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J I H A N A F I F A H  est.1998 trust in what u've.


Dari generasi ke generasi bergenerasi ~@bapalam

Berbeda tapi tetap satu -tjiaaah

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Siapa bilang aku jenong huh ?!

Leo sejati cenderung menghindari konflik kalau bisa . Tapi kalo teritorinya di colek? Just like Lion! they're very territorial and over protective of their 'belongings' . 🦁😏

always classy never trashy and a little bit sassy .

it's impossible to return at the same time and place, but let that feeling keep growing.

Mabuk asmara 💚😂😂

How lucky I am to have you. maybe people out there don't understand why I'm still here for you, survive for you, and still choose you. There is no reason to turn the way back to you. There are a reason that I don't want to tell, let me. I don't want them to admire you too. Thanks for all the struggle to this day and so on. Taught me to open my heart and mind from different angles. 'There is something worth fighting for when we are fought for.' Sometimes I have to close my ears and try not to care what others say. and keep fighting over the choices we take. sorry must be surprised.

Lepoh addicted✔

Oh gini rasanya goyang sampe bawah pake tiang😂😂😂 @radita_ds