the tip to start lifting the bugger off the bottom and begin slow pulses, feeling and looking for the strike particularly on the pauses. Keeping the line off the water as much as possible, strafe the water below you in a fan pattern. πŸ‘πŸŸπŸ‘#tenkara #flyfishing #noreelnoproblem #flytying #catchandrelease #barbless #trout

Red sky at night, fisherman's delight. Red sky in morning, carp take warning. #carponthefly #wordsofwisdom

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